TV vet

Anyone else see the tortoise on “The Yorkshire Vet” last night? They had to cut through the shell to take out three infected eggs! The tortoise survived. I wish it was allowed to have free roaming tortoises nowadays. I think they have to be in a heated container these days, not free to wander round the garden and eat dandelions. We had one when I was a youngster and put it in a box full of hay every winter and left it in the shed to hibernate. I think they are wondersful but they are imported illegally and I don’t know where they end up.

It wouldn’t make up for not having a dog but it would ease the pain a little. We have got so lazy, but it’s not surprising in a heat wave.

At least someone asked if I had any books and when I told her about the ” Penny Tales” ordered one on the spot! Now, if only I culd get the urge to write something new…..

Who needs a book launch?

I just wanted to tell you all that I was feeling more positive today. I sold a book yesterday and have an interview with a printer this afternoon. I’m planning a tea party for readers of the first Penny book as a thank you instead of a book launch that nobody attends.

The newspapers and magazines want me to pay to advertise whereas they used to let me invite people in print. I don’t use facebook so I don’t advertise online. I think people are still worried about venturing out to somewhere when they don’t need to, so I’m going to ask neighbours and friends to come and enjoy a social afternoon and if they want to purchase the second and third copies they will be available.

Hubby bought some flowers for me today so perhaps he is feeling happier, too, in spite of still searching for a new dog. I’ll have to limit my creativity to meals at present – not inclined to write, although there is a 500 word competition I could try….

Simple Pleasures

Isn’t it odd how something we thought so normal should seem special after the last year?

Yesterday, after my dental checkup, hubbby took me to a fish and chip restaurant near the pier for lunch. It was so nice to eat out for a change and the food was delicious. Then we walked along the prom and sat on a bench looking at the sea.

After being cooped up and having to wear masks in shops it was really relaxing and enjoyable. I took a picture. It was unremarkable and I just tried to spot any other gulls than herring gulls. We did no shopping. We just went home on the bus – but it felt like a holiday!

Penny and the Creeping Weed

The third Penny book is in production and I couldn’t wait for publication day to show you the cover. I’ll put it on Twitter when the books are in my hand. I love the way the colours all seem to match on the three books and I am glad I could use the same artist for all the backgrounds.

They really need to be promoted as a trilogy but that will have to wait until the autumn.

As a self publisher I now have to register it with Nielsen and send five copies to the various libraries. Once again I have not done an ebook and will probably make these my last paperbacks and concentrate on online books from now on as this is an expensive hobby.

I tried to do some gardening this morning and found myself pulling up bindweed. Of course, that’s where I got the inspiration for Penny3! I know the big white flowers are beautiful but I don’t want a garden full of bindweed and ivy. ( and a pink flower that has self seeded – verbena?) Half an hour a day is enough for me.

Best Wishes to all.


I have just discovered the children’s book wholesaler Toppsta who have Penny Down the Drain and Penny and the Poorly Parrot listed, but with no reviews.

I donated a copy of each title to the local library this morning. They would only take one of each although it would be nice to have copies in all the West Sussex libraries.

Worthing library looks very light and clean but so few people inside!

Windows 10 updated and now tells me the weather – pity it gets it wrong!Don’t they know this is Sunny Worthing?


I have searched in vain in Google for someone who makes the cardboard sleeves that publishers use when they want to keep three titles together for sale and display.

I can find loads of cardboard boxes for posting but I wanted an open sided box. I must be using the wrong word. I’ve tried sleeve and box but got nowhere.

I know they exist. I think the Peter Rabbit stories may have been in one. Perhaps I should try the word ‘set.’ Being a self publisher has its drawbacks.

Anyway, there’s no rush. I have feelers out!

Operation over

I feel a bit more like myself today as I was very shaky after my dental operation yesterday. It took two hours and I came home and fell asleep (after two painkillers)

I mustn’t chew and I have to rinse with salt water but I have lost that dreaded feeling of doom which was stopping me from being creative.

“Penny and the Creeping Weed” is nearly ready for printing. That will be the third book in the fantasy trilogy which I have thoroughly enjoyed writing. I’m not sure what to try next as life still seems to be on hold.

I’ll post a cover image when I am sure it is in production.

Sea Lord. Book review

I don’t usually review books on this blog. I use goodreads, but I enjoyed this story so much I thought I’d tell you about it.

Bernard Cornwell is known for his “Sharpe” novels but this is different. Sea Lord is a book based on a love of sailing and the pull of destiny. It is fast paced and exciting, something that has been lacking in all the other books I have read in Lockdown

It was written in 1989 so has been around for a while. If you like a mix of crime and romance this is the book for you. The death of a relative brings an adventurer home to try to find a missing painting, but he is not the only person on the quest. Family problems complicate and violence ensues. Wonderful stuff!

Theft (a verse)

In our garden are two cheeky mice

Who sure do not need telling twice

That on top of the hedge, not far from the edge

Is a feeder for birds, very nice!

It is loaded with cereal and seeds

Just the food that a little mouse needs

Although wood pigeons stare, they won’t come down there

They just watch while each fat rodent feeds!

Sad trees.

I have just noticed that the trees bordering the roads round here look most peculiar. The sycamores are in leaf, green leaves, but the other trees ( I guess plane) have brown/purple leaves with black curly edges. I suspect a disease but cannot see anything on line that might make this happen. Could it be drought or pollution? It seems odd that some trees are fine but the others look as if it was early autumn.

I couldn’t see any creatures but the leaves do look as if they have been attacked. These trees have grey blotchy bark so I thought they were plane. They were in full leaf but all the leaves were purple. I’ll try to put a picture on.