We have just returned from our weekend away at Harrogate. We had to stop overnight both ways as it was a long drive for oldies but we stayed withour son and his family and it was great.

The hotel was very nice and they fed us well but we hadn’t realised how hilly Harrogate is. Here on the South Coast it is flat and we don’t have stairs in our bungalow so our knees weren’t used to steep slopes.

As everywhere, there were closed shops but Betty’s was open and we queued for lunch and bought some fat rascal scones to bring home. ( They didn’t get any further than our son’s!)

On Sunday we strolled round the gardens – for two hours! Hubby went to look for somewhere he had stayed in the 1960’s but it had been knocked down in 1976 and rebuilt.

That’s our holiday for this year. We were glad to get home and will now continue our search for a four legged companion. The local kennels has a nine year old schnautzer, but I’m not sure about that. We usually get a mongrel.

Penny Tales

I now have all three ‘Penny’ books in a seasonal wrapper which Joan has decorated with the three toads.

These may be the last books I write so I am going to try to market them for Christmas.

This week has been so unusual . I have a medical condition that means I have to give up a lot of the things I like eating and drinking.

If it is caused by anxiety perhaps a holiday is required? I may not post for a while.

Oct. Happenings

A very strange day today. My phone was hacked yesterday and I’m tempted to get a new one. Considering Tesco.

The man came to put in the smart meters and, so far, all seems OK. I keep watching the display to see it change -but that will wear off!

The little mouse dared to pop up onto the seed feeder while the pigeon was feeding and I manage to snap it- a bit rushed but it never hangs around for long. I’ll try to add the picture.


I’m beginning to think that having faith in our Government is a mistake. For so long I have believed they are doing their best to run the country successfully. I have trusted that our local politicians know what they are doing. Now I wonder if what hubby says is true – ” that people only become politicians if they can’t do a proper job.”

I had four years as a politician and felt I contributed something to society but maybe running a whole country is too much for the present lot to handle. Perhaps they get hassled by special interest groups and can’t find a way through the jungle of expectations. Maybe the wrong people are recruited for the Civil Service or maybe they are not listened to. Journalists seem to be able to get to the root of problems but finding solutions seems to be too difficult for those in power.

It’s no surprise that no-one takes any notice when they are advised not to panic buy petrol. Silly us, we did as we were instructed and now probably won’t have enough to go away later in the month.

It’s no wonder I have stress -related problems. It isn’t only Covid that is upsetting everyone. Sorry for the rant but I’m feeling low.

Tablet adventures

Well. I took the tablet to the local library and asked for help.

The young lady there got me onto the library website but that only works locally.

She gave me a number to ring for more help setting up.

I gota book for Dummies out of the library, brought it home and tried to do what it advised.

I got stuck so I rang the number -who said they would give me an hour’s instruction sometime.

It feels like a phone and I think it took a couple of photos while I was pressing buttons.

I want to take it away with me but if I don’t understand it I will have to rely on family to help.

Trying a tablet

Having been given a tablet computer with no instructions I have been wary of using it but finally decided I had to try as I need to take something away with me that works better than my phone.

I’m just not used to swiping as I use the mouse on my laptop. I am going to try to set it up this afternoon but not even knowing what the buttons on the side do I am at a disadvantage straight away.

Then I want to connect to outside wifi as ours is unreliable. I guess it will search for some. That will be fun. I don’t mind if I have to pay for an hour at a time – it’s only while we are away.

Anyway, now you know what I’m up to. I’ll let you know how I get on, if at all. I printed off some instructions from an ageuk website. There were pages of them and if I get it started I’ll do the rest. Wish me luck!

Twenty first Century

After countless letters and phone calls we have at last agreed to have a smart meter. I didn’t want one but it seems they help the planet. I’m just afraid they wan’t work in our house as the two meters are at opposite ends of the house and I don’t know if the stipulated 10 metres means a straight line or round a bend.

They are about 10 metres apart if you ignore the wall but if we measure round the corner into the kitchen it is more than 10 metres. I just hope they bring an old version of the electricity meter with them. As it is they said it would take 3-4 hours with the electric and gas off for at least 45 minutes. I am not looking forward to the disruption at all.

The gas meter was difficult to read as we were doing our own readings but if what I heard about the effect having them could have is true I anticipate problems, but then I am still nervous about having an internet hub in the house so we still use the phone line. Will we ever join the 21st century?

Back in the Swing

At last society is gradually getting back to normal. It feels a bit unfair when the rest of the world is still suffering so much but the need to meet up with folk is very strong and just one social occasion can lift the spirits for a week.

After seeing family on Sunday I then had the good fortune to be allowed to have a stall at the Summer Fayre arranged by Buddy’s in aid of Mencap. Such a lovely group of volunteers who had obviously worked hard to put on the event at short notice.

I sold eight books and won a couple of prizes on the tombola, as well as having a delicious bacon roll from the cafe when hubby came to meet me and help pack up.

The Worthing Town Crier attended , as did a lively singer and everyone agreed that it was wonderful just to meet again. We had outside stalls and very few people wore masks until they ventured indoors to the shop or cafe. This is the gradual way to get back to normal safely. I don’t know how much money they made but when we came away the raffle was in full swing and all involved looked content.

My mistake

Proved today what hubby always thought – never let a woman near a contraption she doesn’t understand!

I thought I was being a good housewife, trying to clean out the little drain hole that took water away from the draining board. How was I to know it was on a sprung screw so that when I unscrewed it the bolt jumped down into the hole and I couldn’t get it out to screw it up?

I tried but I couldn’t get it to stay up so that the screw could catch. In the end I had to confess. I didn’t watch but hubby got some pliers and managed to do it somehow.

I thought we would have to move the washing machine or take the sink to pieces to fix it. I was so relieved.

However, when we had finished a long slimy slug appeared from the hole. Goodness only knows what is really down there! I’m not unscrewing it again to find out.

I put some boiling water and bicarb. of soda in the grating and hope nothing else will emerge. There have been some strange gurgles but the water does drain away.

I wonder how long it will take for me to be forgiven?


Having killed off one mouse in our back garden the magpie has now taken to patrolling the lawn as he knows there are others who pop out from the bushes to snaffle the bird seed that has dropped from the hanging feeders.

I didn’t buy a trap for the mouse as he always waited until the pigeons had had their fill before he climbed up the bush outside the kitchen window to feast on what remained. I thought one was OK but there were three others at the end of the garden who dashed about or even sat inside the ‘squirrel proof’ feeder to munch.

The magpie hasn’t caught them – he took the fatttest one, but after pecking it for a while he flew away. Hubby disposed of it and we waited to see which mouse it was,

Of course it was the one we liked to watch. The others are smaller, but I don’t hold out much hope – the bird is pretty determined.

The trouble is, without a dog we do enjoy watching the wildlife. Maybe we’ll find one in October, if the rescue kennels don’t think we are too old. I’m certain that is why they keep turning us down.

Meanwhile, we are cheering for the mice.