Blogging friends

Not being on facebook I did not expect to have so many people from all over the world who were kind enough to follow me and join in with comments and conversations but wordpress has brought me into contact with some great  friends, even if we have never met in person. I’m especially happy to have discovered Beetlypete who has a gift for writing what other people are thinking and for allowing us to share his life.

Thanks, Pete, for promoting my latest book on your blog. It was much better than I could have expected. The best thing about ” More Fish in the Sea” is that, in the back, it also tells the readers about my previous novels which are a bit more substantial. I have found two other writers who used the same title but the other’Julie’ only has her book in digital format. My kindle has given up the ghost and needs updating or I would have bought it, just out of curiosity.It’s too hot to go out so I have been working on my memoir. I’m not going to publish it but it is keeping me busy for now. Best Wishes to you all.launch ALFTT

Remembering Ron

The world has lost one of a kind, a man who could not help but care.

Now hope, in time, that we will find the truth in songs he longed to share.

A minstrel with a gift for words, a poet generous and wise,

A prophet, who our feelings stirred. He saw the world through loving eyes.

Each song a warning or a sign, each note appealing to be heard

When wit and wisdom both combine, a rich legacy deserved.


For Ron Trueman Border, a unique folk singer.


Radio stations

I have been wondering for a while about the choice of music on UK radio stations. Being of the vintage who liked music of the 30s 40s 50s and 60s. I was annoyed when they moved Sound of the Sixties to an earlier time and now I find that only Sunday nights are full of the kind of tunes I like to hear. Radio 2 is full of 80s and 90s music and I’m not into classical stuff.

We have Smooth radio on in the mornings as we would rather listen to music than chatter when we are having breakfast but that is becoming tedious as they seem to have a limed number of artists on their play list and the same tunes come up time and again. We have begun to cheer ( sarcastically) when they play ” Broken Wings” for about the fifteenth time.

I used to be annoyed with them as they don’t always say the name of the singer after each song but if they repeat them often enough I might even get to recognise them!Jive 1

Past Times

Trying to write a memoir sends me back into the past and, as someone who usually lives in the present and future, I am finding it most unsettling. What is bugging me today is a little story my father read to me in the 1940’s about a boy and a girl running away from a dark cloud that I believe changed shape. I can’t remember a title or an author, but then I wouldn’t at that age, would I? I must have been about nine. It was probably quite scary or it wouldn’t have stayed with me for so long. It has got to be out of print and I don’t know enough about it to use the search engines. I guess I’ll never know. He would have taken it out of the library but it is so long ago I doubt they would have a record of it. Perhaps I’ll try them.

Another thing that has disturbed me is the changes in the places where I used to live. The church has been modernised and the inside looks nothing like I remember it. I knew the school had changed its name and the neighbourhood looked different. I don’t think I like looking backwards. At this rate I’ll never get the memoir written!bookwormclipart

The Other Wife. Review and news.

This is the first book by Claire McGowan I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns of a compelling  thriller. Maybe the controlling husband scenario has been done many times before but having two women involved made it a bit special. A book that takes one away from what is happening in real life and leaves one satisfied with the ending is quite rare.

I am spending more time reading than writing at present but I am grateful to people who are buying my latest little story and phoning me to say they enjoyed it. It will give me an incentive to get creating again once things begin to get back to normal. I bought some reusable face masks today as I don’t like the idea of getting fifty and throwing them away after one use. A man on the bus sat there with his round his neck for the whole journey. Nobody said anything.


One up and one down. First, I had my hair cut at last and am beginning to feel like myself again. Second, the washing machine packed in and the mechanic says it is the pump and it is twenty years old. Now, it is a Hotpoint and has given sterling service but the reviews of new ones are mixed. Should I stay with that sort or get one with better reports? They all look very complicated compared with my old one but I doubt if I should just get a new pump ( if they do them) Any advice?

on the line



Book deliveries

I must take more care when ordering books from amazon. If it wasn’t a computer it would have realised what I had done. I started to order two books and then found there was a cheaper method of delivery so I cancelled the first order. When I checked the price I had to pay the Grand Total was just over £14. Then the books began to arrive. Four books altogether, one order at £14+ and one at £17+. Two copies of each book! Any human being should have seen I had made a mistake. I definitely cancelled the first order but somehow it went through. Now to wait and see how much they take out of my account. I’m not holding out much hope! I could send two of the books back but I’ll keep them for presents. They had better be as good as I expect them to be.

I hope the library reopens soon. That is where I usually find books to read. I did have a phone call from someone who has read ” More Fish in the Sea” and enjoyed it. Something has got to go right, sometime!


Butterfly Count

I had a go at the 15 minute butterfly count this afternoon. Trouble is, they flit by so fast it isn’t easy to identify them, especially the little ones. I saw a white one from a distance and assumed it was a large white. We have a buddleia bush in the garden but not too many flowering plants at present. All the roses and the lavender are out the front. Now to see if I can find an image. I noted six butterflies in that time.

orange butterfly on purple flower
Photo by Pixabay on


I have been listing the books I read on Goodreads for so long that I have begun to find that I have picked up a book I read five years ago and only when I come to list it do I find I reviewed it so long ago that I had forgotten. This comes of getting books from the library, rather than buying them. I do tend to go for dramatic covers and I really didn’t recognise this last one even when I was 100 pages in! Now I don’t know whether to continue or stop. I only gave it three stars so it probably isn’t a story to which I would wish to return.

Goodreads is so helpful as it is a fund of information and advice about books of all kinds and creates long conversations about all aspects of writing, publishing and global experiences. I haven’t done any giveaways recently as they are no longer free for authors but knowing readers can find all my books on the site is encouraging.



There was an old lady from Ealing whose ideas were very revealing

She stayed up at night in order to write about everything she was feeling.

The pandemic made her so worried she felt it was time that she hurried

To finish her tale so she wouldn’t fail to ensure that her words were not buried.