Tips for Novice Writers 3.

There are a few books I have found helpful in my writing journey, the first of which is “The Writers’ and Artist’s Yearbook,” which not only has writing advice but names and addresses of publishers and agents.

One writer who is most helpful to new authors is Jane Wenham Jones who has written two books that are both practical and easy to read. They are “Wanna be a Writer?” and  “Wanna be a Writer we’ve heard of?”

Once you have written your story or article you could find helpful hints in Mary Cavanagh’s book “Marketing and Publicising Books.”

I also liked Andrew Crofts’ “The Freelance Writer’s Handbook.”

Finally, two regular publications, “The Writers’ Forum” and ” Writing” magazine have articles, competitions and contacts which encourage the new writer and demonstrate what a varied and exciting life we lead.

Of course, there are many more and lots of advice on line but it is good to have something to use as a reference book.


I have just returned from recording a magazine for the Voice of Progress, a local newspaper for the blind. I was lucky enough to meet a folk singer/song writer who had had a fascinating background and who was willing to share it with our listeners and sing a few songs while he played the guitar.

Littlehampton and Worthing are fortunate in having this facility where free discs are sent to people who have registered with the charity so that they can hear local news and listen to items chosen by the readers, which can include pieces about history, travel nature, music and, in my case, poems and stories. I’ll add a couple of verses from one of the poems I used this morning.

Wonderful Worthing.

Sunny Worthing is the place to stay

A town between the South Downs and the sea

Maybe you’ll never want to go away

So much to entertain you, here, is free.

There’s festivals, parades and fairs and fun

There’s jazz and folk and organ concerts too

There’s parks for younger ones to climb and run

And artists’ open houses – all to view.


Local writing group

If this works I’ll use it to fill spaces when I haven’t got appropriate photos. A group of eight writers who publish books of almost every genre, historical, thriller, romance, short stories, poetry, fantasy and who sell through amazon in book and ebook format and who support and encourage each other. To see more of us check out the gallery on We are available to give talks locally on our writing. See Angela Petch for the  next book launch of a member.

Book Review: Marianne Dreams.

This children’s book written in 1958 must be one of the most frightening stories ever. Now a pensioner, I still remember the stones in “Marianne Dreams” and only “The Pit and the Pendulum” has terrified me as much. The book is a fantasy and morality tale by Catherine Storr about a sickly ten year old and must rank as a classic. I feel lucky to have a copy.