Selling in person

I have been discussing sales techniques with various people in advance of the book launch for ” A Bend in the Lane” on Tuesday 3rd July. Having to rely on Amazon makes it difficult but, as a self publisher, that is the most obvious choice. I also have a wholesaler but they only sell books after they have been ordered.They don’t stock them, so it turns into a case of Sell-on-demand!

Therefore I am reliant on personal sales, something that I actually enjoy. I carry one copy around with me wherever I go and ask local shops to advertise the launch. If anyone shows an interest I produce a copy. I have a number of readers who devour everything I write and I know I can rely on them to purchase copies for themselves and as presents for friends.

People in the most unlikely places take a copy, the chiropodist, the hairdresser, the musician and fellow writers. My next task will be to take them to talks and on holiday.

Of course I advertise on line but selling in person is still the most fun and I know if I sell one book it will have more than one reader as they get passed around. The first twenty have already found new homes and I have orders for five more. OK, so, it’s not JK Rowling but I only print 100 at a time!



It is time, Julie thought, that she told the world that, although she was old,

She’d written a tale that just couldn’t fail-in July it would start to be sold.

A lady went off all alone, for a holiday far from her home,

She met a kind man and told him,’Yes, I can, I’d be happy to give you a loan.

For the castle so grand is not quite what I’d planned  for retirement, but really, what fun.

It’s in Italy, too –  and I’d be there with you-but my family don’t understand.’


” A Bend in the Lane” is only in paperback, not on line but I can post copies abroad if anyone is interested.




Fewer mistakes.

Reading the newspaper this morning I found another sentence where the reporter used ‘less’ instead of ‘fewer.’ I do believe the word is going out of fashion. Nobody cares whether the word refers to quantity or plural- it’s ‘less people, less days, less readers – when it should be fewer. ‘Less’ should only be used when there is less sugar, less sunshine, less importance.

Is this the fault of English teachers? Do they still say, ‘Let the child be creative and don’t worry about spelling or grammar?’ I just feel anyone who is in the business of using words to convey information should be able to do it correctly.

Old fogey?bookwormclipart


I have been sending a photo to books in my handbag on twitter and then realised I had a new app that would help me change the size so I tried it. It now shows the book but not the handbag so I think I’ll leave it as it was.

Amazon are taking a little while to stop saying it is unavailable but they have put a lovely picture of the cover on so that might help.

Folk will wonder why I always claim my stories are set in Sussex, yet the photo is obviously Italy. Well, my heroine is tempted to help buy a castle in Italy and stays in an agriturismo while she views it – or does she?

20180602_082822_edited square

Breaking the writing ‘rules.’

Hooray, my blog is back where I can see it. I guess I was too impatient, or my computer didn’t send it properly.

Anyway, more marketing news. I have updated Goodreads and am about to have a go on Amazon Author Central.

I became aware , recently, that i had broken a few writing rules when I wrote ‘A bend in the Lane.’ I think it’s because I have been writing plays and there one can switch from character to character, whereas in books one is advised to stay with one point of view, at least for a chapter.

I found that when my main character was not present I wrote from another point of view, even if it was only for a short ‘scene.’ I didn’t notice while I was writing. It just seemed normal. I suppose that’s why people say my books are like reading a ‘soap.’

I’ll use my bookworm image so folk know this is a writing blog.