Falling Asleep

Reading one of Pete’s posts about feeling old in the heat made me wonder what time folk over 70 go to bed. Until this year we used to be able to watch the ten o’clock news and go to bed at ten fortyfive -waking up with the alarm at 7am.

Then we started to go back to sleep after the alarm and wake again about 8.

Now hubby sleeps during the day and I fall asleep after every meal and then again at about ten past ten so I miss most of the news. I still fall asleep most nights as soon as I get into bed, except when it is too hot and humid or I am worried about something. Then it is usually 4am before I can drift off.

This weather has had a debilitating effect. It is hard to breathe and painful to walk. We have been kind to the dog and only taken him out early morning before the pavements get hot. I have sent off for some joint pills as he insists on licking his front lega all the time and we suspect arthritis. We bought him a new toy chicken and he loves to play with it. Anything to stop him sunbathing as he gets too hot and comes in panting. He can still jump onto the sofa but when he has been still for a while he has a tiny limp that soon goes away when he moves about. He was very ill for a couple of days but the vet sorted it. Our house is just too hot. It got to 80 degrees in the kitchen, with the door open!

I am getting bored with salad!

Musings and mistakes.

I just looked at my last post and found the spelling errors. As a one time English teacher I am ashamed I let them go through. My only excuse is the weather.

The dog keeps licking his paws so I have ordered some joint pills for him. I tried to use my credit card but they wanted a passcode on my phone and it is too much hassle so I did it on my mobile. Now I am considering giving up the credit card altogether.

I don’t know how people manage without a computer these days and fear for the time when we have no landline phone. Things are moving too fast for me, while I am slowing down considerably. A walk I could do in 15 minutes now takes half an hour.

I have started my own book list and will post reviews when I find something worth recommending. Goodreads wouldn’t let me back on so I have stopped trying.

I am planning to go out for a Spanish tapas meal for our anniversary but the menu is a mystery. Any suggestions? I feel four dishes might be enough for us, and they serve them with Sangria, which we know we like. It looked like everything was potato but I’m sure that isn’t the case. I must learn to read more thoroughly. I wonder if I can find an appropriate picture?


Maybe I’m being unrealistic but I’m beginning to give up with doctors. Our surgery won’t let us go in to book a consultation and now the appointment with a London hospital is supposed to take place on video, or the phone. One begins to think it isn’t worth bothering. I’m trying to look after our health by checking on line.

The consultant just sent some pills for hubby that have side effects that say they mustnt be given to anyone with heart problems and he has heart problems. That, after the hospital giving him statins that can cause lung disese – and they have!

What is going on?

Selection poem concluded.

But she felt she ought to meet them all

‘Though the whole idea began to pall.

The fifth brought a rich embroidered gown

Again the princess turned him down.

The sixth and seventh tried flattery

One with a portrait, one poetry.

The eighth was nice, but much too young

By now this was no longer fun.

But then, the ninth, as he bent down

Offered her a glittering crown.

“I’d like to make you my dear queen”

He said. She answered with a frown

“I thank you for your present, and

Your trust in me to rule your land.

There’s someone else I need to see

And then I’ll know if I am free.”

His smile was warm as he came in

She knew at once that he would win.

He knelt before her to propose

And handed her a single rose.

‘Selection’ poem continued.

” For looks are not everything, darling one

And nor is the distance they have come.

They may be rich, but are they kind?

That is the thing you need to find.”

“To choose the one you mean to stay

At your side both night and day

Each has been asked to try to woo

With a single gift – now, it’s up to you.”

The princess had portraits of many men

And whittled them down to only ten.

Now to see what they had brought

And to remember what she’d been taught.

The first brought with him a trunk of gold

But the princess thought him far too old.

The second ofered her chocolates sweet

But she didn’t want anything to eat.

The third talked much about his land

In a language she did not understand.

The fourth came in with a sneeze and a cough

She began to feel she’d had enough.


I wrote a poem this afternoon and I used to be able to attach it to my blog on wordpress but I can’t see how to do it with the new system.

Maybe one day I’ll write it out for you all but I’m too hot now. I don’t want to switch to the blocks. I never did find out how to set poems out on here, I never try to change the spacing as ,usually, I don’t write much.

Maybe if you want to see it I’ll put it on over a few days. It’s just a bit of fun. here’s the first verse:

The princess sat in the marble hall, waiting for all her suitors to call.

Her mother had told her to choose with care and not to judge them by what they wear.

Another grumble

Last week we had a letter from our insurer saying we needed to renew. It seemed to suggest that the direct debit would not continue but it gave a number to call so I tried. I was on for 15 minutes that day and another fifteen minutes today ( Mon.) and nobody answered the phone. This was a helpline! Some help.

I guess this is due to working from home – or lack of staff. Do you get the feeling everything is grinding to a halt? They should ease up on Maths , English and Social engineering and start to teach efficiency. Doing a job quickly and correctly, whatever it is, should be the aim of education. It would help if those in power and in the media set a better example. I’m beginning to think that perhaps other countries do have better ways of managing things, from health to justice.


MY mistake!

On reflection, and with prompting from the Daily Mail, I realise my criticism was unfounded. Although the headline seemed clumsy, by the time I had looked at it afresh I realised it was grammatically correct.

It read “It’s time for us mums to go on strike.”

If it had read “It is time we mums went on strike” I would have been correct. but the use of the word ‘for’ meant the sentence, without ‘mums’ would read “It’s time for us to go on strike.” which meant they were right. I stirred up a hornets’ nest on Mailonline. Good job I can recognise when I am wrong. I feel a bit of a twit but I don’t think it will stop me. I have given up with ‘different from’ as nobody uses that any more but will take more care in future before I comment on line.


I have just had a message from the Daily Mail saying they have had to take down a post from me as they had a load of complaints.

I was criticising a grammatical error made by the headliners over a perfectly written article but it seems some folk took offence. So the paper gave in and took down my comment. It seems grammar doesn’t matter any more, but the I suppose headlines are different. I wouldn’t care but substituting ‘we’ for ‘us’ would not have taken up any more space.

I make mistakes but I would have hoped the paper would have recognised the error and thanked me. No chance!


For years I have been using Goodreads to keep track of books I have read but recently it seems that may not be possible. It looks like I will have to set up my own list. I review every book I read so probably it was getting a bit much. I wanted to have a record of my favourites so that I could look out for more from the same author. Now I shall have to read through the list and just pick out the ones I want to keep and hope I don’t choose the authors I did not admire, when I get books from the charity shop.( or, worse still – pick a book I read before!)

It’s a pity because they let me see the covers but, hey ho – times change.