Book review

I usually stick to Goodreads for my reviews but I have just finished reading Oliver Harris’s crime thriller ” Hollow Man” and, apart from the fact that the title has been used by others I found it a great read with a fascinating hero and a plot that unravelled at just the right pace to keep one wanting to know what happened next. I would not normally read this type of book but now want to continue with the series.

As to my writing, that will probably be non fiction this month. I’ll show the panto and poem to the Sea Scribes but I’m quite lacking in imagination – especially as I was told this morning I had a 19% chance of a heart attack. I still refused the statins.

Getting fitter

Well, I did it! I signed up for another exercise class. With that and changing my diet I should be able to get away with not having to take statins.

I am struggling to think of a short story for our newsletter. I’d like to write a new one rather than use an old one but I’m also near the end of a fascinating book and want to spend time with that. It is another book with a title that has been used plenty of times before and I nearly picked the wrong one to review!

I am sitting looking at a vase of daffodils hubby bought for me yesterday. I wonder if a poem would do? Yellow is such a happy colour.Happy Valentine’s Day for 14th everyone.


Advice from the Sea Scribes meant I have rewritten part of the panto and now, at 2821 words, it is ready for an outing.

I had great fun reading it aloud and trying to use different voices. Obviously, if we ever record it, there will be more people in the cast, male and female.

The other change I need to make is to get fitter. I know I promised I would exercise more but it’s snowing! What should I do? press-ups on the bedroom floor? Stop eating cheddar cheese I suppose. Hey ho.

The Panto again

Well. I found some jokes, added a character and now need to get it all typed up before I show it to anyone. Worthy Words Wednesday and Sea Scribes Thursday so have plenty of opportunities to try it out.

We have a ‘he’s behind you’ and ¬†an ‘oh no it isn’t’ in the script now so it feels more like a traditional pantomime.

I have also been trying out the camera on my smart phone so I may have a couple of pictures for the next posts.Sorry it takes so long.


Getting advice from all and sundry about the panto. There are lots of panto type jokes on the web but I now have to update my version and add a character to tell the jokes. I have decided to use one of the characters I left out of the original version and have them speak to the narrator and the audience. This means a big rewrite but I’m up for it!

I thought writing a play was difficult but this is even worse! Now to wander about with a notebook as all writers are supposed to do so that if anything funny occurs to me I can get it down before I forget.