Having a laugh.

At first I was upset at this image of me and my husband but now I have realised it is a true vision of two old dears and I put it on the front cover of the Christmas Calendar that I have done for the family.

At least, then, they won’t have to look at it for a month!

It has got so that we just don’t know what to give adults for gifts and I am having enough trouble trying to find what I want for the children in our local shops. I HATE shopping on line.


Booster jab

Today we had anpther jab for Covid. We spend more time at the doctor’s than anywhere else at present.

I get so breathless going shopping I decided to do a photo calendar for everyone in the family this year and choosing thirteen photos was quite a task.

I don’t expect they will all be happy with my selection but I took them off my phone and some people pop up more than others, namely our granddaughter. Her mother doesn’t like me to put photos of her on line so I won’t. There is so much talk about what happens on social media and with scams. It’s enough to make one want to tuck one’s head inside one’s shell and just let the world go by.

I can’t believe how it has taken over people’s lives until they just cannot live without the connection. My mobile phone is for calls and photos and a tiny bit of surfing when I ask Google about stuff – usually medical. I know too much knowledge is dangerous so I have written to the doctor to ask if we are on the correct pill regime.

When you read the instructions in the packets they say don’t take these with these and frighten you with possible side effects. So far we aren’t suffering but time will tell. On Twitter they asked ‘when did you feel old?’ and I replied at 80. I keep getting helped on and off buses. Well, there’s no going back so we just plod on.

Season’s greetings.

Winter Time (verse)

It’s half past four and feels like night Oh, how I miss the bright sunlight.

I’ll laugh at clouds and welcome rain when hours of daylight come again.

For darkness in the evening seems to blight my day and sour my dreams.

No longer can I see the sky. I want to hide indoors and sigh.

Can it be true that nature rules and clock watching is just for fools?

That we should sleep from dusk to dawn and work and feast in early morn?

After a meal the heartbeat slows, for eyes are tired, now to doze.

Until the Springtime we must wait, with curtains drawn, and hibernate.


Thanks to all those still reading my blog in spite of the fact that my life is getting duller and duller. I even bought myself some flowers today just to try to cheer up. I have left my memoir for a while and sit and do Codewords when I feel too lazy to do anything else. I can put on the odd book review – when I find one I enjoy. The last one was a rather hot thriller. It depends what my readers would like. I do put reviews on Goodreads, so that I have a list of everything I read.

When bending down and reaching up make one breathless the temptation is to sit and do nothing. I tried to book a cream tea for our club but they have changed the menu so it is mince pie! I’m sure we will have our fill of mince pies in the next couple of months.

We can’t cut the grass as it is soaking wet but also a foot high so it won’t be funny when we do try. The garden gate needs replacing and the man who came to see it has not replied to my calls.

That’s enough moaning for now.I won’t post again until I have something more cheerful to write about.


Just writing to keep in touch as life has slowed somewhat. The homework from the writing group this week is a ‘Time machine’ story. When I began I realised it had all been done before and trying to think of a new angle was not easy.

Not being prepared to do any historical research I decided to send my character into the future. With all the warnings about global warming it was interesting to imagine what might happen to the town we lived in.

Our weekend was enlivened by a visit from our son and granddaughter, who has become a young footballer! They showed us a photo of her in goal. She’s braver than I would be.

Mind you, the women’s football is one of the best things on TV at present as we don’t have Sky or Netflix.

No other news, except that I have managed to sell two more sets of the Penny trilogy. The proceeds are going to charity.

No news is good news?

Just ticking over and trying to solve one issue each day. Now I have a rollator I don’t get so out of breath when I go to the shops. I also walk slightly quicker. Trouble is, I don’t want to take the dog on those trips so he’s not getting out so much. He doesn’t really mind, just as he doesn’t seem to care what we feed him with. We couldn’t get the Senior pouches he usually has for breakfast so I got different tins and he woofed them. I think he likes Naturo best but we also give him fish and rice and chicken and rice and scrambled egg and he’s always licking the bowl afterwards.

We are both over Covid but I have some new symptoms. I managed to book an appointment with the doctor for Monday. I think I might be diabetic but won’t know until I get a blood test. Everything I eat or drink tastes funny so it could be something else.

Reading my latest short story to the Sea Scribes writing group this afternoon. Much less exhausting than the supermarket shop we did yesterday. I don’t like the idea of getting stuff delivered so we will keep going once a week for as long as possible.

I’ll try to find a different image for this post.

Book Review. How to Stop Time.

This book by Matt Haig has some mixed reviews but I thought it was great. It is about a history teacher who has lived for 400 years and is trying to find ways of enjoying each time without being threatened by witchfinders or scientists.

For once, I found the flashbacks worked well and the main character was very sympathetic. I intend to try more books by this author.

Having Covid has given me more time to read and think about our mortality. What do we do with our lives and why? If we don’t leave offspring how can we ensure we are not forgotten – and does it matter if we are?

The purpose of life must surely be to make a difference. We can leave memories of love, ideas, good deeds, discoveries, improvements or, as is happening now, damage and destruction. When I look at buildings and cars and planes I marvel at humanity and then I see hate and selfishness and mistakes and wonder how people can find cures for diseases and yet ruin the planet. None of it makes sense.

Each one of us can only contribute a tiny bit. I tried to help by teaching and writing books but I fear for the future.

Roots and Branches verse.

In distant lands we have our roots, our ancestors, our DNA

Can be discovered- do we need to know what happened yesterday?

Is it essential for our peace of mind to know our family tree-

To know if they were poor or rich, or good or evil, slave or free?

If there are branches still unknown should they affect my life today?

Could knowing who came years before change who we are or what we say?

I am the child my mother bore, that nature, nurture both combined.

My life is like an open book with no dark secrets yet to find.

I do not weep for soldiers lost, or guilty feel for wickedness.

I was not there, judge me alone on my own failure or success.

King Charles

I have just been watching the proclamation of the reign of King Charles. It is such a strange time. He doesn’t have a chance to mourn his mother before he has to take on the role of king.

It was very odd to hear the announcements, like those of a Lord Mayor. and feel that this has been going on for centuries but not in public. I fear that many young people will consider it old fashioned and unnecessary as there seems to be no respect for History these days. All that matters is “now, now, now!”

It was great to see women taking more of a part in proceedings but Liz Truss looks so plain and slim. I hope she manages to make more of an impact in the future. More than ever, we need leaders we can look up to, to give us a sense of continuity and trust.

I wish King Charles well. He has started faultlessly. This is going to be a difficult time for us all.

More economies.

Our local plumber has given us a new kitchen tap so that has stopped the drips. Meanwhile I have stopped the annual insurance we have had for years with a drainage company. When I rang them they offered a cheaper deal but I said we needed the money to pay energy bills.

I am trying to cut down on the ironing and oven usage as that makes the smart meter go right up into the red. It’s a pity the postmen are on strike because we are waiting for lots of important letters. They still won’t force us to do everything on line!

I must ask hubby to get a new hearing aid. He has the TV so loud I need cotton wool in my ears. It’s just one problem after another.