Something to be cheerful about

I finally had my new crown put on my back tooth. Call me Jaws! It is shiny silver but it won’t stop me laughing.

To complete a happy day hubby and I went to the Willows folk club in Arundel to hear Jo and Graham ( pictured) and a lot of other musicians  and I had the opportunity to read a couple of poems. I read the one on folk and one that Bryan Fletton had sent me that day and immediately someone asked for a copy of his poem so I had to ring him to ask permission. Then, when I sat down the fellow next to me suggested I put my poem to music. Some of my stuff has been called ‘lyrics’ before but I am no musician and couldn’t even start trying to invent a tune I hadn’t already heard.

Years ago I did collaborate with someone to make up a song about the Great Lines in Gillingham but in my head it was set to a tune I already knew, although he did write something different before it was made public.

It was a very enjoyable night and helped to lift my mood as this is quite a stressful week.

Tunesand tales folk



I was surprised and delighted to be asked by Geoff to read a poem at his great friend Angie’s memorial event, which unfortunately turned out to be a celebration of Mike Paine’s life as well. Geoff, of the Village Stage, Angmering fame, arranged a charity evening with 20 different performers who knew one or both of them, folk singers, country singers, groups and soloists and me – reading a couple of my poems. I read Mood Hues from ‘Coconut Ice’ and then a little verse I had penned for the occasion which I reproduce here. I may also have room for my reward sticker!


Throughout the ages men have sung of feelings felt and deeds well done

All history recorded by a song, to make one laugh or cry.

No matter what the singer’s choice, guitar or banjo, pipe or voice

To share and care we all combine to air our thoughts in tune and rhyme

For modern minstrels carry on traditions both of tales and song

Our common heritage awoke the bonds of friendship forged in Folk.

village stage

The upside downs of life.

Anyone else hate containers that open upside down? It seems to be the thing nowadays that plastic sauce bottles and salad cream  and pickle all have to sit on their lids. I dislike the look of them in the larder, I forget which way up to store them and I dislike the shape and design of them.

While I’m having a moan I understand a new local cafe, which sells coffee and cinnamon buns, does not take cash. It would never occur to me to use a card for a cup of coffee. help! I’m being left behind by society!

I’m up to 1700 words of the new novel but it’s hard work. I usually garden in the summer and write in the winter but I haven’t any energy at present.Not knowing how long it is until it is on the computer makes me keep at it. I’ve filled two notebooks and am on a third. meanwhile, one of my two websites has gone down so that will be my task for next week. I could do with revamping them, anyway.

Meanwhile, the only fun this month has been a game of skittles with the Worthing Friendship Centre. This is our chairwoman putting them back up. Our team won!

june at skittles

Care for Veterans

Hubby and I went to the Care for Veterans Summer Fayre at Gifford House yesterday afternoon. It was very hot but there was a good turnout with the Mayor, the Town Crier and two bands, I took a photo of the Lancing brass band who played sitting down. The TS marching band were playing as we came away and by that time I was eager to get home and cool off. The stalls were as different as ever and we did purchase a home made cake and see the vintage vehicles. The charity has been going since 1919 and the home provides care and rehabilitation to physically disabled servicemen and women. They were supported by the Lest We Forget Association.Lancing brass band

Housework and grumbles.

For those who are following my efforts at updating my household equipment here’s the latest. I did get a Shark vacuum cleaner and, at first, it nearly pulled the carpet off the floor but I adjusted it and now it seems great. I just have to get used to the fact that it turns round corners – a cleaner that needs steering!

I suppose it is because we have had our carpets for over 20 years so they are rather thin. Anyway, the hall will soon have a new one. I couldn’t find the same colour as before, a kind of blue/green so I have chosen terracotta tweed, with a green fleck ( the walls are pale green) That won’t show if we spill tea on it.

It’s a real effort to find something to be cheerful about at present. Hubby did his bit. I moaned that there were no more chocolates in the house and he came back with the very ones I wanted. We only have one each at night ( and even that makes me hot)

I know I should resist sugar  but when water, alcohol, cake, jam, chocolate, coffee, tea and cereal make me hot I just have to put up with it! I did get some pills to adjust my blood sugar but I keep forgetting to take them.

Jazz last night with the Featherstone Jazzmen was as good as ever but we all miss going out with a meal and listening to them. It used to be the highlight of our month. Nothing stays the same. I didn’t take a photo of the lineup. Only two of the original band played but it still sounded great, especially with Pete Dorday on vocals.

Charity Folk Night

Saturday evening we braved the heat to go to one of Geoff’s usual charity musical nights. This time it was for the Alzheimer’s Society which I support, anyway, as we had Vascular Dementia in the family. We had a number of singing groups from East Sussex and a great blues singer but the lighting is so peculiar in that hall I couldn’t take a picture. If I find out more about her I’ll do a proper review. Geoff supplied little fans for anyone to use. The evening was, however, marred by the news that the founder of “Woodies” folk club, Mike Paine, had died and it was difficult not to think of him, and his wife Jackie, and how much they had done for the local folk scene while we were listening to the performers.He was also in the Gruffs choir and will be greatly missed. Here he is singing at Woodies one Christmas, wearing the red coat.Woodies Xmas party 2017


Writing the novel has slowed due to other activities, mainly visits to the dentist. This time it was to check the root canal and discuss a crown. I have to make a decision as to what kind of crown and as it is a back tooth I am unsure whether to pay the extra for  porcelain covered one or go for the all metal one. Knowing I am a pensioner the dentist did not suggest a gold one so it looks like the base metal one, as long as my smile isn’t too wide! ( Trouble is, I do grin a lot!) It looks like a very expensive summer. I don’t have a suitable picture to go with this post.