I did my first test recording this week and it came out OK. That means I should be able to do the whole book. I need to do something positive as everything else seems to be going wrong. At least I do have time, if nothing else.

I’ll put one of the illustrations from ” Penny” ( the children’s book) on here as the artist drew more than I needed but I don’t want to waste them. I think we have found a picture for the cover. I wanted something colourful and the line drawings my friend does are just in black and white.

I think they are fun.

Mobile phones

You wouldn’t believe it! I went to a phone shop to ask about changing my phone and provider. I don’t know how it all works so I didn’t know why I was using up all my data but I am on a cheap deal and my network hasn’t a shop in town.

You would think that if I went somewhere else they would be eager for my custom but when the young man saw how ignorant I was he looked at my phone and said ” You don’t need a new phone” He didn’t even try to get me to change my contract. he just put an app on my phone to help me catch my bus. Perhaps I was just going to be more of a bother than it was worth but anywhere else they would have seen how old fashioned I was and sold me a new phone and contract just for the custom.

Apparently all I need to do is pay a bit more each month. Of course when I try to do that nobody answers the phone. I could still end up changing my network just to get some service.

Windows Update!

The last windows update took away my search facility and I dare not try to uninstall it. I needed to use it to try recording. Not being able to find files was bad enough but this is ridiculous.

There are solutions on Google but they don’t seem to match my computer. I don’t know if I dare try restore, which seems to be the obvious solution. Trouble is, I don’t know how far back to go.

What with that, and an amazon scam, I’m getting fed up with computing altogether. It’s back to paper and pen, for me!

Planning to record

It’s a bit risky, putting that as a title. especially as I have lost the name of my wordpress contact who records so I can’t ask his advice. However, I have been told I can record my next book on my computer. I just need to be brave enough to try.

The manuscript will be read to my writing group and then sent for publication. I have illustrations ready to be inserted but don’t expect much to happen during this pandemic.

The dyslexia book has been put on the back burner for a while. I always write in longhand before putting it on line but I am beginning to think I may have started in the middle and it needs much more at the beginning. It’s daunting when one knows there are already so many systems out there. A new approach has to be distinctive but easy to access. However, if I can record what I am writing it makes that a possibility.

Christmas puddings

Three puddings steaming on the stove. I know it’s old fshioned and I should use the microwave but they are usually great so I’m not changing now. I did have to change something – I usually put Mackeson stout in them but none of the local supermarkets had any. I’m not so keen on Guiness. I found another stout called ” Dragon” that come from Jamaica so I used that! I also put some cherries in for a change. Otherwise I stick to my usual variation of a traditional pudding but with butter instead of suet. I used suet one year and didn’t like the taste.

I tried to find a picture to fit this post but I couldn’t. Maybe I’ll snap one when they are ready!


The most exciting thing on terrestrial TV last night was the football match between England and Wales. It was strange to see so many new faces on the pitch and I’m always amazed how they get the sound of a crowd that seems to be following the action when there is no-one there.

It was all the more enjoyable because the commentators were from Wales and England so we got the views of both sides, not the usual one-sided stuff that we often hear. England’s three goals were so different and it was a pity Wales could not score in the first half as they were the better team for 20 minutes.

I don’t think I have an appropriate picture but I’ll look.

The next book

At last I have got the energy to start thinking about the next book. I sent the story to a proof reader and now have to edit it. As it has illustrations I need to work out where they go. This should keep me busy for a while.

It is pouring with rain and my phone has run out of data. I need to call them and get a new SIM. More expence! They keep nagging me to update the phone, too but I like to talk to real people and the Virgin shop has gone. Do I use EE or switch to vodaphone? It needs research.

Meanwhile I took a picture of a garden in the next street. I loved the colours. I hope you do too!

Staying with WordPress

Start writing or choose a block says the line so I just start writing. I haven’t tried looking on admin as I think all those instructions that Pete had were probably for people with paid sites. If this keeps going I’m satisfied. I couldn’t find anywhere else where I could talk to so many interesting people all over the world. I’m constantly getting told to use facebook but if it is as fussy as twitter I don’t want to know.

Twitter keeps asking me to sign in again with a new password. I’ve got fed up with it. I’ll miss knowing the local news as we don’t buy a local paper but I won’t miss the bad language and stupid questions.

I only went on to promote my novels but I have gone back to taking them everywhere with me. Most of them are in West Sussex libraries and I’m hanging on to copies of “More Fish in the Sea” for when our social life returns.

I have a new project in mind as well as the children’s fantasy that should be published next year. It may come to nothing but I am tempted to try to add to the methods for helping dyslexics. The problem is the more I think about it the more I realise that ‘sound’ is the key so I’ll need to add a podcast to any written material. That looks like a task and a half!

Poor dog

We are getting very concerned about our fifteen year old terrier who seems confused and has become doubly incontinent. I am fearful that if we take him to the vet they will give us the news we do not want to hear.

He looks so miserable but, so far, has been eating as normal and seems to perk up later in the day. When it was sunny he stretched out on the lawn and slept but now it is raining he wanders round the house looking lost.

There is so much to worry about at present that this is just another problem on top of everything else. I’m usually a cheerful and positive person but the clouds are gathering.

Poor Diesel is just drinking water, when he remembers where it is. We know he has kidney problems and is on a special diet but I’ve made him some fish in case he feels like eating later on. I expect it will all end up on the hall carpet!