Too much

A rather strange birthday treat yesterday. I took hubby to a local cafe and sat outside next to the traffic and ate burgers and chips. ( we usually have a salad at lunchtime)

Then I made curry for tea with samosas ( we usually just have rice) and carrot cake. It was all a bit too much.

I made the mistake my mother in law used to make – equating food with love and we didn’t feel too great after all that.

Then today I gave us slices of the birthday cake I had made in case we had visitors – of course, we didn’t and it’s very rich. I must go back to slimming again. Eating too much is making us depressed.

I wish I could have a holiday.


The text of the third Penny book is nearly finished and ready for proof reading but the illustrations are done by a dear friend and when she sees what is required I don’t think I’ll be very popular.

Remember Heath Robinson? He designed all sorts of weird contraptions and complicated machines. Well, there’s one like that in my story. It’s a cross between a bike, a helicopter and a balloon and even has an attached barrel at one stage!

I tried to sketch it to help her but I need to go out in the shed and check how a bicyle works, first. Maybe if it’s a fantasy it won’t have to look as if it could work – after all, there’s plenty of magic in the enchanted forest!

It’s a family birthday tomorrow and I have booked an outside table. Now they say it’s going to be windy and rain. I made a chocolate cake although we are supposed to be trying to slim. Birthday without a cake just doesn’t seem right.

Another Penny Book

I have finished the first draft of the third Penny book and sent it to the illustrator.

I was really happy this morning as the flyers for Penny1 were ready so I picked them up and began to distribute them locally. I need to sell eight more books to make the flyers worthwhile.

If the shop I saw yesterday are agreeable I should be able to have a launch of Book2 at half term.

Of course the dream is to see all three books together in hardback but I would need to contact a traditional publisher for that to happen.

Now to take off my editor hat and replace it with the marketing one!


I have just had appeal for help on an email post with a photo of the sender, written in the font he usually uses.

However, when the email arrived he was sitting reading the paper so it couldn’t be him.

I did give the sender a lot of information so I expect he’ll try me next.

It’s bad enough getting this on the landline without it happening on the computer,too.

It’s a sad old world.

Happy today!

St George’s day and Shakepeare’s birthday and, it seems, lots of other special days too. Maybe this is getting a bit too much. Every day seems to have a special title and , if it wasn’t for social media , we would never be able to keep up.

We have a family birthday today but can’t celebrate together because of the lockdown. There are more coming up so today I started looking at possible venues for a meal out. A lot of local cafes have put chairs and tables outside and pubs with gardens are advertising like mad. This weather makes one think a picnic is possible.

I have got a bit depressed today because of all the warnings about obesity – so I didn’t have toast with my soup. Trouble is, I made some little jam tarts yesterday and they came out rather well ( I usually over cook them) Am I ever going to be able to do without sweet things? I had a glass of water instead of my coffee in mid morning. I wonder how long this will last? Today is fish and chips day. How many chips am I allowed? ( don’t say I should have butternut squash instead)

I’ll weigh myself today and see if I can lose a few pounds while the weather is so good. I’m walking every day – but not very far and it still makes me breathless!

Penny and the Poorly Parrot

I now have a publication date for the second Penny book in June, but the copies arrived today.

I was out promoting the first book so I had better put them away somewhere, although, as they were inspired by the pandemic, I guess the sooner I get review copies out, the better.

I am still waiting for a cover image as I want to do some flyers but the print shop will be happy to sell them for me so at least I have one outlet other than amazon.

I’ll try to put a photo on, but my pictures don’t always come out on the computer.

More Penny promotion.

Well, I have printed off a new poster and a separate one with the cover for the local shop and delivered two sample copies in town, one to Waterstones and one to a toy shop. Neither had the person who makes buying decisions at work so I don’t expect to hear soon.

I think my photo problems are due to the fact that I don’t really understand my wordprocessing program. It’s a bit like driving a car without knowing how the engine works. It’s fine until it does something you don’t expect. I have just been correcting oddities as I go along. The only one I couldn’t fix was a couple of black lines across the text so I left them. Luckily I have a designer who can probably sort that out when I send him the text.

Of course, if I right click I might find some answers but I forget to try that. I don’t think it will have a rotate option but I might have a look. It was odd, it would rotate the content of the photo but not the photo itself and all the edit options just have filters.

Next problem, getting a new corded phone, with an answerphone. I thought I had found one until I googled it and found people had trouble setting it up and it went wrong after a while. We want big buttons on a proper handset not those things that look like mobile phones!

I know, we belong in a museum!

Promoting Penny.

I have found a helpful shop that might be able to sell some more Penny Down the Drain books, if I give them some advertising material. So far I have only managed a couple of posters. I’m so useless on the computer I can’t get a photo to turn round and I don’t want it on its side. I can do it when I want to print it but there doesn’t seem to be an option before that.

I got round it by landscaping the picture and the text but they are on different pieces of paper. Every time I tried to get them on the same sheet either they printed over themselves or on the back. It needs someone who understands mathematics. I bet if I did it again it would come out upside down!

I’m going to risk going into town tomorrow, hoping that there won’t be too many queues. We changed supermarkets last month and saved £20 each shop but the stuff went off quicker and I missed the soup I usually buy so we returned to our local store today. Funny how you get used to where everything is! We have been elsewhere three times and I still can’t find my way around. not only that, they don’t have bags for the fresh vegetables. They want us to buy in bulk. Anyone want some carrots?

What a week!

It took the team a day and a half to take all the tiles off the roof, refelt it and put them all back! They found a couple of broken tiles which probably caused the leak and they have strengthened the chimney. Trouble is, some rubble fell down inside and we can’t get to it as the gas fire is screwed into the wall. Let’s hope it didn’t have any dead birds in it!

It feels like we are witnessing another piece of history today, with the passing of Prince Philip but he wouldn’t appreciate all this fuss, especially when so many had lost their lives in the last few months. Our hearts go out to the Queen. I don’t know how she has been able to carry on this year and wish she hadn’t said she would soldier on and not abdicate. Still, like most people, she probably needs work to make life meaningful.

I think we may have found a new dog. I hope they let us have it and don’t think we are too old. With the reopening of the shops it feels as if everything is changing, until you see the news and people are still setting fire to buses and threatening to wage war in countries all over the world. Hasn’t nature taught us that we need to work together to look after our planet, not fight over bits of land and politics and religion?

Ready for the roof.

I can’t concentrate on writing or marketing at present as the house is surrounded by scaffolding and the workmen threaten to start at 7.30am tomorrow when I usually get up at 8.30! ( after a leisurely read with a cup of tea)

They turned up this morning with covering for the loft and seemed surprised that we had both a ladder and a light. Then, this afternoon a portable toilet arrived. As I believe there are eight of them I guess that is a good idea, especially during covid.

The answer machine on the phone has died but I still have my mobile. If only someone would ring and say they think they have found a suitable dog. Hubby is searching online again but I told him to wait until next week when the shops open up and people go back to work!

Gosh, I’m so fed up with scams and unwanted calls. I don’t reply until someone talks on the phone now so I can tell if it is a recording. I just had one from a firm I use wanting me to join something else. I rang off. If I can get stuff from shops I will stop sending away. It is just too annoying. What if I was having a nap? I’ll need one if I have to get up at seven o’clock.

I’m reading a Lee Child book. He doesn’t need reviews, such a change from the poor quality stuff I have been stuck with from the charity shop. Difficult to put down – no wonder he’s so popular.