My mobile

I really miss my old phone that only took calls. I have transferred to a smartphone and have it on a contract but I don’t understand about data. I can get a list of all the apps I have used under settings , with the amount of data they have used up but I don’t have any idea how to reduce it and the phone sent a message to say I had gone over my quota.

It seems the apps go on working even when the phone is turned off and I haven’t a clue how to stop it. I’m going to have to go into town and get them to fix it. I only downloaded one app and the graph shot up. I suppose I should uninstall it.

It’s going to take me months to learn how to use this blessed thing.

launch ALFTT


Daring to change

I know I’m a dinosaur but I really loved my little phone that was only a phone. However it began to cut out or not register and told me there was no more space for new contacts so I gave in to the boys and switched to a smartphone. It isn’t a new one and I have had it for two years but only used it as a camera. Now I am going to have to keep it turned on all the time as people ring me about the Friendship Centre programme and I have a couple of friends on Whatsapp. Also. one son sends videos which I could never see on my old phone. I had to put my contacts on one at a time as they hadn’t transferred so I have yet to discover if it works OK. It does do text messages. Apparently it didn’t work as a sat nav because it was pay as you go!

Of course I was advised to update but one change at a time is enough for me.I’ll look out my android poem and attach it. Android poemAndroid poem

Understanding a camera

I haven’t used my real camera for some time and now every time I try to look at the picture I have taken it asks me to fix the date. However, when I put it in and try to save it it goes onto a photo and then asks me again. Eventually I found it on the computer under 2008 which was when I bought it! It has gone back to default! No wonder I use my phone.

Anyway, I took it out with me when I went down to the beach and captured an image which I liked so here it is ( I hope)IMG_0424

Communication – verse

Alone, one night, I had a fright, walking along beside the road

I thought I’d nearly trod upon a turd – but it was just a toad.

A turd with legs? This cannot be, I thought as I went on my way

And smiled to think it was unharmed. ” Goodnight, you toad,” I had to say.

This habit strange, I must admit, began at home where, on the sill

A tiny spider’s made a web and I appreciate its will

So did not clean it right away, in case it captured a stray fly,

Instead I talk to it each day ” Good morning, spider, don’t be shy.”

I put out currants for the birds and whistle to tell them they’re there.

Perhaps it seems a trifle odd but I am old and do not care!




Yesterday the Sea scribes had a meeting where they decided to update their trifold, a little leaflet with information about all the books we have written with cover pictures and portraits of the authors. Oh dear! Once one has white hair it doesn’t show up on a white background and most of my photos were taken about ten years ago when I was really into self publication. Who was that happy looking beige blonde?

If you want to do your own marketing a good portrait should be part of the package and I am lucky that both of my websites have professional photos. However, I don’t look like that any more and as I am still doing talks I need an up to date photo or the groups won’t believe I am the speaker they booked! As I am the family photographer when I search for  OK images of myself all I can find are ones of hubby, the dog and the granddaughter. Julie

Cause for concern?

Our energy company say our meter is out of date and are coming to fit a new one. We have told them we don’t want a smart meter but they are coming anyway, supposedly to fit ‘like for like.’ They had to cancel the last appointment as it was late in the afternoon and I had waited in for four hours and told them I was about to start dinner.

I have spoken to a number of people about them and get conflicting advice although the general feeling seems to be the longer we resist the better the equipment.

We did have some good news. Someone has at last offered to fix the tiles on our roof. We had two estimates, one over £200 and one under £100 for the same job! One has to be so careful.

I gave a copy of my recent novel to the policeman who spoke to our group about scams as it contains a ‘romance scam’ and hope he finds it amusing.

Our writing group is talking to people at a ” Food for Thought” tea this month so I’m busy preparing that. It’s a new form of promotion but a change from our musical gigs.