Something to be cheerful about

I finally had my new crown put on my back tooth. Call me Jaws! It is shiny silver but it won’t stop me laughing.

To complete a happy day hubby and I went to the Willows folk club in Arundel to hear Jo and Graham ( pictured) and a lot of other musicians¬† and I had the opportunity to read a couple of poems. I read the one on folk and one that Bryan Fletton had sent me that day and immediately someone asked for a copy of his poem so I had to ring him to ask permission. Then, when I sat down the fellow next to me suggested I put my poem to music. Some of my stuff has been called ‘lyrics’ before but I am no musician and couldn’t even start trying to invent a tune I hadn’t already heard.

Years ago I did collaborate with someone to make up a song about the Great Lines in Gillingham but in my head it was set to a tune I already knew, although he did write something different before it was made public.

It was a very enjoyable night and helped to lift my mood as this is quite a stressful week.

Tunesand tales folk



I was surprised and delighted to be asked by Geoff to read a poem at his great friend Angie’s memorial event, which unfortunately turned out to be a celebration of Mike Paine’s life as well. Geoff, of the Village Stage, Angmering fame, arranged a charity evening with 20 different performers who knew one or both of them, folk singers, country singers, groups and soloists and me – reading a couple of my poems. I read Mood Hues from ‘Coconut Ice’ and then a little verse I had penned for the occasion which I reproduce here. I may also have room for my reward sticker!


Throughout the ages men have sung of feelings felt and deeds well done

All history recorded by a song, to make one laugh or cry.

No matter what the singer’s choice, guitar or banjo, pipe or voice

To share and care we all combine to air our thoughts in tune and rhyme

For modern minstrels carry on traditions both of tales and song

Our common heritage awoke the bonds of friendship forged in Folk.

village stage

Care for Veterans

Hubby and I went to the Care for Veterans Summer Fayre at Gifford House yesterday afternoon. It was very hot but there was a good turnout with the Mayor, the Town Crier and two bands, I took a photo of the Lancing brass band who played sitting down. The TS marching band were playing as we came away and by that time I was eager to get home and cool off. The stalls were as different as ever and we did purchase a home made cake and see the vintage vehicles. The charity has been going since 1919 and the home provides care and rehabilitation to physically disabled servicemen and women. They were supported by the Lest We Forget Association.Lancing brass band


I went looking for a carpet cleaner this morning. I can’t imagine using a cordless one but they are definitely lighter than the old hoovers. I ended up in Argos but they didn’t have a paper catalogue for me to bring home. Am I stupid to want to see what I am buying before I part with any money? I gave up and came home to look on line . I had seen some in a sale in another shop but they had dodgy reviews on the computer. All the best ones are over ¬£200.

I just don’t like to have to charge things up. I might forget and I certainly wouldn’t do it overnight like some people do with their phones. Do I get a Shark or a Vax or a Hoover?

There’s so much choice and so few shops where I can see them. Gosh, it makes me feel old!


Homophone trip up.

I really thought I was immune from homophone errors but when you are tired they creep up on you. Not content with printing one in my last book, now I am doing it on line. I wrote ‘comparing’ knowing it felt like the wrong word. I wasn’t going to set two things against each other, I am going to ‘compere’ the gig. I would have written MC but I think that always looks odd written down.

Frankly, I don’t feel like doing either at present and am hoping I can buck up by Wednesday. I have some multi vitamins with iron somewhere. Will they make me feel better? My poor little novel has been temporarily abandoned, but I did buy one last week, just to check on the house style. It will be a new venture, writing for a magazine rather than self publishing. We’ll see in the autumn if I pass muster!bookwormclipart

My mobile

I really miss my old phone that only took calls. I have transferred to a smartphone and have it on a contract but I don’t understand about data. I can get a list of all the apps I have used under settings , with the amount of data they have used up but I don’t have any idea how to reduce it and the phone sent a message to say I had gone over my quota.

It seems the apps go on working even when the phone is turned off and I haven’t a clue how to stop it. I’m going to have to go into town and get them to fix it. I only downloaded one app and the graph shot up. I suppose I should uninstall it.

It’s going to take me months to learn how to use this blessed thing.

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