Understanding a camera

I haven’t used my real camera for some time and now every time I try to look at the picture I have taken it asks me to fix the date. However, when I put it in and try to save it it goes onto a photo and then asks me again. Eventually I found it on the computer under 2008 which was when I bought it! It has gone back to default! No wonder I use my phone.

Anyway, I took it out with me when I went down to the beach and captured an image which I liked so here it is ( I hope)IMG_0424


Friendship Centre

Each month Worthing Friendship Centre  members go to a local hostelry, the Sussex Yeoman, for a sociable lunch. It is one of the many activities that our group of mainly pensioners do, along with the monthly speakers and coffee mornings, bowling sessions and trips. Next month we are going to try a morning of board games. All the advice these days is to connect with others to avoid becoming lonely and, with families spread across the globe, it is timely, indeed.

Until I got my smartphone I did not have photos of our activities but, just for once, I did make a record of our last visit. The nice thing about this venue is they have a ‘Golden Years’ menu with smaller portions at a very reasonable cost.friendship lunch 2019

Food for Thought

The Sea Scribes, our local writing group, were giving a talk combined with tea at the Ardington hotel  Worthing, yesterday. We each had a table to display our books and took in turns to speak about our writing. This was all the more interesting because we cover such a variety of genres, historical, fantasy, flash fiction, poetry, romance and general fiction with my specialism being stories based in the local area.

The hotel put on a fine tea with sandwiches ( salmon was my favourite) scones and cream, cakes and little desserts. Afterwards people came up to talk to us about our work and buy copies of the group’s two anthologies and well as some of our novels. All in all it was an enjoyable and satisfying event.

I did take a couple of pictures before it all started but it doesn’t show the audience. The manager said he was very pleased with the number who attended.food for thought

Arranging a launch

To continue about marketing. I did go to the little café round the corner and fix a date for the launch of our poetry anthology  “Coconut Ice.” What with trying to find musicians and a venue for our next charity gig and writing a piece for the special ” Food for Thought” tea on Wednesday afternoon it has been quite a busy few days.

Now to design some posters to advertise the events. I also have to remember to put the adverts in the local paper for our Friendship Centre meetings. Unfortunately they now happen on the same afternoons as our writing group meetings and one of my exercise classes. I am trying to alternate them but it doesn’t work with three! Luckily one is weekly, one is fortnightly and one is monthly.

It’s such a pity the monthly meals with jazz have ended because that pub is closing but we still listen to them at the Leisure Centre. It isn’t quite the same. A few years ago it was the highlight of our month – but that was before the place changed hands and the food went ‘trendy’ and expensive. No wonder they lost customers.

Never mind, the band have offered to play at the Sea scribes’ next gig so we will still hear them twice in one month!


Communication – verse

Alone, one night, I had a fright, walking along beside the road

I thought I’d nearly trod upon a turd – but it was just a toad.

A turd with legs? This cannot be, I thought as I went on my way

And smiled to think it was unharmed. ” Goodnight, you toad,” I had to say.

This habit strange, I must admit, began at home where, on the sill

A tiny spider’s made a web and I appreciate its will

So did not clean it right away, in case it captured a stray fly,

Instead I talk to it each day ” Good morning, spider, don’t be shy.”

I put out currants for the birds and whistle to tell them they’re there.

Perhaps it seems a trifle odd but I am old and do not care!



Checking a proof

I’m really into editing at present so when I saw the proof for our new anthology I was quite excited. It is interesting to see how other people approach the design stage. Once the text was corrected we then had a look at the page design. The printer had suggested ivy leaves draped round the side but some of the lines of the verses almost touched them so that was out. Then we looked at the illustrations and wording sizes. The pictures seemed a little too large for the text, although on the front cover it seemed OK.

I chose a blue for the cover as the previous two anthologies have been gold and green and came away hoping to have it out in early April. Now I have to decide how many copies to get printed. As the profits are going to charity I expect to sell at least 100.

Then I’ll think about a launch. There’s a cute little cafe nearby that might be ideal. All in a day’s work!