New phone

I bought a new mobile this week. I was enjoying it until someone rang. There’s no way I can answer in 15 seconds. I’ve tried to find out how to make it ring for longer but I can’t get through. Even the google answers say 30 seconds is the max. That isn’t enough if my phone is in another room HELP!


Book Titles

Each time I finish a book I write a review for Goodreads but one has to find the correct title first and I so often find a number of copies by different authors with the same titles.

Surely it is the job of the author, publisher or agent to make sure this isn’t the case? Maybe it is clever to use a similar title to a book by a popular author but I have just found four copies of books with the title ‘Hot Milk.’ Why?

When I began self publishing I did not check to see if another author had used the title of my first book but, since then, I have tried to be original.

Maybe , from now on, I’ll search for books by author, not title!

Mobile phones

Just a quick post as we have a rehearsal this afternoon for our charity gig. I had a message on my old mobile phone that is not a smart phone that someone had sent me a video but it couldn’t show me.

I really need to get an android phone. I do have a windows one but I only use it when I’m abroad.  None of my business cards have that number on and as it is pay as you go I think I’ll trade it in – but what to choose!

The fewer apps the better for me, although I would like a sat nav function and a camera and possibly music, although that isn’t important. The more complicated they get the more I hesitate. Am I a chicken? Yes.

Review. The Twelve.

A crime thriller by Stuart Neville that does not spare the violence but seems so authentic one can only be glad that one wasn’t caught up in it. I found the idea of ghosts urging an assassin to wreak revenge an interesting plot device and, for once, felt that the language was realistic rather than written to shock.

I  may not search out more books by this author but I found this one hard to put down.

Marketing books

More about self publishing. I have been rereading advice about how to market self published novels and as I don’t do many ebooks I still need to promote my work the old fashioned way, as a publisher, not just the author. Therefore I need to do what a publisher would do for their client.

I need to contact the media, send out information, notify the local and national press and suitable magazines, make up a ‘press pack,’ get in touch with the local radio, organise a book launch and signing and send out review copies. Anything else?

I will advertise on twitter, but only to show I am still active as the two ebooks I have written will appeal more to folk on line than  this new one.

I will remind people that I have a couple of websites, and, both of which are linked to this blog and I will put the cover of ‘A Bend in the Lane’ onto every piece of marketing I can, possibly new business cards, although I still have a lot left with ‘Never Pretend’ and ‘A Lesson for the Teacher’ on.

Since Southern Rail have been so unreliable I haven’t been to London so all my marketing, including sending copies to the library, has been local.

One more month and I should have copies for sale. It is said the first three months are the optimum time for sales and I’m hoping to catch the holiday market.

When to promote?

My next book is with the printer and I have been reading advice about marketing. The general consensus seems to be that one should tell all and sundry that the book is coming out months in advance. However, I don’t feel inclined to do too much until I have the copies in my hand. I know this is different for people who use Print-on -Demand but I sell so many privately that I order 100 at a time.

I will be giving more details in the future but here is the cover.