Book Show preparations

The UK Southern Book Show is on in Worthing next Sunday, 28th October and I have been up in the loft to get some more books down and making a price list. I still have to find a tablecloth and sort out the little book holders I have to stand copies in.

I gave Natasha the title “Write What You Know” earlier in the year and she published that as my talk although I had forgotten all about it. It probably wouldn’t have been what I would choose now but it will make a good debating point as I expect any other writers there may be ready to argue the opposite. In fact, I have made my talk short so that others may make the point that we couldn’t write fiction unless we elaborated on what we know.

I’m struggling to decide what to wear, although this is easier than the conference in London next month. In the old days we used to dress up to go to London but I don’t think that happens any more. I need to find an outfit that makes a statement and that could mean buying something new. I wanted to go in pink but the weather looks like turning cold and that might not be suitable. Sorry there’s no poetry at the moment. I’ll try to think of something when all this marketing activity is over.bookwormclipart


Weekend away

cardiff greyI had been looking forward to a weekend in Cardiff at a reunion for months as they are usually in beautiful hotels in parts of the country I haven’t explored. We have been to Wales before but not this hotel. It started badly. The hotel was enormous and the underground car park full. We had to unload and then take the car to an NCP car park a little way away. The weather was damp and gloomy and we went up to our room on floor 12 with trepidation. The actual room was lovely with a large TV and the usual teas and coffees. The meal on the Friday night was OK but the drinks were very expensive.

Next day, after the AGM, we had a swim in the very popular pool and I was happy as I had sold three copies of my latest book. The evening meal was billed as a gala dinner but our choices had not reached the staff so they didn’t know what to serve us. We had given them in the day before but there were four of us who had to wait for our meals.

Sunday dawned wet again so after a lovely Full English breakfast we hung about until it dried up and then went exploring. We found a falafal place for lunch and some gift shops near the castle. At last it began to feel like a holiday! Then,in the evening, we were given the same menu as Friday and told to choose two courses again. At least I knew the starter – a chicken and leek terrine, but the main course was not as good as the previous time.

We came back over a different bridge and went to pick up our little dog. Next year the event is in Scotland – too far for us, I think!

Writing Magazine

bookwormclipartI was reading this month’s magazine when I came upon a little piece about me and my books. It was such a long time since I sent it in I had forgotten all about it.

I should have added a web address but otherwise it was fine, although I always think other writers cannot possibly read books by all the authors who submit to Writing Magazine. Just occasionally a review or a story might make a reader search out more by that writer and one can hope that a publisher might be curious enough to find out whether one would be a good bet for promotion.

Having been told once that my work was’not commercial’ I gave up sending to agents. It is enough to constantly be asked for another book by the folk who do buy a copy. It will be interesting to find out if anyone shows an interest at the UK Southern Book Show on 28th October at Field Place, Worthing. It should be a great showcase.

Fun verse.

I often claim I’m not afraid of anything that Nature made.

I let the little bees buzz by; I gently brush away each fly.

I watch the wasp approach the jam and quickly cover, while I can.

The dustpan’s great for the wood louse – I rather like the tiny mouse!

But pity me, and do not laugh – I’m scared of spiders in the bath!

Folk Night

Geoff has a new name for his monthly charity folk nights -“The Village Stage” which is very apt as it is in Angmering Village and the performers are on a stage. Last night the charity was Worthing Homeless and the performers included a bunch of nine musicians who sang a variety of songs with a harmonica, a banjo, a flute, a violin, a squeezebox, guitars and other instruments. It was a glorious set and finished off the evening after the individual performers beautifully.

I didn’t take my camera phone. One day I’ll remember!

Planning ahead

Still not writing, but I am planning. First we have the UK Southern Book Show in October and I have to give a ten minute talk, then we have a charity gig in November when the Sea Scribes and the Friends of St Barnabas in Worthing are combining to entertain with stories, poems and songs. Although my singing is atrocious I have been trying to learn a song to sing at the folk club we attend , on an Open Mic night.

The rest of the time I am designing posters and advertising. I don’t have a publishing package so I do it on Open Office. I really should get some more book marks done, or at least, some up to date business cards.

I’ll try to load up one of my recent efforts.

A Bend in the Lane flyer