First draft

At last I have completed the first draft of my new novel. Now the hard work starts. It needs to be a few hundred words longer, which shouldn’t be a problem as I do tend to skimp on description and my typing skills are so poor that the spacing is often out.

The rest of the Sea Scribes are listening to it and I’ll be able to ask one or more to be a beta reader. There’s no way I will think it completed until I have a full edited manuscript. I can’t edit on the computer.

I have also written a poem for the folk club tonight so I must be in a creative mood. I hope it lasts. It’s too long to use here but will add to my collection for the next time I am asked to recite verses.

The new website is getting discovered. I had a typing error which I have corrected. Now to proofread my manuscript. Not my favourite occupation!bookwormclipart


Anniversary verse

August 2019

Fifty three years we’ve been wed. ” You’ll be sorry,” father said

Not to me, but to my beau ( to warn you what you did not know)

That life with me would be a game and no two years would be the same.

While you appreciate the past, knowing that treasured memories last

I want to learn and strive and change, often our future rearrange,

With gratitude for all that’s been, discovering what life’s lessons mean.

Together, settled, we were sure- in Education and the Law

Ambitions matched, until the time when motherhood added to mine.

An accident curtailed our dream but still, undaunted it would seem

That, as a couple, we’d adapt and soon a different route was mapped.

We moved, and watched our two boys grow and give us grandchildren to know

And when our working lives were done we paused, to find what we’ve become.

For here, as we age, we retain so few regrets-ignoring pain

And problems caused by growing old.  That’s life – ‘Just bear it’ we are told.

Our lives are filled with tunes and song, the knowledge that we both belong-

I write, and you connect on line. We share a joke, go out to dine.

We’ve home and friends and family and time to spend beside the sea.

So I’ll wish you and you’ll wish me a Happy Anniversary.



Film Review. British Made 2019

This ‘social comment’ film was shown at the Chichester Film Festival but has also been seen around the world. It is directed by Simon Rickards with James Knapp as a young nationalist just released from prison. This young man has star quality and the locations and photography were superb, the dialogue realistic. The whole package is worth a larger audience and thoroughly deserves the awards it has already received.

Family Day Out

One son and his wife brought our granddaughter to see us yesterday. She is six. We went down to Worthing sea front where there was a fair and the new Big Wheel. I hoped we could get a family ticket but that only included two adults and up to three children not three adults and one child! Eventually the little girl went on with her father ( that cost £12) and the rest of us waited behind and then we all went for ice creams.

Later we went to the Wimpy for tea. The youngsters were surprised we suggested it but we know what they provide and we are always satisfied with the service and the cost. Worthing was busy for once, with people sitting on the cobbles, although I didn’t see anyone in the sea. I remember it in the 1950’s when it was our family holiday destination. Now it is concerning to see the big shops closing, the post office moving into Smiths and the proliferation of charity shops. Still, the pier and the sea are still there!worthing big wheel

website building

At last I decided to try to improve on my favourite website. I had two, the first having been designed and hosted by the designer but it was such a hassle getting him to change things and add stuff that I went elsewhere and made my own, with a template that seemed to offer the spaces I needed. Then, when the first website disappeared, I realised it had sections that were missing from my new one and I couldn’t combine them as I did not own the first one. So I’m back trying to design a completely new one that has everything that was in the two of them.

Once it is ready I’ll need to add the necessary links, including the one to this blog and to Goodreads but, at present, the old one is still operational and , if it isn’t, there is a business card telling folks I am having a redesign. There is a blog option on the new website but I don’t want to lose all the connections I have here so I’m hoping it will all work out together. Time will tell! Maybe then I can get a link back to the website from here, something I haven’t had because I’m so ignorant about computers.

On the Line

Am I the only person to think that sheets on a washing line look so beautiful they could be a work of art? I did take a photo of white ones once but today I snapped blue ones. Is it something about the light and shade, or the draping? I thought of a little rhyme:

Remember once there was a time

When sheets upon a washing line

Meant that Monday morning’s fine?

It still does, and these sheets are mine!on the line