The upside downs of life.

Anyone else hate containers that open upside down? It seems to be the thing nowadays that plastic sauce bottles and salad cream  and pickle all have to sit on their lids. I dislike the look of them in the larder, I forget which way up to store them and I dislike the shape and design of them.

While I’m having a moan I understand a new local cafe, which sells coffee and cinnamon buns, does not take cash. It would never occur to me to use a card for a cup of coffee. help! I’m being left behind by society!

I’m up to 1700 words of the new novel but it’s hard work. I usually garden in the summer and write in the winter but I haven’t any energy at present.Not knowing how long it is until it is on the computer makes me keep at it. I’ve filled two notebooks and am on a third. meanwhile, one of my two websites has gone down so that will be my task for next week. I could do with revamping them, anyway.

Meanwhile, the only fun this month has been a game of skittles with the Worthing Friendship Centre. This is our chairwoman putting them back up. Our team won!

june at skittles



Wouldn’t it be great to know who had caused a spike on one’s website? Hardly anyone ever looks at and suddenly, this week I had a massive spike. I do wonder what caused it as it wasn’t echoed on wordpress. I wish I could reward everyone with some interesting post but the only thing I am working on is the talk about Sussex Fiction. I think that is finished but I don’t yet have many bookings to try it out.

I must get some more verses completed as I am about to book up for Broadwater’s Big Day Out in July. It was fine last year but if it rains it won’t be so funny as we don’t have a gazebo. I know everyone likes pictures so I’ll add the one of last time – when I was supposed to be a ringmaster ( it was a circus theme) If I don’t get the anthology completed I’ll not have anything new to sell.



Public Speaking

After sending a short story off to a website I started writing my next talk. This will be about Sussex in Fiction and I have chosen a few authors to give as examples of how the County is used as a background in a number of novels, notably those by Simon Brett and Peter James. I’m sure there are many others I have yet to discover but I have completed six pages so do not feel the holiday period has been wasted.

Naturally I have included my six Sussex based novels among those mentioned although I only quote from two. They can all be found through the website while more about my activities are still on

I look forward to continuing my association with the local W.I.

Short Stories

With no new novel on the go I have turned to Competitions to find a subject for a short story. Maybe I’m odd but I avoid all the ones with no theme.

Writing Magazine always has lots to choose from but when I tried to write one on ‘Love’ I could not think of anything original. I thought about entering the one on ‘Hate’ but found that even more difficult.

‘Scribble’ magazine always has a great selection of stories but the last two I sent in were rejected. I could see why – they just weren’t fascinating enough. Also, my writing style has changed over the years and dialogue is taking over. It should be appropriate for short stories but there has to be a balance.

The UK Southern Book Show now has a website with notes about some of the authors who will be attending. This promises to be an exciting event so I am looking forward to October.bookwormclipart

New phone

I bought a new mobile this week. I was enjoying it until someone rang. There’s no way I can answer in 15 seconds. I’ve tried to find out how to make it ring for longer but I can’t get through. Even the google answers say 30 seconds is the max. That isn’t enough if my phone is in another room HELP!

Sussex Coast Talking News

Voice of Progress, the website I asked people to visit to hear the Christmas Pantomime ‘The Wizard of Was’ is changing its name to Sussex Coast Talking News in an effort to give folk a better idea of who we are and what we do.

Every two weeks three volunteers record items of news from the local papers and send them out on CDs for those people who are registered blind or sight limited who have asked for this free service. The area covered stretches from Bognor to Shoreham and encompasses Worthing and Littlehampton.

Extra volunteers for reading or editing are always welcome. The recordings take place in Rustington and the contact number is 01903 776569.