Gmail back!

I wonder how I got Gmail back? Could it be that someone, somewhere read my complaint? You never know who sees your posts, do you? Anyway, after setting up a new email I now have three to play with and have to decide which to use for what. I feel it was emailing from my phone that upset things so I’m worried about doing that again but I use ‘share’ and post to my computer from the phone using email. I probably should do it another way.

Today I visited the UK Southern Book Show. There was a wonderful variety of children’s books and they looked so colourful and well produced. I bought two and treated myself to a history book. One seller had come all the way from Cornwall. I hope she found it worth while. Our book is not out until May 7th so I didn’t have a table.Maybe next time.


Emails stuck!

Two days and my Gmail account won’t operate. I can’t understand all the complicated suggestions about what to do. I don’t know what a browser cache is or how to reach it. I have asked for help. I think it may be due to my new phone as the photos I tried to send have not come up on my emailsĀ  although other people’s messages have. However, I can’t delete or reply so I’m stuck. Luckily I have the new anthology and just hope nothing important needs answering.

Public Speaking

After sending a short story off to a website I started writing my next talk. This will be about Sussex in Fiction and I have chosen a few authors to give as examples of how the County is used as a background in a number of novels, notably those by Simon Brett and Peter James. I’m sure there are many others I have yet to discover but I have completed six pages so do not feel the holiday period has been wasted.

Naturally I have included my six Sussex based novels among those mentioned although I only quote from two. They can all be found through the website while more about my activities are still on

I look forward to continuing my association with the local W.I.

Writing in a hurry.

I’m really hard on people who make mistakes in posts on twitter and wordpress and then I go and do the same thing myself. There’s something about writing on a computer rather than on paper that leads to the most stupid errors, especially if one is writing in a hurry, responding in a temper, or just feeling hot and lazy.

Proof reading seems essential when one is producing a manuscript but unnecessary when one is posting on line. We think we have written what we meant to say but the odd typo crops up and we miss it, if we don’t check before we press send.

Sometimes we get the opportunity to edit what we have sent, but not always and sometimes we rely on the computer spellcheck and miss a homophone.

‘Grate and great, week and weak, their and there’ can catch anybody out and I need to leave the schoolteacher in me behind and be a bit more sympathetic. Sorry, folks.bookwormclipart

Should I stay or should I go?

I’m getting nagged to try facebook or whatsapp. So far I have resisted but there is so little connection on wordpress with folk from the UK that I am tempted.

I guess it’s because I haven’t a book on the go. I should get my copies from the printer on Friday and then it will be time for a marketing burst.

I’m designing invitations when I’m not messing about on ancestry. I found a relative with six siblings, all passed away, but maybe they have progeny. Is it worth looking? I don’t expect so. I’ll put my usual image on until I get a few more on my new phone.