Find me.

This post is to make sure I can post and everything I write does not go onto site pages as the last post did!


Back home

I wasn’t happy with the new theme so I have reverted to the old one. Now I have to check if I have lost anything. I’m going to have another go at the photos so there may be one on here from the Southern Book Show. No, it still won’t load but here’s a nice picture instead. I found it when I was looking for book covers but it’s the wrong shape.pexels-photo-800721.jpeg


New Theme

Somebody said if I change the theme I might be able to load my photos. OK. I’ve done that but it still won’t work.

I’d be glad to hear if you all like the new theme. if not, I’ll go back to the old one. I’m a bit fed up with the computer as it has a will of its own at present. Just when I was getting used to putting pictures on it stops allowing it! Now I have to find out if the problem is wordpress or the photos. It even won’t load ones it did before! Is this Windows 10’s fault?

I’m going to try again now, with a photo I have loaded before: That worked. New one didn’t.


Updating without me!

Windows 10 has been playing with my computer ( or my security people) and I have lost a lot of Google icons and gained a portrait that I didn’t ask for. Also, it has put me on skype and I didn’t ask for that either. What’s going on?

I feel I am not in control of this machine any more. ( Not that I ever was)

The security lot say they have taken away some apps that I don’t use, but I never have used apps as I don’t use a smartphone except when I’m abroad.

Now I have had to add files to my bookmark list so that I can find them quickly instead of just clicking on them where they used to be under the Google picture.

The squares have gone down from 8 to 4.

I keep getting asked to restart every time I log on.It’s all very odd.