Computer news

We asked a computer expert to come and change hubby’s computer today. He now has a windows 10 computer which seems to be much faster and doesn’t seem to have made any difference to mine.

The trouble is it takes up more floor space and our bungalow is so tiny I now have furniture with nowhere to go.

I guess that will make me throw more stuff away!


Managing wordpress

I do not understand the connection between mobile phones and the computer, especially with relation to Google.

I know the computer is on a wifi network and my phone is on a phone contract with a different provider, but as I use Google on both of them does that mean everything I write on one can be accessed on the other?

I need to know as I am still wanting to purchase a new phone but I don’t want all my emails on Google to come up on it. At present I email on the laptop because I can print on that and I never connect the two.

However I believe that as I send emails to myself from the phone to the computer it is obvious that, even although I use a different name, it is the same person. Am I stupid to want to keep them separate? Is it even possible?

Trying a tablet

Having been given a tablet computer with no instructions I have been wary of using it but finally decided I had to try as I need to take something away with me that works better than my phone.

I’m just not used to swiping as I use the mouse on my laptop. I am going to try to set it up this afternoon but not even knowing what the buttons on the side do I am at a disadvantage straight away.

Then I want to connect to outside wifi as ours is unreliable. I guess it will search for some. That will be fun. I don’t mind if I have to pay for an hour at a time – it’s only while we are away.

Anyway, now you know what I’m up to. I’ll let you know how I get on, if at all. I printed off some instructions from an ageuk website. There were pages of them and if I get it started I’ll do the rest. Wish me luck!


I have just had appeal for help on an email post with a photo of the sender, written in the font he usually uses.

However, when the email arrived he was sitting reading the paper so it couldn’t be him.

I did give the sender a lot of information so I expect he’ll try me next.

It’s bad enough getting this on the landline without it happening on the computer,too.

It’s a sad old world.

More Penny promotion.

Well, I have printed off a new poster and a separate one with the cover for the local shop and delivered two sample copies in town, one to Waterstones and one to a toy shop. Neither had the person who makes buying decisions at work so I don’t expect to hear soon.

I think my photo problems are due to the fact that I don’t really understand my wordprocessing program. It’s a bit like driving a car without knowing how the engine works. It’s fine until it does something you don’t expect. I have just been correcting oddities as I go along. The only one I couldn’t fix was a couple of black lines across the text so I left them. Luckily I have a designer who can probably sort that out when I send him the text.

Of course, if I right click I might find some answers but I forget to try that. I don’t think it will have a rotate option but I might have a look. It was odd, it would rotate the content of the photo but not the photo itself and all the edit options just have filters.

Next problem, getting a new corded phone, with an answerphone. I thought I had found one until I googled it and found people had trouble setting it up and it went wrong after a while. We want big buttons on a proper handset not those things that look like mobile phones!

I know, we belong in a museum!

Windows Update!

The last windows update took away my search facility and I dare not try to uninstall it. I needed to use it to try recording. Not being able to find files was bad enough but this is ridiculous.

There are solutions on Google but they don’t seem to match my computer. I don’t know if I dare try restore, which seems to be the obvious solution. Trouble is, I don’t know how far back to go.

What with that, and an amazon scam, I’m getting fed up with computing altogether. It’s back to paper and pen, for me!

Planning to record

It’s a bit risky, putting that as a title. especially as I have lost the name of my wordpress contact who records so I can’t ask his advice. However, I have been told I can record my next book on my computer. I just need to be brave enough to try.

The manuscript will be read to my writing group and then sent for publication. I have illustrations ready to be inserted but don’t expect much to happen during this pandemic.

The dyslexia book has been put on the back burner for a while. I always write in longhand before putting it on line but I am beginning to think I may have started in the middle and it needs much more at the beginning. It’s daunting when one knows there are already so many systems out there. A new approach has to be distinctive but easy to access. However, if I can record what I am writing it makes that a possibility.

Staying with WordPress

Start writing or choose a block says the line so I just start writing. I haven’t tried looking on admin as I think all those instructions that Pete had were probably for people with paid sites. If this keeps going I’m satisfied. I couldn’t find anywhere else where I could talk to so many interesting people all over the world. I’m constantly getting told to use facebook but if it is as fussy as twitter I don’t want to know.

Twitter keeps asking me to sign in again with a new password. I’ve got fed up with it. I’ll miss knowing the local news as we don’t buy a local paper but I won’t miss the bad language and stupid questions.

I only went on to promote my novels but I have gone back to taking them everywhere with me. Most of them are in West Sussex libraries and I’m hanging on to copies of “More Fish in the Sea” for when our social life returns.

I have a new project in mind as well as the children’s fantasy that should be published next year. It may come to nothing but I am tempted to try to add to the methods for helping dyslexics. The problem is the more I think about it the more I realise that ‘sound’ is the key so I’ll need to add a podcast to any written material. That looks like a task and a half!