Verse. Foot health.

Today I wore something quite new

A pair of socks made from bamboo

They weren’t very thick

Although made of stick-

They were soft, and are good for you, too!

So if you want feet that are great

And misshapen toe nails you hate

Then these socks of bamboo

Would be perfect forĀ  you

With tea tree oil, no time to wait!


Muddled thinking

See what a dental appointment did to me! ‘A picture tells a thousand words ‘ does it? Not when you can’t tell the difference between a paperclip and a chain. Of course I have been using a paperclip to attach things. It was the chain I hadn’t found a use for. Now I know it means ‘links’ I’ll have to experiment some more.

Yesterday was such a gloomy day and I am terrified of the dentist. No reason, she’s very sweet but I have had bad experiences in the past. Anyway, I was due for a filling in the afternoon and I should have kept away from the computer until it was all over. Now it is, and it didn’t hurt a bit, I can get back to writing and perhaps learn more as I go along.

I did ‘share’ with twitter for a while but it was too personal so I stopped.What I need to do is find some fellow writers and eager readers who might like some of what I write.The people I follow are such an inspiration and I feel I can’t be as interesting but I’ll keep trying.bookwormclipart

Old age

Time for blogging has been at a premium this week, partly because I haven’t been well, partly because I have been trying to get rid of paper and partly because I am now using one of my few free afternoons trying to get fit.

Bandana is a new exercise class where the trainer fits the exercises to the individual and each person gets personal advice on exercise and nutrition. Today the TV suggested old folk should do exercise to keep their brains active.

I sat in bed this morning and wrote a poem about feeling more like a tortoise than a bird.Hopefully it will be in the new poetry anthology I am planning. I may not have ideas for a seventh novel but I am writing poetry again. I think maybe I ought to read more as my verses echo those of fifty years ago! If I don’t blog as often it will be because I am writing, at last!

Book review

I usually stick to Goodreads for my reviews but I have just finished reading Oliver Harris’s crime thriller ” Hollow Man” and, apart from the fact that the title has been used by others I found it a great read with a fascinating hero and a plot that unravelled at just the right pace to keep one wanting to know what happened next. I would not normally read this type of book but now want to continue with the series.

As to my writing, that will probably be non fiction this month. I’ll show the panto and poem to the Sea Scribes but I’m quite lacking in imagination – especially as I was told this morning I had a 19% chance of a heart attack. I still refused the statins.

Getting fitter

Well, I did it! I signed up for another exercise class. With that and changing my diet I should be able to get away with not having to take statins.

I am struggling to think of a short story for our newsletter. I’d like to write a new one rather than use an old one but I’m also near the end of a fascinating book and want to spend time with that. It is another book with a title that has been used plenty of times before and I nearly picked the wrong one to review!

I am sitting looking at a vase of daffodils hubby bought for me yesterday. I wonder if a poem would do? Yellow is such a happy colour.Happy Valentine’s Day for 14th everyone.


Advice from the Sea Scribes meant I have rewritten part of the panto and now, at 2821 words, it is ready for an outing.

I had great fun reading it aloud and trying to use different voices. Obviously, if we ever record it, there will be more people in the cast, male and female.

The other change I need to make is to get fitter. I know I promised I would exercise more but it’s snowing! What should I do? press-ups on the bedroom floor? Stop eating cheddar cheese I suppose. Hey ho.

Poorly poem

I’m not to well at present but I’m determined to get on with the panto. Meanwhile:

Lying sick upon the bed, around me my possessions spread

A glasses case, a pen or two, hot water bottle, paper, too.

But there’s one object I require – a book, or more, my main desire

For stomach ache can be ignored when stories stop me getting bored.

They must be good or I will sleep, into another world I’ll creep

And all the pains of this sad day- Imagination wafts away.