Folk on the Downs

Taking note of advice from Hugh I’m using one of my twitter names for this post.

On Sunday we had a spotlight at Woodies folk club with Peter and Geoff and I remembered to take my smartphone so I thought I’d treat you to a picture.

Wonderful review of “A Bend in the Lane” on Goodreads today made me happy.

Jazz tonight so maybe I’ll get another photo.geoff and peter



Well, I did it! I didn’t leave you but I added whatsapp to my new phone, understanding that the only people I need to have on there are friends and family.

I tried the selfie phone and ended up with a horrible picture of myself but I left it there for now. All my best pictures were taken by professional photographers. All four of the ‘Lane’ books have a photo of me on the back. I used an old one for ‘A Bend in the Lane’ as I am so white and wrinkly I don’t look so good.

Now my copies have arrived I am choosing who to send them to for a review. Last time I sent ten to Goodreads I only got one review so I won’t be doing that again!

It seems that when I ask for help I get a ‘like’ but not a comment. I wonder what I’m doing wrong. It would be nice to have a conversation, especially as twitter seems to have vanished. I can live without it. Maybe I’ll search for another picture. Diesel again!img_0318

Mobile phones

Just a quick post as we have a rehearsal this afternoon for our charity gig. I had a message on my old mobile phone that is not a smart phone that someone had sent me a video but it couldn’t show me.

I really need to get an android phone. I do have a windows one but I only use it when I’m abroad.¬† None of my business cards have that number on and as it is pay as you go I think I’ll trade it in – but what to choose!

The fewer apps the better for me, although I would like a sat nav function and a camera and possibly music, although that isn’t important. The more complicated they get the more I hesitate. Am I a chicken? Yes.