Well, I did it! I didn’t leave you but I added whatsapp to my new phone, understanding that the only people I need to have on there are friends and family.

I tried the selfie phone and ended up with a horrible picture of myself but I left it there for now. All my best pictures were taken by professional photographers. All four of the ‘Lane’ books have a photo of me on the back. I used an old one for ‘A Bend in the Lane’ as I am so white and wrinkly I don’t look so good.

Now my copies have arrived I am choosing who to send them to for a review. Last time I sent ten to Goodreads I only got one review so I won’t be doing that again!

It seems that when I ask for help I get a ‘like’ but not a comment. I wonder what I’m doing wrong. It would be nice to have a conversation, especially as twitter seems to have vanished. I can live without it. Maybe I’ll search for another picture. Diesel again!img_0318


Mobile phones

Just a quick post as we have a rehearsal this afternoon for our charity gig. I had a message on my old mobile phone that is not a smart phone that someone had sent me a video but it couldn’t show me.

I really need to get an android phone. I do have a windows one but I only use it when I’m abroad.¬† None of my business cards have that number on and as it is pay as you go I think I’ll trade it in – but what to choose!

The fewer apps the better for me, although I would like a sat nav function and a camera and possibly music, although that isn’t important. The more complicated they get the more I hesitate. Am I a chicken? Yes.

‘You say it best when…….’

At last I think I understand- this voice inside my head

A constant conversation, is something you don’t have!

While, all the while, my active mind makes words inside my brain

And plans, observes and thinks, and clamours to be heard-

You carry on so unaware, the phone inside your head

Switched off! No noise at all. No chatter there, just peace.

No wonder, when I voice my thoughts, and say what’s in my head

You start- as if a bell rang out. Alarmed , you concentrate.

I may have voiced my thoughts out loud. They should stay in my head

For , unless there’s action to be done, you’d rather I’d not said!



Across the far horizon, slim and proud

Waiting for wind to turn their bladed arms

They stand, unbending in their simple beauty

Evoking a memory of flour mills

When Jack and Jill ground corn upon the Downs

Delightful in their practicality

Their movement and their shape both treasured now.

Yet we are blind to the pure elegance

Of regiments of turbines out at sea

A blot upon the landscape, it is claimed

Yet, in the future, they may be admired

As pinnacles of artistic design

As needed as the mills of yesterday,

A symbol of man’s ingenuity.