Sad tidings

Hubby passed away on Wednesday morning in hospital. Apparently he was cleaning his teeth at the time and was not alone. He was on the highest amount of oxygen and I had been warned. The family are rallying round but I am having new broadband soon so don’t know when I will be back.



I am sure I wrote a post two days ago but I can’t find it. I was probably just moaning so you didn’t miss anything.

I did find what I wanted in another catalogue so I have ordered it. I went shopping yesterday with my four wheeled walker ( rollator) and it took me longer to go round the local shops than it does to drive to the supermarket.

I found the charity shop I use for my books to read has moved out of my walking range so it looks as if I will have to return to the library ( a bus trip) or buy second hand on line.

I am trying to reduce the paper in our house and discovered my CV when I was emptying shelves. Do I need it at over 80? Someone on TV said the 1960’s were History which gave me a shock. I suppose my CV is history, too.

I also found lots of photos that never found their way into an album. Many lovely seaside views but nothing on the back to say where or when it was!

Hubby has lost his appetite so I am struggling to find what to have for lunch. It looks like it could be water and pills!

No response from the magazine about my offer of a short story. I’m not really bothered. I was just pleased to have written something at last.


I managed to find the item I wanted in another catalogue with a free delivery option so I have sent off for it. I also moaned at my usual clothing catalogue for not having the item I wanted. If clothes seem to be reasonably fashionable you would think there would be at least one example in a catalogue. It isn’t easy to find clothing for an egg shape. Perhaps I should do what I did for a swimming costume and buy maternity clothes!

Shopping locally has got a lot easier since I had my rollator ( I call it my wheels) If I go a few yards without it I get back ache but I can go out for an hour and not even need to use the seat, whereas I used to get breathless and have to stop every few hundred yards.

Also, I am getting back to normal at home. I even wrote a short story this week while hubby and the dog were snoozing. Hubby has lost his appetite so all meals are about half what they used to be, That should be good for me, too, although I tend to cheat and snack on cheese and biscuits between meals.

Our main problem is hubby’s pills. With eight to have in the morning, three with lunch, three with dinner and two at night It is a real chore, especially as we get sleepy at mealtimes. I regularly miss the news on TV as I fall asleep after a meal.

I may not post so often unless I feel creative but thanks for staying with me.


Being confined to the house I thought I might try a little on line shopping but there is a problem. If I only want one item because I can’t get to that shop I have to pay £4.99 for delivery. So either I find more items I might want or I use my free bus pass and go to the nearest shop. spending at least an hour and a half away from home when I should be supervising my other half .

I really hate it that shops like woolworths and hardware shops have vanished from the local area. I don’t want to spend £20 each time I order something, especially as there are so many things in the catalogues priced at 19.99p!

I refuse to drive to the big supermarket just for some hooks. It will have to wait until I need food. Meanwhile I suppose I had better look on line to see if they stock what i want. Last time I was going to ring to ask if they stocked something the answer was that they don’t let staff check if they have goods.

It’s bad enough not being able to see what you are buying but having to pay extra when it might not be what you want is just too much!

One day at a time

Hubby is home from hospital but quite confused. He has eight different pills to take. I must try not to talk too much as he has been used to peace and quiet.

Something has made the BBC channels change. We now get London instead of South.

Any change makes life more difficult for him but he has, at last, had a shower.

I may be off line for a while.

Nothing doing.

Hubby still in hospital as there is no care package available. Just one of many! The dog and I are keeping each other company. If I didn’t have him I would be going round the bend.

I don’t feel imaginative enough to be creative at present so there’s no writing getting done, not even poems. I’m watching stupid rubbish on the box in the evenings and going to visit most days of the week.

I got so fed up watching the cleaners mop the ward floors I actually did our kitchen and bathroom today, something I only usually do when they are muddy.

Must try to find another radio station now Radio 2 has nothing on for the over 50’s.

Sickly verse

The lady who lives in the Close is confused, as she has had a dose

Of the dread tummy bug, which forbids her to hug

The people she wants to, the most.

As it’s Christmas she wrapped up some gifts, as presents are sure to give lifts

To the family, who are, some of them, due

To visit, with no sign of rifts.

Yet, in spite of the plans that are laid for the joy and the love all displayed

They cannot meet up. to talk or to sup.

Alas, that’s what the virus put paid

To, so we must wait for the day when we are together and say

Let’s greet 23 and be grateful that we

Are really not so far away.

A very different Christmas

We are fasting today as we caught a tummy bug this week, just when all the family get togethers were being arranged. It’s almost like Covid all over again. I had presents wrapped and meals organised and it all has to stop. Life is really testing us at present and all we can hope for is that it gets better in 2023.

The family have promised to come and see us in the New Year so we must look forward to that. I know a lot of people are worse off than us but being ill spoils everything. If one could do something to cure the problems it would make one feel more in control. Nothing that used to amuse and entertain seems to work any more.

I think I’ll have to write a poem about it. That usually does the trick. I expect by next post I’ll be more cheerful. We can only hope. If I don’t write before the 25th I wish you all a Happy Christmas.

Having a laugh.

At first I was upset at this image of me and my husband but now I have realised it is a true vision of two old dears and I put it on the front cover of the Christmas Calendar that I have done for the family.

At least, then, they won’t have to look at it for a month!

It has got so that we just don’t know what to give adults for gifts and I am having enough trouble trying to find what I want for the children in our local shops. I HATE shopping on line.