Recording a magazine

Those of you who follow my blog know I am one of the readers for the Sussex Coast Talking News. Each year we are asked to produce a 35minute magazine with items of interest to the listeners, historical, travel, personal or local.  This December I am planning an interview with someone who will talk on ” Singing for Health,” as this is something I take part in and believe it has undiscovered benefits.

I also have a festive short story to read,based on the activities of a group of elderly ladies who decide to put on a show. It’s too long for our charity event but I might put it into an anthology at a later date. The gig was advertised in the local paper today and may be in again next week but as it comes out on a Thursday and the gig is on a Friday it may get missed. I’ll try to find a picture of a similar event to liven up this post.Woodies Xmas party 2017



Planning a gig 2.

Nothing ever goes right, does it?  Two of us went leafletting the area round the venue for Tunes and Tales this week and the next day I came down with a heavy cold.

Then one of the musicians pulled out and a reader who had said she couldn’t be there said she was coming after all so I’ll have to redo the programme.

Tickets are selling slowly so I’ll have to go out this afternoon when I don’t feel like it and try to badger some more folk into attending. Well, it is for a local charity.

Do I dress as I did last time, the Master of Ceremonies look, ( see photo)or wear a fancy skirt that I bought in Mauritius and can never find a time to use it? It’s covered in colourful jungle and animals but it’s long and frilly. I don’t know.

Some of the readings are Christmassy although it will still be November. It seems to come earlier every year. Maybe I’ll be able to think more clearly when this cold goes away.


Planning a Gig

After my debut performance at Woodies folk club I am now back to planning for our Charity Gig on November 23rd at Lancing Leisure Centre.

The Sea Scribes and the Friends of St Barnabas are combining to host a “Tunes and Tales” event with stories, music and the odd verse. We shall have a raffle for the charity and a prize for the lucky ticket and a number of folk musicians have offered to play and sing between the readings.

All I have to do is work out a programme. The writing group members will be timing their contributions next week and then I need to slot them between the other performers. Last time it ended too soon so I have a few limericks ready to fill in the spaces. We also have books for sale. St Barnabas is our local hospice and almost all of us know someone who has been involved with the charity or used their facilities. Not only will I be offering our novels but we also have anthologies for sale which will make ideal gifts.Broadwater book table

Requested Verse

I had a challenge from the man in the mobile library when I was bemoaning the fact that rhyming poetry was unfashionable. ” No-one writes rhyming verse any more,” I said and then discovered at least two authors who are doing it successfully. He replied, ” Nobody has written a poem about a mobile library,” How could I resist?

You don’t need a flying carpet or a ship that sails the sea

For every kind of magic’s in the Mobile Library.

Let your imagination feed on tales from yesterday

Or solve a crime or find a love to wash your cares away.

You’d like a book with big, bold print? There’s plenty here to take

And picture books and paperbacks a thirst for knowledge slake.

Or in the Land of Might have Been, when you’ve a book to try

Give your imagination wings and, as a wordbird, fly.bookwormclipart


Thinking about the book show I was wondering what other writers might like to discuss and realised that one of the fun things about being a self publisher is deciding on the cover for the book. Traditional publishers like to have a separate style for each of their writers so that readers can recognise the books by each author and I realised I had been doing that, too.

The Lane books had scenes on the front with a rather old fashioned font. The Never books looked more modern and spikey and the one odd book, the romance, had a cartoon rather than a photo. I wanted it to look chick-lit without being pink!

I’ll try to show some, but if it doesn’t work they are on my website


A lesson for the Teacher cover

Book Show preparations

The UK Southern Book Show is on in Worthing next Sunday, 28th October and I have been up in the loft to get some more books down and making a price list. I still have to find a tablecloth and sort out the little book holders I have to stand copies in.

I gave Natasha the title “Write What You Know” earlier in the year and she published that as my talk although I had forgotten all about it. It probably wouldn’t have been what I would choose now but it will make a good debating point as I expect any other writers there may be ready to argue the opposite. In fact, I have made my talk short so that others may make the point that we couldn’t write fiction unless we elaborated on what we know.

I’m struggling to decide what to wear, although this is easier than the conference in London next month. In the old days we used to dress up to go to London but I don’t think that happens any more. I need to find an outfit that makes a statement and that could mean buying something new. I wanted to go in pink but the weather looks like turning cold and that might not be suitable. Sorry there’s no poetry at the moment. I’ll try to think of something when all this marketing activity is over.bookwormclipart

Weekend away

cardiff greyI had been looking forward to a weekend in Cardiff at a reunion for months as they are usually in beautiful hotels in parts of the country I haven’t explored. We have been to Wales before but not this hotel. It started badly. The hotel was enormous and the underground car park full. We had to unload and then take the car to an NCP car park a little way away. The weather was damp and gloomy and we went up to our room on floor 12 with trepidation. The actual room was lovely with a large TV and the usual teas and coffees. The meal on the Friday night was OK but the drinks were very expensive.

Next day, after the AGM, we had a swim in the very popular pool and I was happy as I had sold three copies of my latest book. The evening meal was billed as a gala dinner but our choices had not reached the staff so they didn’t know what to serve us. We had given them in the day before but there were four of us who had to wait for our meals.

Sunday dawned wet again so after a lovely Full English breakfast we hung about until it dried up and then went exploring. We found a falafal place for lunch and some gift shops near the castle. At last it began to feel like a holiday! Then,in the evening, we were given the same menu as Friday and told to choose two courses again. At least I knew the starter – a chicken and leek terrine, but the main course was not as good as the previous time.

We came back over a different bridge and went to pick up our little dog. Next year the event is in Scotland – too far for us, I think!