Uploading photos

I suddenly can’t get the photos on my computer to upload onto wordpress. I keep getting an error message but I used to manage fine. What has happened?

There’s not much point writing blogs if I can’t illustrate them when I do get a photo. I know I have a bank of them but you won’t want to see the same ones all the time, will you?

I’ll try once once more with a new picture as we went out to see the jazz band again, this time with dinner in a local hotel. I’m really not a fan of modern cooking but the cheese and biscuits were lovely.

No, that won’t load either so I’m stuck and when I went to look at the bank of photos half of them were missing, too. Maybe they’ll be back tomorrow!

Meanwhile my first three chapters have gone to the magazine editor so I can now turn my attention to something new.



Proof reading again!

I just looked at my last post and realised I had used a comma instead of a full stop in my website. No wonder no-one ever looks at it.¬†Anyway I have had a request for some sample chapters of my next book so I’ve plenty of work to do. Maybe the blood test I have just had will explain why I’m so sleepy these days. I also got some breathing exercises from the chemist. That should sort me out! Writing magazine came yesterday and I’m trying not to sit down and read it from cover to cover, especially as it also has a list of competitions. If you are a writer this is a wonderful resource. bookwormclipart

Social media

How many of you actually believe your horoscopes? I read mine every day and sometimes it fits and sometimes it doesn’t. Today it said I was wasting my time doing something and it was exactly what I was thinking about twitter. Every time I change something on my laptop twitter gets me to enrol again and I’m beginning to stop trusting it. Therefore I will stop using it. I did enjoy the political angst, as I used to be in politics, but even that has begun to get predictable. I joined as it seemed a good way to advertise my books but I doubt whether it has resulted in any sales. It could have done, on kindle, but I never get to find out and my wholesaler hasn’t asked for any paperbacks.

I know I should email all the people who bought previous novels but I don’t want to ask them to subscribe to a newsletter as we are advised should be done to build a relationship with our readers. I don’t have enough news as can be seen on my website, http://www.juliecround,co.uk. Writing a book takes me over a year and the poems have to wait for inspiration. So this will be my only social media for a while. Thanks for reading. Julie.img_0207

Summer Sunday

Three of the Sea Scribes had an enjoyable day at Salvington Windmill on Sunday. It was a craft fair and we were selling our books. I managed to sell two copies and gave out a lot of leaflets about my talks so I hope I get some more bookings for 2020.

The windmill is run by volunteers and actually does mill flour. I was quite pleased with myself as the climb up from the Gallops is very steep and I got to the top without too much effort, mainly by going very slowly. I was helped by the fact that the path had been improved and there is a metal handrail all the way to the top, although it changes sides on the zig zags,

I have no reply from the people I was hoping would be interested in my next book but as I keep thinking of ways to improve it I don’t really care. If it gets much longer it will be long enough for me to publish it as a novella. Meanwhile we are finding poems about ageing for the next folk night at Woodies. It won’t be difficult as we have written so many on the subject! I did have a great photo of the windmill but it won’t come up, even though I’ve tried to crop it.

Ready for off!

I have just completed the story I am intending to send off to a publisher, something I haven’t done for twelve years. They only want a synopsis and the first two chapters and I am ready to accept that changes may be desired, especially with the names of the characters but also, maybe, with the plot. I have backed it up so I don’t lose the original. It is a bit like sending your child off to university. You know they will change but you hope you have done enough for them to remain the people you have brought them up to be.

I didn’t realise I would be so nervous about the process but it is very different from sending a manuscript to a printer as a self publisher. Then we only get comments after the book has been published and often they are from people who have enjoyed the story, not someone who is looking to see if it could be popular. The only book I sent to a publisher got the response, ” This isn’t commercial.” but I believe, this time I might have written something with a wider appeal. We shall see. The best thing about it is that I am not dependent on it for an income so I have time on my side. I’m happy to take editorial advice on board, no matter if it takes weeks, or months, to come to an agreement.

If they don’t like it I am willing to make it my eighth novel.bookwormclipart


Today is special as hubby and I have been married for 53 years. It seems like another world when we look back at 1966. Everyone nowadays treats it as part of a history lesson. When I wrote ” A Lesson for the Teacher” it was a struggle to remember how I felt so many years ago. Of course, being a schoolteacher we had the wedding in August and because my parents lived here we were married in the local church. We had the reception in a hotel that is still here but has changed a lot over the years. However we intend to have a meal out in the Chinese restaurant next door, tonight.

I really started this post to show how thoughtful hubby is, as he came back from the early morning dog walk with a bunch of flowers. The only treat I had prepared was a chocolate doughnut ( very naughty on a day that is supposed to be a slimming day – but it can’t be if we are out for a meal, can it?) I’ve been putting off the start of the editing for my next book but it is calling to me. Maybe tomorrow. Happy Days!

flowersfor53 green

First draft

At last I have completed the first draft of my new novel. Now the hard work starts. It needs to be a few hundred words longer, which shouldn’t be a problem as I do tend to skimp on description and my typing skills are so poor that the spacing is often out.

The rest of the Sea Scribes are listening to it and I’ll be able to ask one or more to be a beta reader. There’s no way I will think it completed until I have a full edited manuscript. I can’t edit on the computer.

I have also written a poem for the folk club tonight so I must be in a creative mood. I hope it lasts. It’s too long to use here but will add to my collection for the next time I am asked to recite verses.

The new website is getting discovered. I had a typing error which I have corrected. Now to proofread my manuscript. Not my favourite occupation!bookwormclipart