Falling Asleep

Reading one of Pete’s posts about feeling old in the heat made me wonder what time folk over 70 go to bed. Until this year we used to be able to watch the ten o’clock news and go to bed at ten fortyfive -waking up with the alarm at 7am.

Then we started to go back to sleep after the alarm and wake again about 8.

Now hubby sleeps during the day and I fall asleep after every meal and then again at about ten past ten so I miss most of the news. I still fall asleep most nights as soon as I get into bed, except when it is too hot and humid or I am worried about something. Then it is usually 4am before I can drift off.

This weather has had a debilitating effect. It is hard to breathe and painful to walk. We have been kind to the dog and only taken him out early morning before the pavements get hot. I have sent off for some joint pills as he insists on licking his front lega all the time and we suspect arthritis. We bought him a new toy chicken and he loves to play with it. Anything to stop him sunbathing as he gets too hot and comes in panting. He can still jump onto the sofa but when he has been still for a while he has a tiny limp that soon goes away when he moves about. He was very ill for a couple of days but the vet sorted it. Our house is just too hot. It got to 80 degrees in the kitchen, with the door open!

I am getting bored with salad!


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I am a retired schoolteacher now writing novels in Worthing where I live with my husband. After eight locally based relationship novels I have now written a children's story which could be considered a pastiche of Beverley Nichol's works which I loved as a child and still remember fondly. " Penny Down the Drain" may remind folk of " Alice in Wonderland " or " Narnia." but it is set in the 21st century. Our two sons are similarly creative as one is a journalist and the other an actor. When there is no pandemic I am the publicity secretary for Worthing Friendship Centre and listen to live music , folk and jazz.

2 thoughts on “Falling Asleep”

  1. I’m over seventy too. I go to bed between ten and eleven and I usually wake up in the mornings between half past six and seven o’clock. Occasionally, I have a half hour nap in the afternoon but not every day. I never fall asleep after meals.

    I generally fall asleep straight away at bedtime. I often wake up again around half past four to go the toilet and I have no trouble going back to sleep.


  2. I share your discomfort with the heat. I hate it and it has certainly been difficult for me to cope with. I’ve been taking afternoon naps after lunch for years because I have dry eyes, worked as a columnist for years, always on deadline, worked at home and needed to rest my eyes during the day.
    Now, at 86, I find I wake earlier — like 5:30/6 a.m., go to bed by 9:30/10 p.m., and try not to think too much.
    You’re doing fine. Take care of you. Muriel


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