Getting better

At last the bruises from my fall are going down and I had good news from the optician – that my eyes are OK. I did order some new spectacles as the ones I had on are very scratched.

I haven’t been reading or writing as it is not easy with one eye but I can see the TV without glasses so have been enjoying ‘Escape to the Country.’ I just wish they would do one with a slightly smaller budget. All the houses seem to have enormous kitchens and loads of land with at least one en suite bathroom. Doesn’t anyone downsize any more?

I’m starting to get on top of all the paperwork that goes with a bereavement and have bags of clothes for charity. I don’t know when I’ll get creative again. Just taking things slowly.


You couldn’t make it up!

One day before the funeral and I fell flat on my face in the street and broke my glasses, and bruised my lip, nose and eye socket. I looked like a purple panda!

I spent the service in dark glasses but it all went very well. Why don’t people sing up anymore? It was a good job we had recordings and not an organist. Family and friends coped well and I was happy with the wake. The funeral director has made a video but I haven’t watched it yet as I can only see through one eye and have removed my spare glasses to help my nose to heal.

I was due to go and listen to a ukelele band this afternoon but don’t really feel up to it. I think I’ll wait a week until I can get new glasses and won’t scare people with how I look. I may be a bit shaky when I go out but I am going to try to pop to the shop and get some milk. If I managed the funeral I should be able to manage that.

I was pleased with the flowers although I was the only person to do that. Everyone else donated to Help for Heroes. I’m not surprised. If I hadn’t brought them home they would have been destroyed and that would be nearly £100 up in smoke!

Back soon, Julie.

Form filling

It isn’t easy when you live in a paper jungle to find all the necessary information to fill in the forms when something as serious as this happens.

I sat down with all the numbers I thought I needed to sort out my pension, only to find I should have had a witness to everything I was doing.

Everything is on line these days and I only feel happy when I have it printed out in front of me.

It’s like this passion for shops and car parks to use apps, instead of cash. They are keeping me away.

The dog and I are keeping each other company. At least I can pretend I am not talking to myself!

Back on line.

HI folks, New broadband working so I can start posting again but nothing new to report until after the funeral. Surrounded by paperwork and vases of flowers. Don’t expect to get much done over Easter but I could try tidying the bookshelves! Hope to feel more like conversing by the end of the month. Meanwhile.looking for a new phone with an answering machine but Curry’s said they didn’t have any that they were sure would work with full fibre!

Sad tidings

Hubby passed away on Wednesday morning in hospital. Apparently he was cleaning his teeth at the time and was not alone. He was on the highest amount of oxygen and I had been warned. The family are rallying round but I am having new broadband soon so don’t know when I will be back.


I am sure I wrote a post two days ago but I can’t find it. I was probably just moaning so you didn’t miss anything.

I did find what I wanted in another catalogue so I have ordered it. I went shopping yesterday with my four wheeled walker ( rollator) and it took me longer to go round the local shops than it does to drive to the supermarket.

I found the charity shop I use for my books to read has moved out of my walking range so it looks as if I will have to return to the library ( a bus trip) or buy second hand on line.

I am trying to reduce the paper in our house and discovered my CV when I was emptying shelves. Do I need it at over 80? Someone on TV said the 1960’s were History which gave me a shock. I suppose my CV is history, too.

I also found lots of photos that never found their way into an album. Many lovely seaside views but nothing on the back to say where or when it was!

Hubby has lost his appetite so I am struggling to find what to have for lunch. It looks like it could be water and pills!

No response from the magazine about my offer of a short story. I’m not really bothered. I was just pleased to have written something at last.


I managed to find the item I wanted in another catalogue with a free delivery option so I have sent off for it. I also moaned at my usual clothing catalogue for not having the item I wanted. If clothes seem to be reasonably fashionable you would think there would be at least one example in a catalogue. It isn’t easy to find clothing for an egg shape. Perhaps I should do what I did for a swimming costume and buy maternity clothes!

Shopping locally has got a lot easier since I had my rollator ( I call it my wheels) If I go a few yards without it I get back ache but I can go out for an hour and not even need to use the seat, whereas I used to get breathless and have to stop every few hundred yards.

Also, I am getting back to normal at home. I even wrote a short story this week while hubby and the dog were snoozing. Hubby has lost his appetite so all meals are about half what they used to be, That should be good for me, too, although I tend to cheat and snack on cheese and biscuits between meals.

Our main problem is hubby’s pills. With eight to have in the morning, three with lunch, three with dinner and two at night It is a real chore, especially as we get sleepy at mealtimes. I regularly miss the news on TV as I fall asleep after a meal.

I may not post so often unless I feel creative but thanks for staying with me.