One day at a time

Hubby is home from hospital but quite confused. He has eight different pills to take. I must try not to talk too much as he has been used to peace and quiet.

Something has made the BBC channels change. We now get London instead of South.

Any change makes life more difficult for him but he has, at last, had a shower.

I may be off line for a while.


Nothing doing.

Hubby still in hospital as there is no care package available. Just one of many! The dog and I are keeping each other company. If I didn’t have him I would be going round the bend.

I don’t feel imaginative enough to be creative at present so there’s no writing getting done, not even poems. I’m watching stupid rubbish on the box in the evenings and going to visit most days of the week.

I got so fed up watching the cleaners mop the ward floors I actually did our kitchen and bathroom today, something I only usually do when they are muddy.

Must try to find another radio station now Radio 2 has nothing on for the over 50’s.

Health update

So many friends and relatives seem to have needed to go to hospital over Christmas. We were lucky. Hubby has been in for a fortnight and is due home next week with a care package. Our local hospital has been very good, although I have only seen nurses and physios. The doctors must have more urgent cases to deal with.

We missed Christmas completely as he went in Christmas Eve. I have minced turkey in the freezer and one third of a Christmas cake left!

He is coming out with a walking frame for indoor use and will not be allowed to drive. I haven’t told him yet. It seemed to have been a combination of things that knocked him out but I am trying to get as many aids as I can, including a riser sofa for us both as I have trouble getting out of our present one, too. Heart, lungs, ears and concentration all seem to have deteriorated at once. It’s no fun getting old.

Sickly verse

The lady who lives in the Close is confused, as she has had a dose

Of the dread tummy bug, which forbids her to hug

The people she wants to, the most.

As it’s Christmas she wrapped up some gifts, as presents are sure to give lifts

To the family, who are, some of them, due

To visit, with no sign of rifts.

Yet, in spite of the plans that are laid for the joy and the love all displayed

They cannot meet up. to talk or to sup.

Alas, that’s what the virus put paid

To, so we must wait for the day when we are together and say

Let’s greet 23 and be grateful that we

Are really not so far away.

A very different Christmas

We are fasting today as we caught a tummy bug this week, just when all the family get togethers were being arranged. It’s almost like Covid all over again. I had presents wrapped and meals organised and it all has to stop. Life is really testing us at present and all we can hope for is that it gets better in 2023.

The family have promised to come and see us in the New Year so we must look forward to that. I know a lot of people are worse off than us but being ill spoils everything. If one could do something to cure the problems it would make one feel more in control. Nothing that used to amuse and entertain seems to work any more.

I think I’ll have to write a poem about it. That usually does the trick. I expect by next post I’ll be more cheerful. We can only hope. If I don’t write before the 25th I wish you all a Happy Christmas.


My eyes were focussed on the screen. searching for a Tweet

One of those kinda funny ones about what you drink and eat.

This time there was a challenge, a choice we had to make-

“What would you rather gorge upon, strong ale or sugary cake?”

The beer, I thought, could make me drunk; the cake could make me fat-

In either case too much was bad, so I didn’t answer that!

Having a laugh.

At first I was upset at this image of me and my husband but now I have realised it is a true vision of two old dears and I put it on the front cover of the Christmas Calendar that I have done for the family.

At least, then, they won’t have to look at it for a month!

It has got so that we just don’t know what to give adults for gifts and I am having enough trouble trying to find what I want for the children in our local shops. I HATE shopping on line.

Booster jab

Today we had anpther jab for Covid. We spend more time at the doctor’s than anywhere else at present.

I get so breathless going shopping I decided to do a photo calendar for everyone in the family this year and choosing thirteen photos was quite a task.

I don’t expect they will all be happy with my selection but I took them off my phone and some people pop up more than others, namely our granddaughter. Her mother doesn’t like me to put photos of her on line so I won’t. There is so much talk about what happens on social media and with scams. It’s enough to make one want to tuck one’s head inside one’s shell and just let the world go by.

I can’t believe how it has taken over people’s lives until they just cannot live without the connection. My mobile phone is for calls and photos and a tiny bit of surfing when I ask Google about stuff – usually medical. I know too much knowledge is dangerous so I have written to the doctor to ask if we are on the correct pill regime.

When you read the instructions in the packets they say don’t take these with these and frighten you with possible side effects. So far we aren’t suffering but time will tell. On Twitter they asked ‘when did you feel old?’ and I replied at 80. I keep getting helped on and off buses. Well, there’s no going back so we just plod on.

Season’s greetings.

Winter Time (verse)

It’s half past four and feels like night Oh, how I miss the bright sunlight.

I’ll laugh at clouds and welcome rain when hours of daylight come again.

For darkness in the evening seems to blight my day and sour my dreams.

No longer can I see the sky. I want to hide indoors and sigh.

Can it be true that nature rules and clock watching is just for fools?

That we should sleep from dusk to dawn and work and feast in early morn?

After a meal the heartbeat slows, for eyes are tired, now to doze.

Until the Springtime we must wait, with curtains drawn, and hibernate.


Thanks to all those still reading my blog in spite of the fact that my life is getting duller and duller. I even bought myself some flowers today just to try to cheer up. I have left my memoir for a while and sit and do Codewords when I feel too lazy to do anything else. I can put on the odd book review – when I find one I enjoy. The last one was a rather hot thriller. It depends what my readers would like. I do put reviews on Goodreads, so that I have a list of everything I read.

When bending down and reaching up make one breathless the temptation is to sit and do nothing. I tried to book a cream tea for our club but they have changed the menu so it is mince pie! I’m sure we will have our fill of mince pies in the next couple of months.

We can’t cut the grass as it is soaking wet but also a foot high so it won’t be funny when we do try. The garden gate needs replacing and the man who came to see it has not replied to my calls.

That’s enough moaning for now.I won’t post again until I have something more cheerful to write about.