Charity Variety Show

The mayor of Worthing organised a Variety Show at the Assembly Hall  on Saturday night. The place was packed, not surprisingly as there were choirs, dancers, pianists, a comedian and Elvis! The charities were the NSPCC, Care for Veterans and Mind. Everything went smoothly, including music from a great band. until the dancers came on. Then the coloured lights strobed across the audience and flashed in our eyes. It might be OK in a disco but many of the audience were elderly and some probably had medical problems that make flashing lights cause headaches, dizziness or worse. Sitting with one’s eyes shut against the glare meant we missed the dancing.

Amazingly, when it was pointed out to the management that this could be a problem such lighting was eliminated from the second half of the programme and the producer apologised for the changes. He really deserves thanks for such a quick and helpful reaction. I don’t believe it would have happened anywhere else.

Worthing is beginning to be a great place for the arts. It’s just such a pity that the internet has taken the place of posters as advertising. Not many people buy the local paper and we often find we have missed something because we haven’t seen it on line.

The Sea Scribes are hoping to have another Tunes and Tales event before Christmas, maybe a tea party.

Meanwhile, I have 199 followers. Guess what I’m hoping for?youth-active-jump-happy-40815.jpeg


Family Day Out

One son and his wife brought our granddaughter to see us yesterday. She is six. We went down to Worthing sea front where there was a fair and the new Big Wheel. I hoped we could get a family ticket but that only included two adults and up to three children not three adults and one child! Eventually the little girl went on with her father ( that cost £12) and the rest of us waited behind and then we all went for ice creams.

Later we went to the Wimpy for tea. The youngsters were surprised we suggested it but we know what they provide and we are always satisfied with the service and the cost. Worthing was busy for once, with people sitting on the cobbles, although I didn’t see anyone in the sea. I remember it in the 1950’s when it was our family holiday destination. Now it is concerning to see the big shops closing, the post office moving into Smiths and the proliferation of charity shops. Still, the pier and the sea are still there!worthing big wheel

Seaside happenings

My trip into town to get the week’s housekeeping from the bank was followed by a detour to the beach. Worthing beach is very pebbly but the tide was well out so I removed my sandals and went for a paddle. I was very near the pier where some scaffolders were working – about half way along it and I heard one say ” You’d better come down, Dad, the tide’s coming in!” ” What, already?” was the reply and they began to dismantle the ladder ready to move the scaffolding up the beach.My picture doesn’t do it justice as the coloured windows looked beautiful in the sunshine but, as it was market day, the town looked as busy and vibrant as it had when I came here for holidays as a child. It is such a pity about the empty shops but there are still some lovely eateries and, of course, the new wheel. On a day like today it does seem a perfect holiday destination.worthing pier

Choral evening

As a relief from worrying about computing hubby and I went to a concert last night by the Sussex Gruffs and the Pelynt  Male Voice choir at the West Worthing Baptist Church.

What a lovely event! The men were resplendent in blazers and scarlet ties and sang a wonderful collection of songs from Cornish medleys to music by Rogers and Hammerstein, The Rose, I have a Dream and, of course, Sussex by the Sea. We also had a soloist with a guitar who sang Cornish songs. The Baptist Church is well known for the social activities that it hosts,  French classes and drama groups as well as the Musical Melodies meetings for preschool children, and the coffee bar is a natural draw for anyone wishing to meet local politicians or just have a general natter.

There was wine and a buffet for those who wished to partake after the event and we both felt it was a better way to spend an evening than slumped in front of the TV.


As soon as I start moaning that nothing is happening it all changes! Today I had an invitation to give a talk and the first proof of our poetry anthology. Plenty to do now!

Last night I went to a meeting of West Sussex Writers. The talk was by Paul Holden of the Worthing Journal and he gave an excellent description of his life as a journalist and how newspapers have declined over the last decade. When he left the local newspaper he started up his own monthly booklet which is full of local history and topical news, especially the political challenges that face our town today with the dearth of investigative journalists. Without people like him the public would not be aware of how their money was being spent and the choices the Council make and we certainly wouldn’t have newly painted bus shelters and attractive flower beds! It takes a great deal of research and a dogged determination to supply the locality with such an informative publication and Worthing is lucky to have someone like him to provide it.

There are other publications that continue to do the job that newspapers used to do but so few of us buy papers now that they will soon die out. Advertisements for houses and cars will not keep them going much longer as folk go on line for their news.

This afternoon I pick up my leaflets advertising talks. I am no longer depressed.

Inspiration ( or lack of it)

I feel I ought to be posting more creatively but seem to be marking time at present. The poetry anthology is with the printer, my new marketing leaflets are ready to be picked up tomorrow, I have entered two competitions and started another story. I don’t think it will be a novel, especially as it is rather controversial but I have wanted to set a tale in the local landmark, an old tower, for some time. It is in a private garden so I don’t have a photograph. I have been asked to do another reading in June and, hopefully my leaflets will bring in more invitations for talks. I didn’t get a new portrait done so the image is about six years old. I tried taking a selfie but it looked like a passport photo so I left the old one. Hubby was very sweet and said ” It’s still YOU”

I used a different image for the Sea scribes trifold which details all our books. That should be ready for our “Food for Thought” afternoon tea at the Ardington Hotel in Worthing on 27th March. I do wear spectacles but I usually take them off for a picture. I didn’t for that one and although it is old it looks more like me. I used to have it on my book marks but put cover images on more recently instead.

If I don’t get any good ideas soon I may even try to find old unfinished works. Not having a book on the go makes me depressed.

Planning ahead

Still not writing, but I am planning. First we have the UK Southern Book Show in October and I have to give a ten minute talk, then we have a charity gig in November when the Sea Scribes and the Friends of St Barnabas in Worthing are combining to entertain with stories, poems and songs. Although my singing is atrocious I have been trying to learn a song to sing at the folk club we attend , on an Open Mic night.

The rest of the time I am designing posters and advertising. I don’t have a publishing package so I do it on Open Office. I really should get some more book marks done, or at least, some up to date business cards.

I’ll try to load up one of my recent efforts.

A Bend in the Lane flyer