Running a club

As the publicity secretary for a social club for the over 50’s I have been trying to recruit new members as the pandemic and the hot weather have combined to make many of our members stay at home and meetings are only half as busy as they were two years ago.

I know a lot of groups have folded, mainly becuase they cannot get committee members but we have tried to keep going and have a year of speakers and activities lined up. It is justa pity that when we put on a tea party or book a speaker we get fewer than two dozen members.( out of a possible 40+) The same loyal group attend the meals and a tiny number go to the board games.

Older people are told that to keep healthy they need to socialise. I’m just hoping we can keep going and, if possible, grow.


September start-up.

At a meeting this morning it was decided it was time to become sociable again. Being part of a Friendship Group that hasn’t met for months I was doubtful about inviting everyone back but a test event led to the decision that we were all longing to get together again so dates have been arranged. Of course some people were more nervous than others and we have to abide by the Government’s edicts but opening up in September looked like a possibility.

Somehow we all seem to have aged more in the intervening months than one would expect. Does anyone else feel like that? Maybe getting together again will re-energise us. I hope so. We won’t be able to sleep all afternoon if we have to go out to a tea party or a talk! I’ll try to find a picture that fits the post.

Friendship Centre

Each month Worthing Friendship Centre  members go to a local hostelry, the Sussex Yeoman, for a sociable lunch. It is one of the many activities that our group of mainly pensioners do, along with the monthly speakers and coffee mornings, bowling sessions and trips. Next month we are going to try a morning of board games. All the advice these days is to connect with others to avoid becoming lonely and, with families spread across the globe, it is timely, indeed.

Until I got my smartphone I did not have photos of our activities but, just for once, I did make a record of our last visit. The nice thing about this venue is they have a ‘Golden Years’ menu with smaller portions at a very reasonable cost.friendship lunch 2019

Musical tea party

peter ridge concert

Worthing Friendship Centre members had a lovely summer tea with musical accompaniment by Peter Ridge, who played all the old standards so that we could sing along. The English Martyrs Barn in Goring is a perfect venue for such events and we are moving there permanently in September.

The church is noted for its recreation of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Ninety nine!

I know some folk have hundreds of followers but I have just reached ninety nine. You are still mainly abroad but I’ve got used to that. If I don’t follow you it is probably because I am trying to reduce the time I spend on line in order to finish my novel. It is fascinating to see which blogs attract the most readers. If I could put a poem on every week that would seem to be the most popular.

There are so many activities going on this summer, book launches, the Southern Book Show and an event the Sea Scribes are planning to bring together music and words.

Add to that the fact that my next novel is almost all on computer( in draft form) and I have been scrolling through images to find a cover picture, life is getting hectic.

My other task is to advertise the Worthing Friendship Centre, a social group for over 50’s and there are so many outlets on line , now, that we have to use to complement the local newspaper. I don’t know how many pensioners use the computer but if money is anything to go by, they’ll be left behind if they don’t! We are looked at in amazement when we try to pay in cash in loads of places  and I’ve even heard of a local bar that won’t take cash!

New talk

Last night I gave my new talk, “From Manuscript to Microphone” to Worthing Friendship Centre.

This is the first time I have incorporated recordings into my speech and it felt quite odd listening instead of talking. It needed to be much longer. I had it written out but didn’t stick to the script, thinking I could add bits as I went along. It turned out I missed  as many parts as I added so it was still only half an hour.

Still, I did get a booking for another talk and I sold a lot of copies of the poetry anthology and a copy of the “Lane” trilogy.

It takes about five talks for me to get so familiar with the content that I can speak without notes but I may combine the two for the next session. I took a camera and forgot to ask anyone to take a photo. Pity, because I have a new stand for the books and the table looked good. I’ll have to use the old picture.