Goodbye Wendy

We had a service for Wendy Hughes at Worthing Crematorium today. It really is a beautiful setting and the occasion was a lovely mix of memories, poems, admiration and love.

Wendy is known for her books on Worthing, haunted and otherwise, and the guidance she gave to the various writing workshops she led over the years but most of all for the tireless efforts to start and operate the Stickler Syndrome Support Group. In spite, or because of her own difficulties she made the Health Professionals take the issue seriously and was always available to organise conferences and answer questions about the problem.

Here she is in the centre of one of our book sales. She will be sorely missed.



It is Diesel’s birthday today. He is thirteen years old. I don’t think he’s really 92-he acts much younger than that, although he doesn’t always hear when we call him. Hubby says that’s ‘selective hearing.’

I keep thinking of improvements to the last page of my novel. I want the reader to feel satisfied. I know I hate rushed endings or those when one has to go back and check that you haven’t missed anything.

Our writing group is going from strength to strength. Wendy Hughes has local launches of her book all this month and I am planning a ‘Music and Words,’ event in May. Most of us will be at the Southern Book Show on 4th March.

I’ll add a picture of Diesel as it’s his special day.

diesel begs

Writing Group

On Wednesday 13th September the writing group run by Wendy Hughes at Worthing Library returned from their summer break. Wendy asked us all what we had been writing and our plans for next year. I was happy to tell them I only had 14 copies of the poetry anthology left and will be starting a new course at the end of the month.

Wendy then gave us some insight in how to approach historical novel writing, where to do research and where to find information about times we know little about. She sited children’s books as an example.

We were given a short exercise in historical writing to do and then we moved onto manuscript reading. Each of us had the opportunity to read something they had been working on or the previous ‘homework.’

We were given lists of competitions and outlets and homework ( optional) for next month. This is the perfect stimulus for writing and all comments are encouraging and positive. I recommend writing groups.