New website

It has taken some time but I now have a new website with the help of 1&1. It probably needs tweaking but it is an improvement on the old one and shows off my books better than before. I believe I can link back to it so I’m going to try. Wow! It works!



website building

At last I decided to try to improve on my favourite website. I had two, the first having been designed and hosted by the designer but it was such a hassle getting him to change things and add stuff that I went elsewhere and made my own, with a template that seemed to offer the spaces I needed. Then, when the first website disappeared, I realised it had sections that were missing from my new one and I couldn’t combine them as I did not own the first one. So I’m back trying to design a completely new one that has everything that was in the two of them.

Once it is ready I’ll need to add the necessary links, including the one to this blog and to Goodreads but, at present, the old one is still operational and , if it isn’t, there is a business card telling folks I am having a redesign. There is a blog option on the new website but I don’t want to lose all the connections I have here so I’m hoping it will all work out together. Time will tell! Maybe then I can get a link back to the website from here, something I haven’t had because I’m so ignorant about computers.

Watch me!

It may be slow growth but I’m over 190 followers now and will be thrilled when I reach 200. Meanwhile I am going to revamp my website. I had two but one has gone so I’m putting all my efforts into promoting the new one. It might take some time but I’ll let you know when it is ready for viewing.

I am told I will have a story in Worthingflash in August. It’s a good job something is going out because the next novel looks as if it will take until Christmas. I’m half way through the first draft on the computer and have just written the possible ending in a notebook but until I know how many words I have written I can’t tell if it is the end.

Sea Scribes will be selling books at Salvington Windmill in September. Meanwhile I must get back to trying to set my poem to music. It’s just a pity I can’t sing in tune!bookwormclipart


Wouldn’t it be great to know who had caused a spike on one’s website? Hardly anyone ever looks at and suddenly, this week I had a massive spike. I do wonder what caused it as it wasn’t echoed on wordpress. I wish I could reward everyone with some interesting post but the only thing I am working on is the talk about Sussex Fiction. I think that is finished but I don’t yet have many bookings to try it out.

I must get some more verses completed as I am about to book up for Broadwater’s Big Day Out in July. It was fine last year but if it rains it won’t be so funny as we don’t have a gazebo. I know everyone likes pictures so I’ll add the one of last time – when I was supposed to be a ringmaster ( it was a circus theme) If I don’t get the anthology completed I’ll not have anything new to sell.