TV vet

Anyone else see the tortoise on “The Yorkshire Vet” last night? They had to cut through the shell to take out three infected eggs! The tortoise survived. I wish it was allowed to have free roaming tortoises nowadays. I think they have to be in a heated container these days, not free to wander round the garden and eat dandelions. We had one when I was a youngster and put it in a box full of hay every winter and left it in the shed to hibernate. I think they are wondersful but they are imported illegally and I don’t know where they end up.

It wouldn’t make up for not having a dog but it would ease the pain a little. We have got so lazy, but it’s not surprising in a heat wave.

At least someone asked if I had any books and when I told her about the ” Penny Tales” ordered one on the spot! Now, if only I culd get the urge to write something new…..