Cheeky squirrel

I may have used this picture before but it illustrates the last comment I made on Pete’s blog. We go through one and a half bags of seed each week and I don’t think the birds get half of it. Squirrel proof feeder? Rubbish. Actually this was before he switched to the big feeder. I’ll need a new photo!squirrel acrobat


Poem.Furry acrobat

I’ve seen you, squirrel, when you’ve found the nuts you’ve buried underground.

There’s sparrow, pigeon, tit and crow, some on the holders, some below.

The choice is there of feeders three, each on the branch of the fir tree.

The first, a treat of suet fat. The blue tits like to hang on that.

The next a cage with seed inside, ‘It’s squirrel proof’ declared the guide.

Another suet treat hangs there, three balls, to get them you must dare

To leave the fence, a gymnast be-your tail curled round the leafy tree.

You hang suspended upside down, alone, now that the birds have flown

And now your efforts bring reward-you can add suet to your hoard.

squirrel acrobat