Today began with me going into town to deliver posters advertising the book launch of “Penny and the Poorly Parrot.” The owner of the cafe was very helpful and welcoming.

Then, this afternoon, the rescue kennels rang to ask more questions about our circumstances to see if we could take on a timid dog. We answered as well as we could but they had other interested parties. It will be sad if we cannot let it off the lead, but if there are a lot of interested people we probably don’t stand much of a chance. We would hope time would allow it to get more confident. It seems the only dogs they have in at the moment have been mistreated.

I am having trouble with my phone. When people ring me they can hear me but I cannot hear them. I have tried with and without the speaker button but it doesn’t work every time. A oneway phone is rather useless!

I hope you are all having a more productive time. Roll on July!