Plant verse (thanks to the alchemist)

The Succulent and the Cactus

So tall and strong the cactus stood, it’s prickles daring all to try

To challenge it, but no-one could until a succulent came by.

So soft and green and pretty, she displayed a warm and loving heart

And nestling close, it seemed that he was wishing they would never part.

But oh, alas, t’was not to be for in a giant pot he grew

While she sat, lonely, knowing that to share a home would never do.

Her chubby leaves were all quite full of water, more she did not need-

Keeping his thorns so sharp, not dull, took light and heat and extra feed.

So strong and silent he stood by and watched her spread her arms out wide

Grateful that they were both up high in separate pots, but side by side.