‘mad’ event

Last Saturday hubby and I were invited to a curry night in a local church hall. We didn’t know quite what to expect but as it was for charity and we like curry we went along. The curry was delicious.

We had been told there was music but when the seven piece band went up onto the stage we didn’t know what kind. It turned out to be very like the band ‘Madness’ with two saxophones, a trombone, a guitar, drums and two vocalists, one with another guitar. We learned afterwards that they played ‘Ska.’ They certainly played very well and I loved their name ” Pier Pressure.” I just enjoy a play on words.

The younger folk danced to the music but  it wasn’t the ‘rock and swing’ we were used to dancing to so we just had one smooch. I took a photo that doesn’t really do them justice.

madness photo