Thanks to all those still reading my blog in spite of the fact that my life is getting duller and duller. I even bought myself some flowers today just to try to cheer up. I have left my memoir for a while and sit and do Codewords when I feel too lazy to do anything else. I can put on the odd book review – when I find one I enjoy. The last one was a rather hot thriller. It depends what my readers would like. I do put reviews on Goodreads, so that I have a list of everything I read.

When bending down and reaching up make one breathless the temptation is to sit and do nothing. I tried to book a cream tea for our club but they have changed the menu so it is mince pie! I’m sure we will have our fill of mince pies in the next couple of months.

We can’t cut the grass as it is soaking wet but also a foot high so it won’t be funny when we do try. The garden gate needs replacing and the man who came to see it has not replied to my calls.

That’s enough moaning for now.I won’t post again until I have something more cheerful to write about.


Getting old

Found out this week that hubby has lung disease and there is nothing we can do about it. He’s due some more tests but it would explain his odd cough and lots of sleep.

I know we all have a weakness that will show up eventually but I hate feeling there is nothing I can do to cure it.

It has put paid to our search for a dog but hasn’t helped our depression.

Reminder (verse)

Today I saved it just in time. A pan of fruit was stewing fine

But I’d neglected to ensure the kitchen timer’s on once more.

Another day a saucepan burned. I had forgotten all I’d learned

About the way that memory fails as age one’s energy curtails,

For every item on a list has to be noted, or be missed

And each appointment in the town must promptly all be written down

With dates and times and prices, too, or I’ll forget what I must do.

And, most of all, each time I cook I’ll take my nose out of a book

And set the buzzer’s loud alarm before our meals all come to harm.

How many saucepans must I buy because potatoes have boiled dry?