A Doggy bath

In between sorting out my author page on amazon I helped to bath our Patterdale terrier, Diesel. He was beginning to pong and we are taking him to meet relatives so he had to be cleaned up.

I feel really happy as I think I corrected all my mistakes, with a lot of help from Nielsen pubhelp and others. Now to sit back and wait for reviews! (I’m joking) That’s the one thing I didn’t put in the back of the book. Never mind, I’m taking some across country and hoping to find new readers. You’ll all have a rest from my mutterings for a few days.

Back to the football! Julie.img_0049


The Powers that Be

What is wrong with the world today? You can’t believe a word they say.

They tell us they want to stop a war and then go off and bomb some more.

They tweet and jeer to not lose face until we fear a new arms race.

Yet still parade like special friends as if sport all the trouble ends.

There’s poison smeared upon a door, something we’ve never seen before.

Two people almost die and still we do not know who made them ill.

It’s frightening how we do not mind if no more elephants we find,

If all the trees are felled and burned and calls to save the planet spurned.

And while we all pollute the sea with plastic, they cannot agree

To treat our world with love and care knowing this is the earth we share.



AAAAH! That will teach me. I thought the proof of my book was ready for printing but NO WAY. After three goes at editing it myself, one beta reader and two more proof readings I thought I’d got it right. It isn’t enough!

My problem is my poor typing skills. I may have found all the spelling errors but I still don’t leave spaces in the right place, especially when I put dialogue within the text, rather than starting a new line.

‘Good morning,’ he said.’I hope you are well?’ should be – ‘Good morning,’ he said. ‘I hope you are well?’ It doesn’t show in this font but it does in more old fashioned ones. That’s a whole book I’ve got to change! My fault for trying to get up to date.


Daft rider (verse)

I waddled, with my trolley load, along the pavement cold and grey,

When all at once a hooded form upon two wheels took right of way.

He zoomed around me from behind, I had no time to move aside

No warning shout, no bell, no sign that on the actual road he’d ride.

I could have tripped and fallen down, he rode so sure, so near, so fast

He saw me, but I did not know, just felt the wind as he flew past.

Oh youth, due on the other side, why can’t you travel on the lane

And leave a poor old soul alone, to drag her shopping home again?



Hubby and I went to the Daventry area for a couple of nights last week on personal business and he let me find the accommodation! That was dangerous. especially as I am a bit of a meany as far as hotels are concerned.

Anyway, I found the most reasonable nearby hotel and booked it, only realising too late that breakfast was extra. It didn’t matter. We could order it when we got there. I was looking for one of the more famous travel inns but they were too far from where we wanted to be. So I booked a GoodNight Inn, which turned out to be full, fair and friendly.

We had a lovely full English breakfast both days and the room, which appeared to be in converted stables, was adequate. In fact, two single beds put together to make a double was a little too large for a couple who like cuddles!

My photo from my camera will not load from my ‘pictures’onto media so I can’t show you what it looks like. I need to get this fixed. HELP!


Back home

I wasn’t happy with the new theme so I have reverted to the old one. Now I have to check if I have lost anything. I’m going to have another go at the photos so there may be one on here from the Southern Book Show. No, it still won’t load but here’s a nice picture instead. I found it when I was looking for book covers but it’s the wrong shape.pexels-photo-800721.jpeg


‘You say it best when…….’

At last I think I understand- this voice inside my head

A constant conversation, is something you don’t have!

While, all the while, my active mind makes words inside my brain

And plans, observes and thinks, and clamours to be heard-

You carry on so unaware, the phone inside your head

Switched off! No noise at all. No chatter there, just peace.

No wonder, when I voice my thoughts, and say what’s in my head

You start- as if a bell rang out. Alarmed , you concentrate.

I may have voiced my thoughts out loud. They should stay in my head

For , unless there’s action to be done, you’d rather I’d not said!