Verse. Foot health.

Today I wore something quite new

A pair of socks made from bamboo

They weren’t very thick

Although made of stick-

They were soft, and are good for you, too!

So if you want feet that are great

And misshapen toe nails you hate

Then these socks of bamboo

Would be perfect for  you

With tea tree oil, no time to wait!


Colour coordination?

Anyone else try to put the clothes in their wardrobe into matching colour sequence? I try to hang everything with a similar colour, all the blues together, all the reds together and the prints with their predominant colour but it all goes haywire when I have worn something and take it off. I invariably hang it on the end of the row. After a few days the whole sequence is ruined and I give up, especially when I have to put two items on one hanger and they aren’t the same colour! I took a picture as an example. Perhaps I’ll take another next week!wardrobe2018

Using the library

Do you use your local library? I am lucky, as not only do we have a library in the town but we also have a mobile library that parks quite near the house. This is the one I use and get four books each time, which usually last me a fortnight.

The main library also serves as a computer centre and has talks and group meetings. This is where I took the four copies of my most recent book to add to the County’s collection. I donate four each time and enjoy picking up a copy if I see it and checking how often it has been taken out.

I also send a copy to any library in an area I have written about in a story, just to spread them around the country. They have gone to Wales, Oxfordshire and Kent as well as the West Midlands.

The mobile library is very efficient and if I order a book it usually arrives within a week, unless there are no copies in the country, which sometimes happens when the book is American. I do buy the odd book if I think it is one I will want to keep but they often end up in a charity shop or as a raffle prize as we have little room for books in our bungalow.I certainly couldn’t have a personal library as some folk have – I haven’t even got an office. I write on a laptop on the dining table. It stops me spending too much time on the computer as I have to pack up for meals!bookwormclipart

Elderberries poem.

Oh, chubby wood pigeon, you fill me with glee as I watch you, alone, on the big elder tree.

Its berries are ripe and its branches hang down, yet they bend when you balance, you are such a clown!

Your weight is too heavy for each fruiting branch, your wings stretch out wide like an exotic dance,

But you wobble and rock as the twigs they give way and then spring back again as you find you can’t stay.

You land on the lawn with the berries above and pretend you don’t care that the fruit that you love

Is dangling beyond you, so juicy and black. How you wish that to reach them you just had the knack!

So you peck at the seed that is spread on the ground, that’s left when that pesky grey squirrel has found

The bird feeder, and hung upside down with his tail in the air, an expert on balance, with never a care.

But you are my favourite, ‘though some disagree, for your habits and antics are precious to me-

I smile when you splash in the garden bird bath and your sad acrobatics sure give me a laugh!

( I couldn’t get a picture as he flew away)bookwormclipart

Poem by R Arkell

A husband is the sort of man who tries to help you all he can

But, somehow, never quite succeeds in doing what the garden needs.

He likes to lie and smoke his pipe, and wonder if the peas are ripe;

Or else he’ll smell the mignonette before he lights a cigarette.

But ask him if he’ll clear the dump, or carry water from the pump,

And he will find some fine excuse- in fact, he’s not the slightest use.

diesel begs{This does not apply to my husband, thank goodness. He’s just mown the back lawn while I was checking emails!}



A lesson for the Teacher cover

Tonight’s talk with the Worthing Friendship Centre is about the 1960s. an era we lived through. Married in 1966, with our first son born in 1968 it made me hunt out some old photographs. Of course they are all prints in albums. not images on a computer screen, or on a smartphone.

I won’t try to reproduce any here but I will try to recreate the fashion. I don’t suppose anyone else will, but I do have a skirt that is fairly short. The only older person who wears such short hemlines is Theresa May and I don’t think they look quite right on her, or a tubby old girl like me, but we’ll give it a go!

I’m really lost with no book on the go so I’ll clear out the airing cupboard instead. I’ve used the cover of my sixties book as an image as I know folk like pictures.

Jazz on the Downs

I took the smartphone to our monthly jazz evening and took a photo of the Featherstone Jazzmen with guest trumpeter.

We are now supporting them twice a month as they also play at Lancing Leisure Centre.

The trouble is, traditional jazz appeals to traditional people and the new chef at the pub is offering fancy, TV-type food when we were used to regular old-fashioned meals, with curries for variety. We don’t even get the mint with our bill as we used to and the desserts are £7 each. Maybe I’m just out of date but it doesn’t make it quite as homely an event as it used to be. Thank goodness the music is just as brilliant as ever.Band