Fat, fluffy pigeon

Cool, clean and proud

Sat in the bird -bath

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More Moselle


While we were in Cochem some folk took a trip to Beilstein as it was said to be beautiful. By then we had seen so many lovely villages we stayed in Cochem and were glad to do so as it was a great mix of tourist shops and historical buildings.

We also went to Piesporter and were treated to a wine tasting and brought back a few bottles. We ended up on the Rhine, which is nothing like as picturesque as the Moselle, but Cologne, although busy, was where we finally had our bratwursts. Couldn’t visit Germany without those!


The Moselle

Along the Moselle

A silver snake slipping between green hills

Red and white houses looking out over the water.

A flock of birds skim across the silent river

And time slows as we float past vine-covered slopes.

Regiments of ripening grapes line the terraces

And in every village a lego-like church spire

Points skywards – while we glide below a bridge

Linking each bank with structured elegance

Connecting in a swifter, busier way.




It seems I am getting known at last. I have had two more bookings for a talk in 2017 and will need to remember more about my life before writing as listeners seem to prefer hearing about all the places we have lived in and the jobs I have done. I have recently met some people who are now retired and who have never lived anywhere other than their home village or town.

When we were about to retire I thought about what we would like- nearby shops, the sea, a railway station, theatre or cinema and some countryside. But I suspect we need different things at different stages of our lives. I was in London in my youth, which was great for entertainment, I was in the country at college, and on the coast when we got married. We were in the suburbs with our children and then the Green Belt which was almost perfect.

Now we are by the sea again and all the boxes are ticked. I don’t think we’ll move again.

Singing again

There’s no exercise classes in August so I’m glad we did a few before our singing group on Thursday. It is the first time I have been able to hear myself. I suppose it was OK but if I didn’t know the tune I didn’t sing.I don’t think I’m a soprano.

We treated ourselves to new wedding rings for our 50th. They are celtic design and I tried to photograph one but I’m not sure how to use the camera.

I have to learn to text and post

To tweet to folk unknown

But when I try to snap a view

My camera is a phone!


However enticing the TV may be it is sometimes more enjoyable to go out and experience live entertainment. That is what we did last night and the Sussex Gruffs did not disappoint. This local male voice choir is gaining a reputation for their expert interpretations of show tunes and everything from jazz numbers, opera and novelty songs.

St Symphorian’s Church was a superb setting and the light refreshments a bonus. Worthing has a lot going for it, if only one looks. Sussex seems a very creative place to live.

Curious Verse

It’s a mystery to me

How someone knows a note is ‘C’

Or stays in tune when they’re alone

Tell me – am I the only one

Who cannot tell when tone is true,

Whose times for singing were always few?

A Christmas Carol, a well-known hymn

That’s all I ever used to sing

But now I’ve joined a local group

With hubby, in the distant hope

That in a choir my voice will ring

And I’ll discover how to sing.