Another verse.

So sad a heart that cannot love

When worthlessness is a belief

That shuts the door on everyone

Who tries to shine affection’s light.

So hard the task of would-be friend

Wiping the window of the soul

To free it from the mist of doubt

And shine warmth on a frozen heart.



Money Tree

Of course I’m not superstitious

I dodge ladders because it’s safe.

Number thirteen, even Friday

I remember, but do not care –

It’s just a date, like any other.

The Money Tree is different

It was a gift- I nurtured it.

When it grew big I took cuttings,

Gave it away, the cuttings grew

I, too, flourished. Is this due

To the Money Tree?



I have now become a private seller on amazon so that I can sell books and anything else I wish to provide. I have already had one order and it looks as though it all works. I’ll find out if the buyer lets me know it has arrived, or if they do a review for me.

While I’m on about reviews, I am reading a book called “Tarring. A Walk through its History,” which is a hardback that I found in a charity shop. The author is Roger Davies and the amount of research that must have been required to produce it is overwhelming.

As our ‘Worthy Words’ homework is ” do some research” I hope reading this book will suffice.I have always been interested in the Tarring Folly and may include it in a story one day.


Enter a caption

In fifty years of loving you I’ve had five different rings

The first a tiny diamond, German reminder brings.

The second, a golden wedding band, in 1966,

Blessed in a church in Worthing, a Northern/Southern mix.

The third a simple silver ring, the fourth a ruby bright,

And now the fifth, my latest choice (old wedding ring too tight)

A Celtic ring, designed in gold, and now we each have one

To last, I hope, and show our love until our days are done.




I pressed the ‘like’ button to try to find out who liked my post and forgot that would mean I’d liked my own piece. Sorry about that. One of these days I’ll work out how to use this computer. It doesn’t help that I have started on twitter and now I can’t remember what I have said where. Just think how much of a muddle I would be in if I joined facebook!