New phone

I’m afraid I may have upset our boys as I didn’t buy any of the phones they suggested.

Instead I went for a Oppo 53 which has mixed reviews but which seemed to have everything I was used to in my Samsung for much less than the one Samsung said I should progress to. It enabled me to leave Virgin and go with O2. I don’t know how that will work out but if I do get stuck at least there is a shop in town which will help.

They moved my number and my files so all I have to do now is get used to the peculiar noise it makes!

Wish me luck.


Managing wordpress

I do not understand the connection between mobile phones and the computer, especially with relation to Google.

I know the computer is on a wifi network and my phone is on a phone contract with a different provider, but as I use Google on both of them does that mean everything I write on one can be accessed on the other?

I need to know as I am still wanting to purchase a new phone but I don’t want all my emails on Google to come up on it. At present I email on the laptop because I can print on that and I never connect the two.

However I believe that as I send emails to myself from the phone to the computer it is obvious that, even although I use a different name, it is the same person. Am I stupid to want to keep them separate? Is it even possible?


Today began with me going into town to deliver posters advertising the book launch of “Penny and the Poorly Parrot.” The owner of the cafe was very helpful and welcoming.

Then, this afternoon, the rescue kennels rang to ask more questions about our circumstances to see if we could take on a timid dog. We answered as well as we could but they had other interested parties. It will be sad if we cannot let it off the lead, but if there are a lot of interested people we probably don’t stand much of a chance. We would hope time would allow it to get more confident. It seems the only dogs they have in at the moment have been mistreated.

I am having trouble with my phone. When people ring me they can hear me but I cannot hear them. I have tried with and without the speaker button but it doesn’t work every time. A oneway phone is rather useless!

I hope you are all having a more productive time. Roll on July!

Mobile phones

I was urged to get another app for my mobile phone today but I’m not really happy with the one I have. It is an elderly Samsung but it does have a reasonably long battery life. Apparently it is good if a phone lasts for a whole day! My little Nokia used to last a week. I don’t put it on charge overnight but I expect I shall have to if I get a new one. This phone lasts 2-3 days.

My photos come out so blurry I asked my son what was wrong. He said I should clean the lens but I think it is because I jog it when I press to take a photo. It could be both. Anyway, it is difficult to choose from on line information. Do I really need four cameras? Should I change providers now Virgin have disappeared from the High Street? I do like being able to talk to a real person about my phone and when Tesco come back I would rather move to them. Meanwhile I shall carry on until the lockdown ends and it is possible to see what I am buying.

He is full of good advice but expects me to be Whatsapping and watching videos all the time. I will look at the one he suggests but it will need instructions!

Mobile phones

You wouldn’t believe it! I went to a phone shop to ask about changing my phone and provider. I don’t know how it all works so I didn’t know why I was using up all my data but I am on a cheap deal and my network hasn’t a shop in town.

You would think that if I went somewhere else they would be eager for my custom but when the young man saw how ignorant I was he looked at my phone and said ” You don’t need a new phone” He didn’t even try to get me to change my contract. he just put an app on my phone to help me catch my bus. Perhaps I was just going to be more of a bother than it was worth but anywhere else they would have seen how old fashioned I was and sold me a new phone and contract just for the custom.

Apparently all I need to do is pay a bit more each month. Of course when I try to do that nobody answers the phone. I could still end up changing my network just to get some service.

The next book

At last I have got the energy to start thinking about the next book. I sent the story to a proof reader and now have to edit it. As it has illustrations I need to work out where they go. This should keep me busy for a while.

It is pouring with rain and my phone has run out of data. I need to call them and get a new SIM. More expence! They keep nagging me to update the phone, too but I like to talk to real people and the Virgin shop has gone. Do I use EE or switch to vodaphone? It needs research.

Meanwhile I took a picture of a garden in the next street. I loved the colours. I hope you do too!

Daring to change

I know I’m a dinosaur but I really loved my little phone that was only a phone. However it began to cut out or not register and told me there was no more space for new contacts so I gave in to the boys and switched to a smartphone. It isn’t a new one and I have had it for two years but only used it as a camera. Now I am going to have to keep it turned on all the time as people ring me about the Friendship Centre programme and I have a couple of friends on Whatsapp. Also. one son sends videos which I could never see on my old phone. I had to put my contacts on one at a time as they hadn’t transferred so I have yet to discover if it works OK. It does do text messages. Apparently it didn’t work as a sat nav because it was pay as you go!

Of course I was advised to update but one change at a time is enough for me.I’ll look out my android poem and attach it. Android poemAndroid poem

Android – a poem.

This week I got a new phone, smarter than the old one I own.

It has camera and apps , and google  and maps, for usage wherever I roam.

It asked me for passwords galore, goodness only knows what it will store.

I don’t like this game, It’s just not the same as the old phone I treasured before.

I could call upon all that I knew. I could message – and it would get through

The number was fine, I said it all the time and displayed it on business cards, too.

The new phone opens with a swipe, and, so far, I’ve only one gripe

The battery drops, so I turn it Off. Are these smarty phones worth all the hype?

A phone that is off is no good. It might just as well be pure wood-

But a camera – that’s swell, taking pictures as well, to post out – if only I could!

More about new phone.

Well, old phone really. It is full with names and keeps cutting out. I need to swap numbers. I’ll let you know if it works but so far I’m not sure messages are getting through to me on the new one. It said I had 3 messages but I couldn’t find them, unless they were advertising stuff. I’ve tried to block that and we’ll see what happens when someone contacts me. I daren’t change over until I know how to work this one!

Charity Gig tonight and I hope I’ll have some pictures tomorrow.

New phone

I bought a new mobile this week. I was enjoying it until someone rang. There’s no way I can answer in 15 seconds. I’ve tried to find out how to make it ring for longer but I can’t get through. Even the google answers say 30 seconds is the max. That isn’t enough if my phone is in another room HELP!