No news is good news?

Just ticking over and trying to solve one issue each day. Now I have a rollator I don’t get so out of breath when I go to the shops. I also walk slightly quicker. Trouble is, I don’t want to take the dog on those trips so he’s not getting out so much. He doesn’t really mind, just as he doesn’t seem to care what we feed him with. We couldn’t get the Senior pouches he usually has for breakfast so I got different tins and he woofed them. I think he likes Naturo best but we also give him fish and rice and chicken and rice and scrambled egg and he’s always licking the bowl afterwards.

We are both over Covid but I have some new symptoms. I managed to book an appointment with the doctor for Monday. I think I might be diabetic but won’t know until I get a blood test. Everything I eat or drink tastes funny so it could be something else.

Reading my latest short story to the Sea Scribes writing group this afternoon. Much less exhausting than the supermarket shop we did yesterday. I don’t like the idea of getting stuff delivered so we will keep going once a week for as long as possible.

I’ll try to find a different image for this post.



We had to say goodbye to our little terrier this morning. he had so much wrong with him it didn’t seem right to hang on to him. By the end all he was doing was sleeping, drinking water and messing the carpet. The most difficult thing to watch was this awful dementia. It was bad when my father had it and to watch a dog in complete confusion was almost as distressing.

The house seems as empty as we expected. We have been through this at least four times before but it doesn’t get any easier. Diesel had been with us for ten years. We will replace him, but not straight away as times are so complicated. Now we don’t even have the excuse of a dog walk to go out during the pandemic!

Dog diet

It is difficult not to spend all our time caring for the dog at present. Some days he seems OK and others he looks as if it is too much effort to get out of his bed.

In an effort to make his life more bearable I have been researching diets for dogs with kidney failure. It seems that, as well as the food the vet has prescribed,( which he doesn’t like) we can introduce more butternut squash and sweet potato ( which he does like) He has to have less meat and salt but he can eat egg, especially the white.

He is drinking more water without encouragement and loved the chicken I gave him yesterday, although he took the carrot out of the dish and set it down on the floor. He will eat rice, specially if I mix it with boiled fish. He seems to manage peas and potato but spends most of each meal time looking longingly at us as if he wants to share what we are eating.

None of the diets online seemed to give advice about sugar so he does get the odd piece of pastry or biscuit! I get the feeling his nose works better than all his other senses but while he still wags his tail when we talk to him I’m hoping his quality of life will help him stay with us a little longer.

Precious Pooch

Our little terrier finally had his back claws cut yesterday. The vet wouldn’t let us go in with him but he had been sedated so he went quite quietly. I was worried because he had an upset stomach. It is difficult to know how well or ill he is as his dementia makes him so lethatgic. We usually tell by feeling his nose. It if it is hot we change his meals to fish and rice and if it is cold we assume he is OK.

He is doubly incontinent, but only about two days a week. We put him in nappies at night. He still has a mental clock which tells him when it is meal times and loves barking at the foxes whenever we let him into the garden. They kept me awake until nearly three last night, howling out the front, but he is deaf so they don’t wake him up.

I have finished reading all the novels in the house so will have to start on the nonfiction or go hunting for some more. I think the railway station has a charity bookshelf but I am not inclined to troop down there as the covid warnings are so clear. Is looking for something to read a vital journey? I think not.

Back to my jigsaw this afternoon I suppose, although it’s not my idea of fun.

Dog news and hoarding.

Our little terrier was hungry. He settled after being given a whole tin of dog food.

I really couldn’t concentrate on writing while I was worried about him and so I have been trying to destroy unwanted paper. I’m afraid I am a hoarder and have to decide whether to keep old manuscripts or throw them away. Once they are in book form do I need to keep the originals? Also minutes from meetings and letters from people who like my talks or read my books. Do I need all that, especially as my filing system is carrier bags?Must try to find a competition to enter or I’ll have to do housework! UGH!

Sad dog

We have just brought our little dog back from the vets where he had three teeth out and he’s whimpering. Don’t know if he’s confused, in pain or hungry. He’s 12 years old and seemed OK until we got him home but he can’t settle. Pain relief stuff is supposed to be for tomorrow but if he keeps crying he might get it sooner? Perhaps he has a tummy ache. The anaesthetic has given him the runs.Poor little mite.img_0049