The upside downs of life.

Anyone else hate containers that open upside down? It seems to be the thing nowadays that plastic sauce bottles and salad cream  and pickle all have to sit on their lids. I dislike the look of them in the larder, I forget which way up to store them and I dislike the shape and design of them.

While I’m having a moan I understand a new local cafe, which sells coffee and cinnamon buns, does not take cash. It would never occur to me to use a card for a cup of coffee. help! I’m being left behind by society!

I’m up to 1700 words of the new novel but it’s hard work. I usually garden in the summer and write in the winter but I haven’t any energy at present.Not knowing how long it is until it is on the computer makes me keep at it. I’ve filled two notebooks and am on a third. meanwhile, one of my two websites has gone down so that will be my task for next week. I could do with revamping them, anyway.

Meanwhile, the only fun this month has been a game of skittles with the Worthing Friendship Centre. This is our chairwoman putting them back up. Our team won!

june at skittles



We had a Chinese takeaway last night. It was a set meal for two but was enough food for four. We had special fried rice, sweet and sour pork, beef with ginger and spring onions, szechuan chicken and all after a load of hors d’oevres which were almost a meal in themselves. There were also pots of sauces and some chicken nuggets which had been added for some reason. Of course we couldn’t manage all of it so I’ll finish it off today with the prawn crackers!

We had tea with the meal but in the evening finished a bottle of South African Rose wine. We usually drink still wine but this was fizzy and quite sweet – better in the evening with nuts than with a meal. I won’t normally write about our dining habits but this was a bit unusual!


I believe most of us have the need to create, whether it be to build something, draw something, write something or grow something. I have been struggling this month because, even when I write a poem, I am not satisfied with what I have created.

So, today, I tried something different. I had some mincemeat left over from Christmas so I made some little mince pies. They are in the oven so I don’t know how they’ll come out -but I feel better already.

Lesson – you don’t always have to create in the most familiar way. Writers can paint and artists can garden. Try something new – it might be an energising experience!

Funny few days

A whole weekend with no computer as I couldn’t get onto the internet. It didn’t matter as we had a lot of cards to write and two events to attend.

I still keep forgetting to take anything to photograph activities. I did take a picture of the meal we went to on Saturday but it was such a strange day I won’t post it.

The venue was the Green Man at Ringmer and the food was fine but OH, so much more than I could eat! I managed half the starter, half the main meal ( The vegetables were massive and lots left over)and half the Christmas pudding ( which was delicious) Then they served coffee and mince pies. I drank the very acceptable coffee and took the mince pie home. Now I know why some places serve pensioners’ meals.

Last night was the Woodies Christmas party and I wished I had a camera when the flower people came on. We won the first raffle prize and as I didn’t want a big teddy bear I chose the pickled onions! All the floor singers were great and John Cave was as amusing as ever.

As for writing. I think I am going to have to rethink the play and start all over again.I have a story to post for a competition but no more inspiration. If I can stay away from twitter I might be more creative.

Short story writing.

What fun this is! So many opportunities to enter competitions and write stories.

I don’t like the competitions where they leave the writer to choose the subject but I have found two this week that give you one line, the first an ending and the second a beginning.

I’d like to put one on my new website but can’t until the competitions are over. Until then I’ll have to go back to being a housewife. We bought all the ingredients for a Christmas pudding today so that’s next weekend’s task! Anyone want my recipe?

Back Home

After a great weekend away I came home to find I couldn’t get onto the internet. Today I asked hubby to reboot his router and WOW I’m back on! Now we know what to do if it happens again.

We were in a hotel in Chatham with other retirees and had some really nice meals until the Sunday night when I chose Eton Mess. Last time I had this it contained meringue – but this version was Summer Fruits and a creamy topping. Not a sniff of meringue! I didn’t mind that it wasn’t just strawberries but NO MERINGUE! I called it Chatham Mess and complained to one of the staff but I don’t know if it got any further.

Driving round Walderslade trying to find the way with or without a sat nav proved a challenge for many of us. Next time we’ll head for Asda’s and hope for the best.