I am expecting three parcels. I wonder which will arrive first, if at all! My book will probably be last but I also ordered three masks to equip us for using public transport in the pandemic and a pair of slipper/type shoes as mine have worn out. I could have waited until the shops open but the catalogue was offering a free puzzle book with each purchase and hubby loves crossword puzzles so I thought that would be a nice surprise.

Silly me! I had to use hair curlers yesterday as my hair is getting into my eyes. I do wish the Government would give some idea of the dangers in different areas, then perhaps more places could open. As for schools, I guess if I had a four of five year old I’d be unwilling to send them back but if I was still teaching I would be willing to return if I could be tested. I would be more concerned about the adults than the children.

Of course, if some hospitals sent patients back to care homes without testing it could happen that teachers weren’t tested, either –  and there could be one irresponsible parent who might risk sending a poorly child to school just so they need not be at home with them.

One bright light in the gloom – I donated three of my novels to the lady who puts a box out for people to take copies. Now to watch and see if they disappear!

The Shopping queue

Last week we had no trouble shopping at the pensioners’ time on Wednesday. This week was different. The queue snaked round the car park like the queue in an airport only with tapes on the ground to keep us six foot apart. It took about fifteen minutes to get into the shop! Once inside it looked very normal and all we wanted was on the shelves. I know Easter eggs are not supposed to be essentials but we bought one anyway. Then I paid with my card as requested.

I’m changing spring cleaning for cooking this afternoon and making cottage pies. I’ll do two and put one in the freezer, if I can find room. My exercise yesterday was to the butcher’s, to get a chicken for the weekend. Tomorrow I’ll stay in all day.tesco lines

It’s a Mystery!

Further to my last post B Stayt does not seem to be on Google so must have lived before computers. Whether he or she was related to a present Stayt remains a mystery.

I completed my list of poems. They were not the same as any I would list nowadays – much more verbose, but then it was probably compiled in the late 1950’s.

Today is a day of washing and going to the pharmacy. I really ought to build an exercise programme now we are almost self isolating. The thought that this might go on for months is alarming. I even started colouring in a picture printed in the paper in an effort to be more creative.

If I hadn’t run out of sultanas I might even make some scones!

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