Scones disaster

Well, I tried. Somehow fruit scones always come out like biscuits when I make them. Cheese scones work but not fruit ones. Of course I didn’t have self raising flour so I used plain flour and baking powder – obviously not enough baking powder. I want tall, fat soft scones – any advice? Luckily I only made six and as my nutritionist said we shouldn’t be eating flour anyway they won’t last long.

A life without flour or sugar seems to me like a life not worth living, especially as I don’t have a food processor. Tomorrow is the day for oldies to use the supermarket between 9am and 10am. I’m out of tomatoes and we do like a salad lunch.

I have done two lots of washing today and written part of a continuous story that our writing group have started. I haven’t been out of the house but may take the dog to the end of the road for my exercise allowance. Not sure this picture fits this post.Diesel at xmas

What’s cooking?

I can’t stifle the urge to be creative, even ‘though it’s really too hot to do much, so instead of making a cake I got out the griddle and made some scotch pancakes. It was a bit confusing as mum made griddle scones and it was a different recipe but I thought I’d do the one with egg in as it looked more exciting.

At first they turned out a bit pale and I wasn’t sure how big they should be. The book said don’t have the heat too high or the middles won’t cook. Then they began to look like the ones in the supermarket so I relaxed. We’ll put butter and jam on them. The others had butter in the recipe so I might try them next time.

It made a change from trying to get my book on the computer. I’m up to eighteen thousand words but it’s slow going.


I believe most of us have the need to create, whether it be to build something, draw something, write something or grow something. I have been struggling this month because, even when I write a poem, I am not satisfied with what I have created.

So, today, I tried something different. I had some mincemeat left over from Christmas so I made some little mince pies. They are in the oven so I don’t know how they’ll come out -but I feel better already.

Lesson – you don’t always have to create in the most familiar way. Writers can paint and artists can garden. Try something new – it might be an energising experience!