The New Course

I finally received the first module of my writing for radio course. It was probably my own fault as I am such a computer virgin. I use the computer as a glorified word-processor and letter writer and ‘never the twain shall meet.’ I still have great problems with attaching photos and find links impossible.

Never mind, I followed instructions and my patient tutor has told me I did get through with my answer. This is so exciting I feel I ought to read some plays instead of burying my head in novels all the time. Maybe I’ll go on line and find one or two.

I spent the afternoon sorting out problems with the pantomime. I had to write an introduction and avoided saying “I wrote this” by just naming the author as if it was someone else! I’ve used a very old story – but, then, aren’t all pantomimes based on fairy tales?


Not many left

We are down to the last fifteen of “Reflections,”with orders still coming in. Maybe I ought to concentrate on writing and publishing poetry instead of trying to learn script writing. I was worried about not having an ISBN number but selling person to person seems to be my forte.

May be off line for a while soon. Trying to write a short story but the plot is sliding away from me because it is based on fact. Some people can mix the two but I find it almost impossible. ( Except in ” A Lesson for the Teacher”) Booking up for a book fair in March – had to buy a new diary!


As a reader for the talking newspaper in Littlehampton  I attended a South of England Talking News Conference at St Richard’s hospital in Chichester with  about 14 other groups, some from as far afield as Norfolk.

The programme was well balanced with speakers from The British Wireless Fund for the Blind, the Talking News Federation, 4Sight and Chichester Area Talking news.

The march of mobile technology and its use in communicating with blind and partially sighted people to allow them to feel part of the community was at the core of all our discussions. The future is digital.

I just hope we don’t lose our faithful listeners on the way.

Family day

Our family had our Christmas get together yesterday and eight of us and one dog met in Surrey for a meal and gift exchange. It was lovely to see everyone, especially when we were joined by our daughter-in -law’s mother, someone we see very rarely.

There was a massive Christmas tree and we had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and wine. Our granddaughter looked like a little princess and it was great to meet up with our grandson again as we hadn’t seen him since the spring.

Our son’s scooter magazine on line ( is getting new readers all the time and he had a company Tshirt for his brother. I ordered one for myself. Maybe I’ll get it for my birthday.

My photos didn’t come out very well so I am promising to try harder in 2017. Pictures are the future, I’m afraid.



Hi to all new viewers as we end 2016 and thanks for following. The Sea Scribes had their last meeting for this year today and we are determined to be a bigger presence on social media next year.

My new website has meant more people have found me and I have had fun on twitter, although I still have a lot to learn about that.

Sorry to those who missed out on the free books on Goodreads. I am selling on amazon but there are still second hand copies available, too.I don’t send ebooks myself. I can’t afford to let any more go as this is possibly my last book. The way I do it every book is sold at a loss and I don’t manage the computer very well.

I promise to let you know how the play is coming on but today I decided to scrap what I had written and start all over again. January will be a new venture in more than one way.

The boiler is fixed, Ben has his chair and we are warm and content again.

Season’s Greetings.



Funny few days

A whole weekend with no computer as I couldn’t get onto the internet. It didn’t matter as we had a lot of cards to write and two events to attend.

I still keep forgetting to take anything to photograph activities. I did take a picture of the meal we went to on Saturday but it was such a strange day I won’t post it.

The venue was the Green Man at Ringmer and the food was fine but OH, so much more than I could eat! I managed half the starter, half the main meal ( The vegetables were massive and lots left over)and half the Christmas pudding ( which was delicious) Then they served coffee and mince pies. I drank the very acceptable coffee and took the mince pie home. Now I know why some places serve pensioners’ meals.

Last night was the Woodies Christmas party and I wished I had a camera when the flower people came on. We won the first raffle prize and as I didn’t want a big teddy bear I chose the pickled onions! All the floor singers were great and John Cave was as amusing as ever.

As for writing. I think I am going to have to rethink the play and start all over again.I have a story to post for a competition but no more inspiration. If I can stay away from twitter I might be more creative.

Self publishing mistakes

Had a marketing meeting yesterday and it reminded me of all the mistakes I made when I began self publishing.

We should put our website in our books, but I have an excuse, I have changed my website provider twice and the one in 2007 doesn’t exist any more!The two I have now are and

It is good to put a chapter of your next book in the one you are publishing (but that’s impossible if you haven’t written it!)

Some folk actually ask for reviews in their books. I think this works better in ebooks. It seems a bit cheeky in a paperback.

Pictures, pictures, pictures. We must try to use social media. ( Hard for an oldie like me, but I’m trying.) I still avoid facebook but I am on twitter. Now to try to get more photos on!

Blogging is useful but I still have more folk from USA.Never mind, quality over quantity every time!