What kind of poetry?

As I am not writing a novel at present I thought I might try some competitions. The one in the Writing Magazine looked promising. We needed to write an autumn poem that didn’t seem hackneyed ( No mists and mellow fruitfulness) When I was a schoolteacher we used to ask the children to think of lots of words that reminded them of autumn and then turn them into a poem. Naturally we had loads of red and golden leaves, along with bonfire night and getting ready for Christmas.

I looked at the winning poems in other competitions and found that free verse, without rhyme, usually won first prize. OK – I thought, I’ll try that. So I did and the fourth line rhymed with the second line in spite of my efforts. What should I do – write in sentences and then split them into phrases or give up and write the kind of verse I usually compose? I forced myself not to use rhyming couplets.

Serious poets would only sneer.

If I don’t enter the competition

I’ll post it somewhere here.



Play rewrite

For those following my efforts at writing a play I have just completely rewritten it, adding scenes to explain what I cannot show as I have taken out the second set and  all action now happens in the same flat or in the front of the curtain ( or in some woods Рeither screened or potted!)

Pity I had to get rid of a violent scene but maybe that’s for the best. We don’t really want to see people beaten up on stage, do we? I still have the water throwing. I can’t think of anything to take its place. That should be fun to try and stage!

Anyway, I think it’s ready for the competition. Then I’ll have to look for something else to write. I had two King books that the library got for me and I’ve read them both. Funny, though, I must have had one in my subconscious because it was set in an amusement park just like much of A Lesson for the Teacher.

Computer question

I have started posting on twitter but am confused by the short urls that many people put at the end of their posts. These direct us to websites . I don’t know if I should try to send people here or to my other websites or just not bother to link at all.I wouldn’t know how to start anyway. Any suggestions?

The results of one competition came out this week and I didn’t get a mention but I did spend the vouchers I got for my published letter this morning, on a pen refill and a 2017 diary. I was searching for decorations for a hat, without success. Our chairwoman at Friendship Centre is arranging an Old time Music Hall event next year – with hats!

Booked to see Les Miserables in Ewell on Saturday. All good fun!


Where do you get your ideas from? ( Or – from where do you get your ideas?) I began to think about this as I settled on a subject for my next short story.

All my books had news items as the trigger .Lane’s End had the treatment of people with learning difficulties, Un-Stable Lane had the floods, The Third Lane had soldiers coming back from the war, Never Run Away had redundancy and Never Pretend had crime and the use of local news TV stations.It is only A Lesson for the Teacher that is not relevant today because that has echoes of my past.

It is quite likely I may go quiet for a few days now I have some inspiration. I wrote a poem but it needs editing before I enter it for a competition.


Last week I ordered the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook for 2017 and I have just flicked through it. It was about time I had a new one as I keep recommending it at my talks and yet the last one I purchased was in 2013.

I am sure a lot has changed since then.It is really a dipping book, for reference, with 800 pages of contacts in the publishing world and advice to writers and creatives.

I have also had an invitation to enter a poetry competition, but I think my verses might be too simple. Autumnwatch last night should have inspired me. I’ll have a think!