Having a laugh.

At first I was upset at this image of me and my husband but now I have realised it is a true vision of two old dears and I put it on the front cover of the Christmas Calendar that I have done for the family.

At least, then, they won’t have to look at it for a month!

It has got so that we just don’t know what to give adults for gifts and I am having enough trouble trying to find what I want for the children in our local shops. I HATE shopping on line.


Party cancelled.

As expected the party was cancalled. Some of the entertainers had covid and a lot of members were too afraid to attend, The Goverment has terrified everyone and I’m not sure that was necessary. The mixed messages are so confusing that alot of folk want to rebel but we shall probably just hibernate until they tell is it is safe.

I have most of the stuff for Christmas – just need another bottle or two and to pick up the turkey crown from the butcher, I need to get sprouts with nuts or bacon from the supermarket next week, and some fresh cream, Frozen sprouts always taste better than fresh ones!

Now to put away my xmas jumper and dress in my usual track suit for slopping around.

I usually put a Christmas theme on the big window but didn’t find any stickers this year so I have used snow to design some holly and ivy. It looked so empty. It usually has a nativity or father Christmas, I haven’t even got the lights out for the tree. Oh well, it means more time to write my short story, I suppose. Season’s Greetings to all.

Friendship Centre meeting

The talk at this week’s meeting was a demonstration by Susan Beaumont of how to make a Christmas wreath and a table decoration.

She used oasis and wired in lots of foliage, oranges with cloves, cinnamon sticks ribbon and pine cones.

We had tea, cakes and a raffle and it was good to be together again although our numbers have dropped and we need new members.

It seems the photo I took will not appear. I’ll try again later.It worked!

December 23rd 2020 verse

No more crackers, no more fun-

Has Christmastime at last begun?

The queue for turkeys saw us wait

Because our butcher’s really great.

But standing in the pouring rain

For hours on end – not good, my friend.

Now home at last with warm mince pies

Two days too soon, but realise

This is the year we have to strive

To keep our joyful spirits live.

So, tell no one, but now, for lunch

We started Christmas cake to munch

And, thankfully, to my surprise

It would have won a cooking prize,

For dark and boozy, iced in white

With marzipan, a real delight

I know it’s much too big for two

But it should last the lockdown through!

Too late!

I didn’t want to leave my post about the book as my last one but the computer is playing up so I hope this gets sent. Hopefully I’ll soon get some reviews because that usually cheers me up.

The good news is that I can hear again, the bad news is that I tried for over a week to order gifts on line but it didn’t work and now it is too late as the post is very slow and the companies I tried to use say their despatch date is now January 6th.

I have bought some stuff to make up my own hampers, one to post and one to keep until I see the recipients. If it all happens in the New Year, so be it. The best thing was that I make Christmas puddings, but in glass bowls and I didn’t want to post one. Luckily I found some plastic pots and they are the perfect size and microwaveable! One family likes pudding and one likes cake so we are keeping some cake for them. I marzipanned it today and will ice it next weekend.

Hubby bought some dates so that’s our treat for today. If I don’t get on the computer for a few days perhaps I’ll find something more interesting to report. Best Wishes, Julie.

Don’t let the b…… get you down

Or the weather – after a really horrible day yesterday I intend to get some new inks for my printer and make some posters.

I am looking at the big window in our living room which I have decorated with spray snow. I did the usual nativity scene but this time I added a host of angels. I tried for window stickers down town but they only had Father Christmas, an elf, a tree, a reindeer, and for some odd reason, a penguin. I added them anyway as they were colourful. Sorry, but they don’t come out very well on a photo so I didn’t bother.

We have a tiny tree with white and red lights and a wreath on the front door. That’s the lot this year as we are not expecting visitors.

I’m trying to work up to entering the dialogue competition in Writing Magazine but , so far, haven’t felt inspired. Best Wishes to all.

The Christmas Cake

Not my news, this time, my hubby’s. He spent yesterday afternoon making a large Christmas Cake in spite of the fact that we shouldn’t really be eating ANY cake over Christmas. Now I have the job of dosing it with spirits and adding the marzipan and icing.

There is a desperate need to be creative while this lockdown is on. He even mowed the lawn. In the old days we could stop in November until the spring but, with global warming, the grass keeps growing all winter.

It will be such a relief when the shops open again. I hate buying things online because I can’t see them before I purchase. We have all our charity cards but will be relying on the computer and telephone to keep in contact with family.

Now my book is finished I need another project. If I thought it would be a success I’d start a sequel!

The reason for Christmas

I have a mobile phone but I use it as a camera and took it with me when we went for our Christmas walk with the dog.

We had been to a carol service the previous weekend and we don’t do Midnight Mass but when we came through the park and saw the church in front of us I felt I had to take a picture, just to remind us of the reason we celebrate Christmas. There have been a few lovely programmes on TV but none better than Gareth Malone’s choir in a hospital.

I don’t like being bombarded with requests for charities but I do buy charity cards and hope in some small way to make 2020 better for everyone I can. I get told I make people laugh, even when I don’t mean to. Let’s hope that continues. Happy New Year, folks.

st andrews church

After the meal.

My family didn’t believe I went to the gym so on Monday I asked the instructor to take a photo to prove it. I only attend once or twice a week and it is more like personal training as it is more for mobility than fitness. There are some actions that a chubby over 70yr old cannot ( or will not) attempt. As it was, I had to sit down half way through the session as I was getting out of breath. I was told the peanut had been purchased especially for me as I thought I would fall off the big balls.

We have our Christmas dinner tonight, just the two of us, so I’d better put the computer away and get into the kitchen. Hubby is concerned because his bird table has been knocked down by the wind and rain ( and squirrels) Not much fun for him if he spends the rest of the day trying to fix it back up. Keep hoping!

pnut time

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas to all my new followers, all over the world. I get such joy out of reading your poems and posts. I just wish I was as gifted a photographer as many of you. I thought I might put on a picture of our front window as it looks Christmassy and we haven’t bothered with lights and chains this year.

We have already had one lovely Christmas meal and are looking forward to another on Saturday, then I’ll do a little one for the two of us on Christmas Eve, with the pudding on the day itself.

I have been re reading a book which was first published in 1945 and realised why I liked tortoises so much, because the hero was a tortoise! Books you read in childhood leave more of an impression than you imagine.

What books can you remember from your youth? So many posts never result in a conversation and I would like to be better connected to you all in 2020.

xmas window2019