The reason for Christmas

I have a mobile phone but I use it as a camera and took it with me when we went for our Christmas walk with the dog.

We had been to a carol service the previous weekend and we don’t do Midnight Mass but when we came through the park and saw the church in front of us I felt I had to take a picture, just to remind us of the reason we celebrate Christmas. There have been a few lovely programmes on TV but none better than Gareth Malone’s choir in a hospital.

I don’t like being bombarded with requests for charities but I do buy charity cards and hope in some small way to make 2020 better for everyone I can. I get told I make people laugh, even when I don’t mean to. Let’s hope that continues. Happy New Year, folks.

st andrews church

After the meal.

My family didn’t believe I went to the gym so on Monday I asked the instructor to take a photo to prove it. I only attend once or twice a week and it is more like personal training as it is more for mobility than fitness. There are some actions that a chubby over 70yr old cannot ( or will not) attempt. As it was, I had to sit down half way through the session as I was getting out of breath. I was told the peanut had been purchased especially for me as I thought I would fall off the big balls.

We have our Christmas dinner tonight, just the two of us, so I’d better put the computer away and get into the kitchen. Hubby is concerned because his bird table has been knocked down by the wind and rain ( and squirrels) Not much fun for him if he spends the rest of the day trying to fix it back up. Keep hoping!

pnut time

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas to all my new followers, all over the world. I get such joy out of reading your poems and posts. I just wish I was as gifted a photographer as many of you. I thought I might put on a picture of our front window as it looks Christmassy and we haven’t bothered with lights and chains this year.

We have already had one lovely Christmas meal and are looking forward to another on Saturday, then I’ll do a little one for the two of us on Christmas Eve, with the pudding on the day itself.

I have been re reading a book which was first published in 1945 and realised why I liked tortoises so much, because the hero was a tortoise! Books you read in childhood leave more of an impression than you imagine.

What books can you remember from your youth? So many posts never result in a conversation and I would like to be better connected to you all in 2020.

xmas window2019

Christmas message

I couldn’t leave the last post as the Christmas one and , as I doubt whether I’ll have anything new to say after today, except political comment, I’ll take this opportunity to wish all my followers a Happy Christmas.

All presents bought, most cards sent, three festive meals to look forward to and it’s pouring with rain. I have an idea for a new book but I’m letting it germinate over the holidays. It’s fine thinking up ideas for books for children but more difficult when you realise they like illustrations. I enjoy finding cover pictures on line but finding an illustrator might be more difficult.

Now to search on line for a shop that sells furniture – one we can get to easily. I refuse to buy on line without viewing the purchase. That’s a job for 2020.


Planning and Learning

A really busy week with an interesting meeting at West Sussex Writers where Raine Geoghegan gave us a talk on the Art of Performance and had us all doing breathing exercises. Some of us also had the opportunity to read poems and monologues that we had written, after which we had very positive feedback from the group. Raine gave us a taste of her own poetry and told us a little of her own fascinating background.

The Sea Scribes also had a productive meeting with helpful comments and a decision to attempt a book sale rather than the usual ” Tunes and Tales,” event. We will, hopefully, give proceeds to a charity, this time ” Breathe Easy” part of the British Lung Foundation.

As soon as the date is confirmed I shall add it to my website.

I was going to cook the Christmas puddings this weekend but I always use my favourite stout and none of the local shops have any. I suppose I could use beer or cider but it wouldn’t be the same.

The short story I have written for December is complete and ready for posting. bookwormclipart

Christmas 2018 verse

Santa surveyed the map of the world stretched out before him, a canvas unfurled.

This year, he told Rudolf, we’ll have a new route, but I’ll still be dressed up in white fur and red suit.

We are going to travel o’er mountain and hill, stopping first in the South, where I’m certain we will

Enjoy the warm night times and fly through the air, giving our gifts to the good children there-

From the East to the West , as the evening draws on we’ll spread the good cheer as we gallop along,

From deserts to jungles, high up in the air, and then we’ll swoop down with those parcels to share,

But as we turn Northward I fear we shall find that we’ve been forgotten, our time left behind-

As nations are squabbling about who’s the best and marching and shouting in bright yellow vests.

There’s fires in the streets and the children all cower, afraid in their beds, still awake at this hour.

As countries divide and the people despair I wonder if any still know that we’re there.

I wonder if stories of an infant birth, designed to bring peace to the people of earth

Can be heard in the clamour of hatred and fear, if the presents we bring will remind them, this year

That nothing is gained by ignoring the news that the whole world relies on the different views

Of the people on earth being able, one day, to agree what is best, so to them all I say

Be kind and be peaceful, there’s plenty to do to keep this world beautiful and safe for you-

Look after the land and the rivers and seas and, at Christmas time, be loving and giving, please.


Christmas lights

I remembered to take my camera phone down town when I went Christmas shopping yesterday and took a picture of the centre of Worthing. I didn’t find any Christmas jumpers that I liked. They all had sequins on, which I am trying not to buy, just as I have stopped buying Christmas cards with glitter. All these things that ruin the planet and it is only this year we have been told it is a problem!

Then I walked all over town looking for a specific toy and it was only in the last half hour that I remembered the Guildbourne Centre and, of course, they had loads to choose from! What a pity this place is underused.

There were adverts for the pantomime everywhere. Maybe we could start promoting ourselves as a year-round holiday destination, not just a sea-side day trip place. Here’s hoping we keep the department stores. Happy Christmas, folks!worthing xmas 2018




Writing a talk

No more poems at present as I am researching Sussex Writers for my 2019 talks at Womens’ Institute meetings.

After talking for about two dozen times on my life and works I thought I should branch out and introduce people to other local writers, old and new but this involves reading about their lives as well as sampling their books so it is taking time. Thank goodness for the internet or it would be a much harder job.

My story for the competition has been posted and, as usual I thought of ways to improve it after it had gone. Never mind, it was a free one!

This weekend is all parties and Christmas lunches. It seems early. I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet. The weather has been unpredictable so we are beginning to hibernate. I did buy a Christmas wreath for the front door but it isn’t up yet.WP_20161214_001