Back in the Swing

At last society is gradually getting back to normal. It feels a bit unfair when the rest of the world is still suffering so much but the need to meet up with folk is very strong and just one social occasion can lift the spirits for a week.

After seeing family on Sunday I then had the good fortune to be allowed to have a stall at the Summer Fayre arranged by Buddy’s in aid of Mencap. Such a lovely group of volunteers who had obviously worked hard to put on the event at short notice.

I sold eight books and won a couple of prizes on the tombola, as well as having a delicious bacon roll from the cafe when hubby came to meet me and help pack up.

The Worthing Town Crier attended , as did a lively singer and everyone agreed that it was wonderful just to meet again. We had outside stalls and very few people wore masks until they ventured indoors to the shop or cafe. This is the gradual way to get back to normal safely. I don’t know how much money they made but when we came away the raffle was in full swing and all involved looked content.


Christmas event

I have just returned from our charity book sale at Durrington and it was a great success. The lucky dip made £35 pounds and almost all of us sold one or more books. The anthologies went down well and we actually found some folk willing to read poetry. With six very different authors there was plenty of choice and the two so far unpublished members gave away free short stories. A kind photographer took a photo of all of us together which should help with future publicity and I will try to post the little snap I took of part of the room. This is a very lively Community Centre and the staff were very helpful. I hope we have made at least £50 for the Breathe Easy charity. We will find out on Thursday when we have our next meeting. Of course it doesn’t make as much as the Musical events but it was more appropriate at this time of year.

charity book sale