Blown Away!

I was really looking forward to Broadwater Big Day out and had books to sell and a new game that I had invented so that everyone who had a go won a prize. As last time we were given a stall in the centre of the field backing onto the fenced off cricket pitch and most of the others were all round the outside. It was cloudy but promised to warm up so Elaine and I set out our table and hoped. We were next to a large gazebo which had to move because of the wind but it came back and set up on the other side. Unfortunately by 12o’clock the wind was gusting so badly it blew it over again and it fell on our bookstall. As very few people had ventured in our direction and it was still blowing we gave it up as a bad job and came home – having had one person look at our books but no sales. So many books are just ebooks now that it is difficult to know where to sell actual books, especially as one is competing with stalls selling second hand books for 50p.

Without a gazebo I don’t think we will do an outside event again, and even with oneĀ  we would have to take note of the weather! It’s back to promoting on line and in person and to this end I’ll try to update my website in the next few weeks.



Wouldn’t it be great to know who had caused a spike on one’s website? Hardly anyone ever looks at and suddenly, this week I had a massive spike. I do wonder what caused it as it wasn’t echoed on wordpress. I wish I could reward everyone with some interesting post but the only thing I am working on is the talk about Sussex Fiction. I think that is finished but I don’t yet have many bookings to try it out.

I must get some more verses completed as I am about to book up for Broadwater’s Big Day Out in July. It was fine last year but if it rains it won’t be so funny as we don’t have a gazebo. I know everyone likes pictures so I’ll add the one of last time – when I was supposed to be a ringmaster ( it was a circus theme) If I don’t get the anthology completed I’ll not have anything new to sell.