Book launch lessons

Well, that was a different experience! Usually my book launches end up with approximately ten books sold and a lot of friends seen but this time was different. As none of the social occasions I usually attend, Friendship Centre, Gym, Jazz and Folk events have been operating, I have not been able to invite people in person.

Stupidly, I thought the best place for launching a children’s book was where there were children. WRONG! ( especially when they were playing) I should keep the books until I meet up with their grandparents.

It was a little noisy at the Lido but the all day breakfast I had when we closed the stall made it all worth it. I had sold five books, four of them to people who knew me who had been alerted by text. I don’t think posters and flyers work any more. Everything has to be advertised on line. If you haven’t got a mobile phone and are not on facebook you don’t exist!

I’ll put them all away until book3 is out and then sell them as a trilogy, nearer Christmas. We live and learn.


Sea scribes books.

sea-scribes-at-windmill.jpgOn Sunday the Sea Scribes had a stall at a craft fair at the High Salvington Windmill. We were displaying our books and offering to sign them.

People came up and expressed an interest, one lady said to me “I have read one of your books and enjoyed it,” but she didn’t buy another. Maybe it was because our pitch was next to a stall selling second hand books for 25p each!

It was a beautiful day and the entertainment was good, a bunch of Morris Dancers and a mechanical organ. The non fiction books always go down well, especially if they have ‘Worthing’ in the title. Never mind, we made some good contacts with a local charity and look forward to working with them on an event of our own later in the year.

I was cheered today when a friend who had bought one of my books a year ago said she had started to read it although she didn’t usually read books. That was “Never Run Away” and it does seem to chime with people. How many women have secretly wished they could?