Another verse.

So sad a heart that cannot love

When worthlessness is a belief

That shuts the door on everyone

Who tries to shine affection’s light.

So hard the task of would-be friend

Wiping the window of the soul

To free it from the mist of doubt

And shine warmth on a frozen heart.



#SelfPublishing Writers Need All the Help They Can Get — Notes from An Alien

I’ve periodically shared various writing tools and different writing software… I’ve never quite known what to say about these writing aids, mostly because writers are so different in their needs and habits… One thing I think I do know, since I am a self-published author, is that we Indie-types really do need a lot of […]

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Maybe if I put a few book reviews on here my followers will come back.

I am reading The Crow Trap by Ann Cleves and , even before I have finished I know I will look out for more of her books. Three women conduct an environmental assessment for a proposed quarry but a murder brings detective inspector Vera Stanhope onto the scene.

Whereas the TV series concentrates on the detective this book has much more about the other characters and the writing style is perfect for this type of story.I love the detail about the environment that the three women are examining.I’ll put more on Goodreads when I have got to the end.

Keep trying

I have just sent off an article to Mature Times as the magazine I first offered it to have not replied.If I get it published I’ll be content but wouldn’t it be nice if they asked for more?

I’ll be up in the loft this weekend for more copies of “A Lesson for the Teacher” to take on holiday.As it contains scenes in Chatham,Greenford,Ealing, Shoreham,Brighton, Burnham  and Torquay I can’t expect Worthing people to buy it to find places they recognise as I could with the other five books. It has to rely on folk who remember the 1960’s. Luckily, we may be with a few of those!

The last copy of “Honey and Humbug” will be sold this weekend. (I have archived one)We enjoyed producing our own poetry anthology but we didn’t ISBN it and the 100 we had printed were often given away as presents so it was expensive.

I am trying to think of another story for a competition. Writing Magazine have a whole year of competitions in their last issue. Talks are great but I need to be creating!

Money Tree

Of course I’m not superstitious

I dodge ladders because it’s safe.

Number thirteen, even Friday

I remember, but do not care –

It’s just a date, like any other.

The Money Tree is different

It was a gift- I nurtured it.

When it grew big I took cuttings,

Gave it away, the cuttings grew

I, too, flourished. Is this due

To the Money Tree?