Back from the Midlands

We spent the referendum weekend away from home, near Atherstone, one of my favourite places. I think it may be because it feels as if it still has buildings from Georgian times and the layout is typically English. I did get a bit annoyed when I found the Post Office wasn’t in the High Street. I just can’t walk as far as I used to. The long main road is really part of Watling Street – the Roman Road that went from South to North in Britain.

Now we are waiting to find out what happens to both political parties.

I am also waiting to see what reviewers make of “A Lesson for the Teacher” and, although I said I wouldn’t, I have started the next book. Now I’ll have to buy some more ISBN numbers.

We live in turbulent times.



Over 250 people asked for a free copy of ” A Lesson for the Teacher” on Goodreads. That is so gratifying. As soon as I get home the five winners will get their copies and I’ll put a couple in our local library but I will have to sell the rest.

For anyone yet to see the cover I’ll add it to this post. Thanks, everyone. I hope you enjoy it. I have it

A lesson for the Teacher cover

on kindle and paperback and find the book easier to follow. Best Wishes, J.

Amazon experience

More production news. Amazon now have ” A Lesson for the Teacher” on kindle but without a cover picture as I couldn’t work out how to change the size of the photo. Of course it’s on here ¬†on Pages (May 2016)and also on the paperback page so people can see it.

I’ll tell my followers a secret. I thought I had given up writing novels but a story is creeping into my subconscious. All I have to do is decide whether to self publish again or go with a publishing group. Maybe I’ll just let it stew until September and then start putting it on paper. I suppose I could serialise it on line?

I’ll feel better when I get my printer sorted. Giving this a rest for a week.j.

website problems

More worries about the computer. I seem unable to reach my webmaster to update my website and now it is quite out of date.

After the launch on 3rd June I tried to get “A lesson for the Teacher” on Amazon. The cover appeared but nothing else. I can supply copies from the website orders but I am having problems trying to provide Amazon with an ebook version. I’ll get there eventually but it makes me feel so ignorant.

I still haven’t written anything worth telling you about but I have completed the script for our next recording and been booked for a talk in 2017!

Computers again

Now I’m in a bind. I have to learn how to unzip something, and it’s not a bag or a coat. When I looked on line there were loads of choices for unzipping apps. I’m just bemused.

How on earth am I supposed to get my ebook on anywhere if I’m so useless on the computer? maybe I’m not meant to produce an ebook. Maybe it should only be a paperback. So far people have been very complimentary and, as usual, read the whole thing in one go.

I may have an idea for the next book. I’ll start in September. Sorry my website isn’t up to date. I’m hoping it will be soon.

Reviews and news

When do you write a review of a book? I am finding that if I write it immediately after I have finished the book it is very different from when I write it a few days later. In fact, if I leave it too long I have forgotten what the book was about.If I write as soon as I can the review is better that if I leave it until later. But is this fair? Surely the books that live in the memory should rate higher?

Now to try and find the launch photo.DSCF0861


Now the last novel is on sale I need to find something else to write about. I thought of doing an autobiography until I realised I would have to censor it.

Should I brush up an old short story or look at magazines to find a competition? I need to get back to writing. “A Lesson for the Teacher” went very well at the launch and I have a number of outlets lined up for next week. When I find our launch photo I’ll put it on.