Where do you get your ideas from? ( Or – from where do you get your ideas?) I began to think about this as I settled on a subject for my next short story.

All my books had news items as the trigger .Lane’s End had the treatment of people with learning difficulties, Un-Stable Lane had the floods, The Third Lane had soldiers coming back from the war, Never Run Away had redundancy and Never Pretend had crime and the use of local news TV stations.It is only A Lesson for the Teacher that is not relevant today because that has echoes of my past.

It is quite likely I may go quiet for a few days now I have some inspiration. I wrote a poem but it needs editing before I enter it for a competition.


Charity folk gig

A Great gig at Arundel last night with Jusgeoff, Phil and Jane, Jo and Graham and the Greenhill Boys. The charities they were collecting for were Paws animal sanctuary, Parkinson’s UK and Chestnut Tree House, the local children’s hospice.

The football club makes a super venue for folk evenings and is well supported by folk from Woodies, which we attend regularly. Don’t let anyone tell you live folk is dead and buried. It is thriving in West Sussex.

I am busy searching for lost poetry books as I may be reading poems in care homes soon. I had all the old familiar ones when I was a child but I’m not sure where they are now – probably up in the loft with the rest of my books! Still. it gets the bookshelves dusted.


Last week I ordered the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook for 2017 and I have just flicked through it. It was about time I had a new one as I keep recommending it at my talks and yet the last one I purchased was in 2013.

I am sure a lot has changed since then.It is really a dipping book, for reference, with 800 pages of contacts in the publishing world and advice to writers and creatives.

I have also had an invitation to enter a poetry competition, but I think my verses might be too simple. Autumnwatch last night should have inspired me. I’ll have a think!

Right click

Just to explain why I was so happy to be able to put clipart on line. I haven’t used the right mouse button for twenty years and am only now beginning to discover its uses.

I am so impressed by the photos on this site but don’t use a camera that takes pictures. Now you see what an old fogey I am.I am trying to get up to date but its a hard slog.

I got so fed up with having nothing to write about but I have the glimmering of an idea. It is for children and will need a great illustrator. Luckily I know one who would be ideal.

Time will tell.

Horrible discovery

So ebooks are the best way for indies to get published are they? Not in my case.

I wrote ” A Lesson for the Teacher” with ebook production in mind and put it on kindle.

NOBODY has downloaded it. It looks better as a paperback and sales are quite steady but I thought a little 1960s romance might tickle the fancy of some readers. I guess it is appealing to the wrong age group, but love is love, whatever age you are! Maybe it is the word ‘teacher’ that puts people off. I did think the cover would dispel any notion that it was stuffy or educational. Reviews have dried up and my hope is that some folk may consider it as a Christmas present. Meanwhile both websites are getting looked at and so I think I’ll keep them both going for a while.


I was talking to someone who found me on Google and wondered why all my readers on wordpress come from countries other than the UK. Maybe it’s because I don’t use the right tags? I’m still learning how to put things on line. I tried to find a picture of a mouse to go with the last post but once I had it I couldn’t see how to get it onto this blog.( It’s on twitter #jacyround)

That poem was in Sea Scribes’ Christmas anthology and, as I am not writing a novel at present I thought I might put some more verses on from our Worthing ¬†anthology until I realised how long they were.There’s only one that won’t take up too many lines:

The day of the big parade and the Council’s plans were laid

They closed the roads and the signs all showed where the procession stayed.

But they stood there in the rain as it poured from sky to drain

And, in the wet, the dancers fret “We dressed up all in vain.”

While the rain came sheeting down, floats trundled through the town

And the puddles grew as the people knew it was causing the day to drown.

But the Samba band played on as they marched to a cheery song

And the lorries drove while the brollies hove into view, along the prom.

We have had our summer fun, when it’s Birdman day they come,

In the fair they play, but this August day we really missed the sun!

( Worthing took over from Bognor to hold the Birdman event while their pier was out of order)