With my teacher’s hat on I have constructed a positive review for the book I have just finished. I still haven’t the heart to point out what I first considered to be flaws but, on reflection, think they just might be quirks that add something to the writing. The odd bits of present tense make the action more immediate and the change of viewpoint gives the reader an insight into the mind of the child. It made me uncomfortable but suited the story.

At least he is writing, whereas I have come to a complete halt. I don’t feel too well at present and still need to get back into a routine after Christmas.Once I’ve checked emails and posted a book for a reader who lives abroad I’ll put a Christmas picture on. I am trying very hard to think visually.




This is a test of my sensitivity towards new writers and I may be failing.

What do you do when you see that a book has been given a load of five star reviews, including one by the author?

What do you do when a book has been edited by a professional editor but has glaring changes of tense and viewpoint?

What do you do when it is a first, self published, book and you can feel the writer has invested a lot of themselves into it?

I think, maybe, I’ll keep quiet now I’ve had a little rant. Maybe I’m just being pedantic.

Maybe I’ll just do nothing.


Family day

Our family had our Christmas get together yesterday and eight of us and one dog met in Surrey for a meal and gift exchange. It was lovely to see everyone, especially when we were joined by our daughter-in -law’s mother, someone we see very rarely.

There was a massive Christmas tree and we had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and wine. Our granddaughter looked like a little princess and it was great to meet up with our grandson again as we hadn’t seen him since the spring.

Our son’s scooter magazine on line ( is getting new readers all the time and he had a company Tshirt for his brother. I ordered one for myself. Maybe I’ll get it for my birthday.

My photos didn’t come out very well so I am promising to try harder in 2017. Pictures are the future, I’m afraid.



Hi to all new viewers as we end 2016 and thanks for following. The Sea Scribes had their last meeting for this year today and we are determined to be a bigger presence on social media next year.

My new website has meant more people have found me and I have had fun on twitter, although I still have a lot to learn about that.

Sorry to those who missed out on the free books on Goodreads. I am selling on amazon but there are still second hand copies available, too.I don’t send ebooks myself. I can’t afford to let any more go as this is possibly my last book. The way I do it every book is sold at a loss and I don’t manage the computer very well.

I promise to let you know how the play is coming on but today I decided to scrap what I had written and start all over again. January will be a new venture in more than one way.

The boiler is fixed, Ben has his chair and we are warm and content again.

Season’s Greetings.



Day of disasters?

Last night we lost all electric power except our lights. I went to bed worrying about it and we called the electrician this morning. He said it was the boiler or the pump.

We called the plumber and he said it was the fan in the boiler. He has taken it off to get a new one. I was going Christmas shopping but that looks a nono as the man who is fixing Ben’s rocking chair may bring it back today. Perhaps I’ll go, anyway, although it is raining and maybe we could do without a sausage ring and a meringue pudding.

Twas on a Monday morning the first man came to call-

We need the big chair fixing or through it Ben will fall!

Twas on  Tuesday evening the heat began to go-

There’s something up electrically, but what , we do not know.

Twas on a Wednesday morning and, searching for the fault,

Off went computer, television, fridge Р but all for nought.

So we called out the plumber and just hope it isn’t cold

Lets have it fixed for Christmas,’cos we are just too old

To huddle round the fire (It’s gas) and boil the water so-

We may be forced to go to bed, for warmth, of course, you know.






Back catalogue

Exploring the new wordpress and hoping to promote my previous books at the same time. This is me a few years ago when I launched the first ‘Never’ book about a married woman who ran away to Worthing and found herself in a mysterious house. It isn’t as dark as most of the other running away books written at the time. My writing is known as easy and gentle reading, but it moves along. Hope you like it.


Christmas thoughts.

I’m not noted for my sensitivity but, this year, I am very aware of people who are not having a Merry Christmas. Those who, because of loss or illness are finding Christmas extra difficult need our understanding and those who are in war torn countries make one feel how unfair it is for us to be celebrating while they are suffering.I’m not sure about doe-eyed people pleading for charity money on TV but I do like to buy charity Christmas cards, especially as there is such a great selection in the church in town.Maybe we should all look at ourselves and wonder if we are pretending to be having fun, rather than giving joy. It will always be a time to celebrate birth and treat children but maybe it is also a time to reflect on how humans can use religion as an excuse for inhuman behaviour.