Christmas Past

Do you remember in the fifties. after Christmas, when back at school we were asked to bring in Christmas cards to make New Year Calendars for the family? We used coloured card and stuck a picture on the top with a ribbon to hang them up and a tiny calendar on the bottom. We tried not to choose a picture with writing on. Which one would you choose?



Writing a play

Well I started. I wrote some scenes in rough and then got out the template. So they want the names in bold capitals, the stage directions in italics and the rest tabbed to fit! For someone who is useless on the computer that makes hard work. One scene ( 0nly one page) took over half an hour. ( two finger typing) How long will a whole play take – and will it be too difficult to stage with two different sets?

I look at the instructions for the competition. It all looks very modern and minimalist. When I get time I may view some of the previous plays but if I do it now it may put me off altogether. Besides, even if I don’t enter this competition I still want to write the play.

What I really want to do is read it out loud to myself and see if I can introduce some humour. People always enjoy something that makes them laugh. I’ve got a month. I’ll let you know how I get on.So far the title is “A Lesson in Love”but that might change.

Suffering ( a bit)

In bed all day yesterday with what seems like a chest infection. I can’t seem to stop coughing. The only thing that helps is steam!

It did give me the opportunity to work on my play. I downloaded some advice on layout last week and if I feel up to it I’ll try to decipher my handwriting and put it on the computer.

There’s a local competition I could enter , if I get it finished in time. So far I have cut the sets to two and the characters to eight. Trouble is, I have the girl throwing water over someone. Can that work on stage or will I have to change it?

New Year’s Eve tonight and I bet I’m asleep before midnight. I’ll have to take down all the Christmas cards soon. Pity, they cheer the place up. Happy New Year, folks.


With my teacher’s hat on I have constructed a positive review for the book I have just finished. I still haven’t the heart to point out what I first considered to be flaws but, on reflection, think they just might be quirks that add something to the writing. The odd bits of present tense make the action more immediate and the change of viewpoint gives the reader an insight into the mind of the child. It made me uncomfortable but suited the story.

At least he is writing, whereas I have come to a complete halt. I don’t feel too well at present and still need to get back into a routine after Christmas.Once I’ve checked emails and posted a book for a reader who lives abroad I’ll put a Christmas picture on. I am trying very hard to think visually.



This is a test of my sensitivity towards new writers and I may be failing.

What do you do when you see that a book has been given a load of five star reviews, including one by the author?

What do you do when a book has been edited by a professional editor but has glaring changes of tense and viewpoint?

What do you do when it is a first, self published, book and you can feel the writer has invested a lot of themselves into it?

I think, maybe, I’ll keep quiet now I’ve had a little rant. Maybe I’m just being pedantic.

Maybe I’ll just do nothing.