Folk Club

Out at the Willows in Arundel last night for an Open Mic. night. Lots of local talent and a bar – what more could you want! I made my debut with a poem I had written ( my singing isn’t great) which went down well and some people asked for more. Not sure this will encourage folk to purchase my books but the more exposure I get the better, I suppose!

Singing is good for you, so they say, and tonight is our singing group night. They have decided to have an ABBA evening. Not sure that is quite our thing but we’ll go along and try. Gardeners chopping our conifers today so may send a picture once they have been shorn. ( I should have done a before and after -too late now!)


Hallo Goodreads!

I have just found out why Goodreads couldn’t read my blog. It was the old one. Now members are aboard I can apologise for not being able to send out any more free copies of “A Lesson for the Teacher.” I have put copies in a few more libraries but if more are required please see

It has taken me a long time to start to get familiar with Goodreads but I have had such good feedback from folk on there that I look at it every day.I thoroughly enjoy reviewing the books I am reading and have found some new authors,too.

I am writing for competitions at present so cannot put anything on line. Maybe a picture?img_0244

Speaking success

This morning I gave another talk to a group of pensioners. They seemed very pleased that I was a local author and asked perceptive questions when I finished. These talks are always a joy and this one was especially good as I sold nine books. It is still a fact that people want to read about the local area, even if it is fiction and they pass the stories around a group rather than looking on line for the ebook –  but just to find people happy to take copies is a bonus. I was even pleased when a library in another part of the country accepted a donated copy of ” A Lesson for the Teacher”and actually thanked me for it!

The pantomime is almost ready for me to show it to someone who might want to use it. I’m pretty nervous about the reaction I might get but I had fun writing it, anyway.                   ( I also had fun reading it out loud and doing all the different voices but that’s another story)


Out three nights on the trot – a quiz on Friday, a charity bash on Saturday and folk on Sunday! Greg Harper’s session on Saturday with Stuart Coupe, Chris Denman and Nigel Ratcliffe was excellent- with a great variety of stories and songs all in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. The, last night, we were back at Clapham and Patching Hall for the Woodies Folk Club, a fortnightly dose of live entertainment, this time with a ‘songs from films and shows’ theme. I do enjoy being able to sing along. That’s why we joined the surgery choir.

Now it’s trying to get fit time again. My new exercise class starts this afternoon. No time for writing!

Book review

I usually stick to Goodreads for my reviews but I have just finished reading Oliver Harris’s crime thriller ” Hollow Man” and, apart from the fact that the title has been used by others I found it a great read with a fascinating hero and a plot that unravelled at just the right pace to keep one wanting to know what happened next. I would not normally read this type of book but now want to continue with the series.

As to my writing, that will probably be non fiction this month. I’ll show the panto and poem to the Sea Scribes but I’m quite lacking in imagination – especially as I was told this morning I had a 19% chance of a heart attack. I still refused the statins.

Getting fitter

Well, I did it! I signed up for another exercise class. With that and changing my diet I should be able to get away with not having to take statins.

I am struggling to think of a short story for our newsletter. I’d like to write a new one rather than use an old one but I’m also near the end of a fascinating book and want to spend time with that. It is another book with a title that has been used plenty of times before and I nearly picked the wrong one to review!

I am sitting looking at a vase of daffodils hubby bought for me yesterday. I wonder if a poem would do? Yellow is such a happy colour.Happy Valentine’s Day for 14th everyone.