The Panto again

Well. I found some jokes, added a character and now need to get it all typed up before I show it to anyone. Worthy Words Wednesday and Sea Scribes Thursday so have plenty of opportunities to try it out.

We have a ‘he’s behind you’ and  an ‘oh no it isn’t’ in the script now so it feels more like a traditional pantomime.

I have also been trying out the camera on my smart phone so I may have a couple of pictures for the next posts.Sorry it takes so long.



Getting advice from all and sundry about the panto. There are lots of panto type jokes on the web but I now have to update my version and add a character to tell the jokes. I have decided to use one of the characters I left out of the original version and have them speak to the narrator and the audience. This means a big rewrite but I’m up for it!

I thought writing a play was difficult but this is even worse! Now to wander about with a notebook as all writers are supposed to do so that if anything funny occurs to me I can get it down before I forget.


I should have written ” not TOO well.” ( bit late for proof reading!)Anyway , I feel better today and had a card from hubby that I must share:

‘Having read so much about the ageing effects of chocolate and alcohol Julie immediately decided to give up reading.’That made me laugh – something that is concerning me at the moment. How to make people laugh.I have started putting the panto on computer but it hasn’t any jokes and pantos must have jokes!

I  ignored the usual ones, Cinderella and Aladdin and chose The Wizard of Oz. There’s plenty of opportunity for slapstick but usually the scriptwriters put in topical jokes. I have moved the story to GB and I have one joke about potholed roads ( instead of the yellow brick road) but I need to find some Christmas cracker type jokes to include.

There won’t be the usual man dressed as a pantomime dame, or girl as a principal boy and it will probably have to be performed without a set, or just read. I do record for the blind and they could use it if they had the right voices and if they thought it was good enough or funny enough! More research needed – at least it’s keeping me busy.


Poorly poem

I’m not to well at present but I’m determined to get on with the panto. Meanwhile:

Lying sick upon the bed, around me my possessions spread

A glasses case, a pen or two, hot water bottle, paper, too.

But there’s one object I require – a book, or more, my main desire

For stomach ache can be ignored when stories stop me getting bored.

They must be good or I will sleep, into another world I’ll creep

And all the pains of this sad day- Imagination wafts away.



HI there, new readers. I hope you get the chance to scroll through some of my old posts. They may be more fun than the recent ones.

Also, I don’t know which website you came through. They have different email addresses.It would be great to know what aspect of my musings you prefer. I used to get ‘like’ when I wrote a poem so I might do that next. Also, I am reading an interesting futuristic book so I might put my review on here a well as Goodreads.

The Winchester Festival competitions are out now – very tempting but it’s years since I went there – too many steps.I would offer to speak on self publishing but it has changed so much since I started that I am way out of date. I still expect people to buy actual books!  Mind you, it is very encouraging when Amazon say they have put some money into my account even if it is for the ebook.

Now to get started on the Panto. First stop – the characters.



How’s this for an idea? Instead of trying to write a serious play I am going to attempt a Pantomime. I know who would like to perform it so I found one that she could star in.

Now to localise the plot and make the characters more exaggerated. The script is partly done as it has been a film but I am working from the book and it is very different.

My short story for the competition is ready for posting. I don’t think I’ll look for a course. I’ll just look on line for suggestions that very helpful folk are sending me. Life is looking up at last!


Just cut down my short story from 3500 words to 2450 for a competition. That was a good exercise.

I was considering trying to go back into education as a student until I found out how much it would cost. I really need a sense of direction if I am to keep writing through the summer.I doubt if I would have the time or the stamina for a degree and I’m frightened to pay for stuff I already know.I’ll keep researching on line courses and perhaps I’ll find one by September.Meanwhile the Sea Scribes and Worthy Words will keep me on track.