Reviews and news

When do you write a review of a book? I am finding that if I write it immediately after I have finished the book it is very different from when I write it a few days later. In fact, if I leave it too long I have forgotten what the book was about.If I write as soon as I can the review is better that if I leave it until later. But is this fair? Surely the books that live in the memory should rate higher?

Now to try and find the launch photo.DSCF0861


Now the last novel is on sale I need to find something else to write about. I thought of doing an autobiography until I realised I would have to censor it.

Should I brush up an old short story or look at magazines to find a competition? I need to get back to writing. “A Lesson for the Teacher” went very well at the launch and I have a number of outlets lined up for next week. When I find our launch photo I’ll put it on.

Book Launch

Don’t say it isn’t worth it! Three of us had a brilliant book launch today at a local hostelry with over 50 people attending and plenty of books sold. I even had one customer who bought three copies! We provided cake and coffee and saw friends, relations, neighbours and people who had just seen it advertised.

OK, so we didn’t have champagne but we did stay for a nice lunch and went home satisfied.Now to find out if word gets around and the books make an impression.


Wow! That was quick. Goodreads, I love you. The offer of a copy of “A Lesson for the Teacher” has resulted in so many replies there will be some people who are disappointed. I hope by then Amazon have got it further up the list so people can find it as there is no way it is unavailable.

In fact, as it was published today I shall be taking copies to the WI meeting where I am speaking tomorrow night and I shall also have copies with me at the folk club, the Willows at Arundel,tonight. Could this be the book that puts me on the literary map? I wonder.

A Lesson for the Teacher

Margaret Jones has met a man – not just any man -a tall, dark, muscular, handsome man.

This was an unexpected event. She was used to seeing young, athletic men at the cricket club but they didn’t usually notice her. After all, she was just a short, dumpy mouse of a girl, or woman, now she had just left college.

Nigel was different. Nigel treated her as if she mattered and even invited her to a concert in London…..

New Novel

Hi folks. I guess putting the details of “A Lesson for the Teacher” onto Pages in May wasn’t the best way to advertise it and it isn’t easy to find on Amazon. It is on Goodreads and Waterstones’ website.

For anyone who wants to know it is ISBN 9780955724282.After the launch on Friday it should appear on my

More promotion

Well, I got my name and news onto the radio. I think that’s probably enough promotion for now. Once the book is published I’ll do more.

Back to giving talks next week. I really enjoy going to WI meetings. Each one is slightly different and they are all so friendly and positive.

Next event WOW on Monday and I have my ‘sixties’ piece ready to read, along with a couple of poems from “Honey and Humbug.” I still haven’t any inspiration for further writing. I hope this changes soon!