American and Canadian contacts

I feel very grateful to the followers who have started to read my new blog but I really miss reading the posts from the people I conversed with on the old one. I just wish I had written down their details.

I don’t know how to go about finding them. It doesn’t help that my memory is pretty poor at present and although I used to remember their names I can’t think of them. My friend who reblogs and who used to be on Librarything and the lovely lady who sends poems are really missed.

I’m off to my writing group this afternoon and reading at a workshop at the end of the month. Not feeling very creative but do need to get a recording organised for July.


hunting followers

So sorry to all my followers. Now I have a new blog I can’t reach all the people I was following, either. I didn’t keep a written record of them all so I’m hoping they all come back gradually.

I promise to try to write about self publishing, writing groups, novels and poems and maybe if I tag them properly you will all find me.

A Lesson for the Teacher is going out to reviewers and the three of us who are having a book launch on 3rd June at the Swallows Return had a meeting there this week with coffee and fudge!(Nice touch)

Poem – annihilation

Will it be an asteroid strike

That knocks humanity off its bike

Or will it be a nuclear war

Which flattens us to the floor

A pandemic spreading far and wide

To consign us to the other side

Maybe eruption and volcanic ash

Will cause the human race to crash

Or a tsunami high and fast

Making sure that we don’t last

Rising sea and desert spread

Leaving the population dead.

After all this speculation

About the world’s annihilation

The most likely consideration

Is our exploding population.

Bryan Fletton