Personal poem

Past Times

The clerk and the dairymaid went to live in a terrace in grim Southall town

They had little money, but lived with his Mummy, two girls and a terrier, brown.

The garden was long, with a small wooden shed and a lilac tree I liked to climb

A thin, scruffy lawn and a vegetable patch and a top bunk I wanted as mine.

My sister was younger and timid, back then. I told her such stories for fun

About pirates and dragons and things that go bump in the night, although there were none.

The tales Father read were of Winnie the Pooh, Just So Stories, poems and more

Like The Tree that Sat Down and The Stream that Stood Still -with magic and witches galore.

Our Junior School was in Beaconsfield Road with the gasometer for a view

And a playground for girls and another for boys, something that, now, wouldn’t do!

And yet all that dreaming, the stories and games, the dressing up we did for fun

Left me a legacy I wouldn’t change – made the child the adult I’ve become.






One short story and one poem written this week. That’s enough in this heat. I eventually managed to get the photo of the convululus from my phone to the laptop, via my email.

I don’t know if that is the only way to do it, but it worked. Sorry they aren’t in the same post. I have also been writing book reviews for Amazon and Goodreads.I may not be writing much but I am reading.

Writing Group

Worthy Words had a great meeting in Worthing Library yesterday where we all had a chance to read what we had been writing.

Wendy gave us ‘homework’ for the summer and we congratulated a member on her prizewinning efforts with poetry. It is good that we have a mix of writers from those who are writing autobiographies to novelists, short story writers and some who have a go at everything.

I’ll miss Sea Scribes this week as I am giving a talk at a WI group. Happily, sales of “A Lesson for the Teacher” are going well. The trick is to carry a copy wherever you go!


Would you believe it? I am now a seller on amazon and they have at last listed my paperback. All my books can now be ordered at different prices from all sorts of people.

Poor old ” Never Pretend” hadn’t had any sales except the ones I had made personally but that’s my fault for making it a follow-on. From now on all my books will be single copies. If I write any more! I am tempted by publishing partners but I’ll try to be patient and see how “A lesson for the Teacher” does.

Not being based in Worthing it needs to find readers from elsewhere. I have a few ideas. I’ll let you know if they work.

Writing again

Hi there, readers. Just a whisper that I am beginning a seventh book although whether I self publish or get help will be decided when it is finished.

There are so many options now that will avoid all the problems of marketing that I am having at present that it is probably worth investigating Feedaread and Creataspace and other packages.

It depends whether I can easily give up control. If I can find someone who will let me choose my own cover I might go with them. It won’t be until next spring, anyway.

Until then I shall be content to distribute ” A Lesson for the Teacher” to all who request it and take it along to WI meetings with the other five novels. Fifty have gone already. It’s not many, I know, but having it as an ebook might reduce the numbers wanting the paperback.I suppose it is only a month but it is a perfect beach read.I’m waiting for bookshops to ask for more copies ( really?)



Amazon experience

More production news. Amazon now have ” A Lesson for the Teacher” on kindle but without a cover picture as I couldn’t work out how to change the size of the photo. Of course it’s on here ¬†on Pages (May 2016)and also on the paperback page so people can see it.

I’ll tell my followers a secret. I thought I had given up writing novels but a story is creeping into my subconscious. All I have to do is decide whether to self publish again or go with a publishing group. Maybe I’ll just let it stew until September and then start putting it on paper. I suppose I could serialise it on line?

I’ll feel better when I get my printer sorted. Giving this a rest for a week.j.


Now the last novel is on sale I need to find something else to write about. I thought of doing an autobiography until I realised I would have to censor it.

Should I brush up an old short story or look at magazines to find a competition? I need to get back to writing. “A Lesson for the Teacher” went very well at the launch and I have a number of outlets lined up for next week. When I find our launch photo I’ll put it on.