Just writing to keep in touch as life has slowed somewhat. The homework from the writing group this week is a ‘Time machine’ story. When I began I realised it had all been done before and trying to think of a new angle was not easy.

Not being prepared to do any historical research I decided to send my character into the future. With all the warnings about global warming it was interesting to imagine what might happen to the town we lived in.

Our weekend was enlivened by a visit from our son and granddaughter, who has become a young footballer! They showed us a photo of her in goal. She’s braver than I would be.

Mind you, the women’s football is one of the best things on TV at present as we don’t have Sky or Netflix.

No other news, except that I have managed to sell two more sets of the Penny trilogy. The proceeds are going to charity.


‘Selection’ poem continued.

” For looks are not everything, darling one

And nor is the distance they have come.

They may be rich, but are they kind?

That is the thing you need to find.”

“To choose the one you mean to stay

At your side both night and day

Each has been asked to try to woo

With a single gift – now, it’s up to you.”

The princess had portraits of many men

And whittled them down to only ten.

Now to see what they had brought

And to remember what she’d been taught.

The first brought with him a trunk of gold

But the princess thought him far too old.

The second ofered her chocolates sweet

But she didn’t want anything to eat.

The third talked much about his land

In a language she did not understand.

The fourth came in with a sneeze and a cough

She began to feel she’d had enough.


I wrote a poem this afternoon and I used to be able to attach it to my blog on wordpress but I can’t see how to do it with the new system.

Maybe one day I’ll write it out for you all but I’m too hot now. I don’t want to switch to the blocks. I never did find out how to set poems out on here, I never try to change the spacing as ,usually, I don’t write much.

Maybe if you want to see it I’ll put it on over a few days. It’s just a bit of fun. here’s the first verse:

The princess sat in the marble hall, waiting for all her suitors to call.

Her mother had told her to choose with care and not to judge them by what they wear.

MY mistake!

On reflection, and with prompting from the Daily Mail, I realise my criticism was unfounded. Although the headline seemed clumsy, by the time I had looked at it afresh I realised it was grammatically correct.

It read “It’s time for us mums to go on strike.”

If it had read “It is time we mums went on strike” I would have been correct. but the use of the word ‘for’ meant the sentence, without ‘mums’ would read “It’s time for us to go on strike.” which meant they were right. I stirred up a hornets’ nest on Mailonline. Good job I can recognise when I am wrong. I feel a bit of a twit but I don’t think it will stop me. I have given up with ‘different from’ as nobody uses that any more but will take more care in future before I comment on line.

One problem fixed.

Saw the nurse on Friday and she syringed my ears so I can now hear again. They do ache a little but she suggested a touch of vasaline would ease the itching so I have tried that.

I have lost the eraser I use when doing the codeword puzzles so I mustn’t make amy mistakes! The ones on the end of the pencils go black too quickly.

Hubby has made a cake for the Friendship Centre tea party on Thursday so now I need to buy more raisins and currants.

It is beautifully sunny so I have put our money tree out in the garden. I hope it doesn’t get nibbled by creatures.

Now to send off the poem I wrote for our group anthology. Could I have turned a corner?

To Followers

Hi folks, Thanks for dropping by and I hope I can make it more interesting soon. I have stopped writing novels but started my memoirs. Each couple of weeks we have to write something for our writing group and are set a different title.

This time it was ‘ghosts’ but it has been simple things like a ruler and compass. If we don’t have anything else to read out loud we are expected to bring something that fits the subject.

We are planning to bring out an anthology this year but stories alone are not enough. We need poems, pictures and puzzles. I will feel better when I find myself writing something that makes people laugh. At present that seems almost impossible.

To those of you who saw the posts about the mouse – it seems to have gone. All we get on the bird table are pigeons, sparrows and seagulls. Maybe there’s a verse in there somewhere……

Looking forward

Well, I spoke to the pharmacist and got a phone appointment with the doctor so I feel a lot more positive.

In spite, or because of, that I have decided to start writing some kind of memoir so that when I have passed on the grandchildren will have some idea of life before their time. I realised after my parents had died I knew so little about them. Also, as we no longer keep photo albums there is no record of our recent lives in picture format.

I hope I can keep up the enthusiasm but it will take a bit of research and I’m not too good at that. I tend to look forward, not back, as I may have written before. Things that mattered to me no longer matter to today’s children so I will have to choose whether to put in what I cared about or write with the possible readership in mind. Don’t ever let me be accused of being boring!

When I was young I used to buy a postcard of everywhere I went, holidays, art galleries, museums.churches ( I had a phase of exploring Georgian churches in London) railway stations, gardens, zoos, mansions. I was fascinated by buildings. There’s no saying my descendents will feel the same so selection of images will be important. I feel really sad that the church I went to has lost its rearados. I must have spent hours at services, just staring up at it. It was probably because the place has gone multi-faith so Jesus on the cross was a bit distracting. Mind you, that was up in 1953 so it might just have crumbled away.

Now to sort out our pancakes. Hubby likes syrup and I like lemon and sugar.

Getting There

I have just down loaded a new wordprocessing system and will be using it for my writing from now on.

It will take some time to get used to the layout but the icons look familiar. I don’t intend to go very far today is we have been told to be cautious because of the wind, so I may be writing a story for my writing group homework.

We choose a different subject each fortnight and take something to read. As none of us have a novel on the go at present we are trying to make a collection for an anthology.

Last week I delved into the Anglo Saxon history of Tarring village which was then called ‘Terringes.’ This week I may try fiction, if I can wean myself off codeword puzzles. Maybe if I write straight onto the computer it would work, although I usually write in longhand first and then type it up.

I need to find or take some new photos to go with my posts. Maybe next time.

Penny found

At last Penny Down the Drain is on amazon and some other sites. At least now people will know it exists, even if they can’t afford it.

Penny and the Poorly Parrot is nearing completion, but I’m not in a hurry to publish. One book at a time, I think! I was so wrapped up in Penny’s world that I started a third book. That should keep me busy for a month or two. I treated myself to a new notebook as I always start writing by hand and only transfer to computer when I have finished the story.

I was going to have a go at a short story for the Sunday paper but I couldn’t think of an original plot. Reality is so dull at present I’m off to fantasy land!

Story text complete.

The new Penny story is now ready to send off for a final check. My illustrator is working on the pictures and all I have to do is find a cover!

Meanwhile I am still waiting for amazon to show Penny Down the Drain as available.

As soon as the shops open I’m going to have to launch it properly. Everything is waiting , nowadays. Waiting for a new little dog, waiting for a chance to go for a meal, waiting for the opportunity to see our family and waiting for the second jab. I do wonder whether people will treat us differently after that. It would be nice not to have to wear a mask but that seems too much to hope for.

At least it does feel a bit more spring-like. I’ll see if I kept any happy pictures.No, I deleted the daffodils but I do have a blue sky one, with our resident seagull!