Light relief

So many wonderful photos and I don’t take my camera everywhere, or my smartphone so I must miss some great opportunities. I think this is the best I can do for a local view.




I have now become a private seller on amazon so that I can sell books and anything else I wish to provide. I have already had one order and it looks as though it all works. I’ll find out if the buyer lets me know it has arrived, or if they do a review for me.

While I’m on about reviews, I am reading a book called “Tarring. A Walk through its History,” which is a hardback that I found in a charity shop. The author is Roger Davies and the amount of research that must have been required to produce it is overwhelming.

As our ‘Worthy Words’ homework is ” do some research” I hope reading this book will suffice.I have always been interested in the Tarring Folly and may include it in a story one day.


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In fifty years of loving you I’ve had five different rings

The first a tiny diamond, German reminder brings.

The second, a golden wedding band, in 1966,

Blessed in a church in Worthing, a Northern/Southern mix.

The third a simple silver ring, the fourth a ruby bright,

And now the fifth, my latest choice (old wedding ring too tight)

A Celtic ring, designed in gold, and now we each have one

To last, I hope, and show our love until our days are done.




It seems I am getting known at last. I have had two more bookings for a talk in 2017 and will need to remember more about my life before writing as listeners seem to prefer hearing about all the places we have lived in and the jobs I have done. I have recently met some people who are now retired and who have never lived anywhere other than their home village or town.

When we were about to retire I thought about what we would like- nearby shops, the sea, a railway station, theatre or cinema and some countryside. But I suspect we need different things at different stages of our lives. I was in London in my youth, which was great for entertainment, I was in the country at college, and on the coast when we got married. We were in the suburbs with our children and then the Green Belt which was almost perfect.

Now we are by the sea again and all the boxes are ticked. I don’t think we’ll move again.


However enticing the TV may be it is sometimes more enjoyable to go out and experience live entertainment. That is what we did last night and the Sussex Gruffs did not disappoint. This local male voice choir is gaining a reputation for their expert interpretations of show tunes and everything from jazz numbers, opera and novelty songs.

St Symphorian’s Church was a superb setting and the light refreshments a bonus. Worthing has a lot going for it, if only one looks. Sussex seems a very creative place to live.