Running a club

As the publicity secretary for a social club for the over 50’s I have been trying to recruit new members as the pandemic and the hot weather have combined to make many of our members stay at home and meetings are only half as busy as they were two years ago.

I know a lot of groups have folded, mainly becuase they cannot get committee members but we have tried to keep going and have a year of speakers and activities lined up. It is justa pity that when we put on a tea party or book a speaker we get fewer than two dozen members.( out of a possible 40+) The same loyal group attend the meals and a tiny number go to the board games.

Older people are told that to keep healthy they need to socialise. I’m just hoping we can keep going and, if possible, grow.


Getting There

I have just down loaded a new wordprocessing system and will be using it for my writing from now on.

It will take some time to get used to the layout but the icons look familiar. I don’t intend to go very far today is we have been told to be cautious because of the wind, so I may be writing a story for my writing group homework.

We choose a different subject each fortnight and take something to read. As none of us have a novel on the go at present we are trying to make a collection for an anthology.

Last week I delved into the Anglo Saxon history of Tarring village which was then called ‘Terringes.’ This week I may try fiction, if I can wean myself off codeword puzzles. Maybe if I write straight onto the computer it would work, although I usually write in longhand first and then type it up.

I need to find or take some new photos to go with my posts. Maybe next time.

Celebratory Lunch

Well, we braved the pandemic and attended the annual Christmas lunch for hubby’s society which was held at Shoreham Airport. We were surprised to find we were sharing the reastaurant with the public as last time we had a room to ourselves, which was much better for announcements.

Still, we had chosen a turkey dinner with starters and began happily enough, if there was a little too much noise, We thought it would go quieter when folk started to eat, and it did.

I had pate and hubby had soup. Then the plated main meal arrived. Four slices of turkey, a pig in blanket, red cabbage, four roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots, parsnips, stuffing and gravy. Maybe it doesn’t sound much but it was enough for two people and impossible for all but one of us on the table to finish. Then they gave us two extra dishes of vegetables on the table. We were all pensioners and I doubt if any of us usuallly eat that nuch in the evenings. It was certainly too much for lunch.

It was followed by very nice Christmas pudding. I would have enjoyed it but couldn’t manage it all. I wanted a photo but forgot we had our backs to the window so it isn’t very good. The company was great but I suffered the next day, even though I left the red cabbage and two potatoes on my plate!

Group activities seem to be in danger this week and we have a party to attend. I’ll let you know how that works out. Best Wishes to all,

Friendship Centre meeting

The talk at this week’s meeting was a demonstration by Susan Beaumont of how to make a Christmas wreath and a table decoration.

She used oasis and wired in lots of foliage, oranges with cloves, cinnamon sticks ribbon and pine cones.

We had tea, cakes and a raffle and it was good to be together again although our numbers have dropped and we need new members.

It seems the photo I took will not appear. I’ll try again later.It worked!

Twenty first Century

After countless letters and phone calls we have at last agreed to have a smart meter. I didn’t want one but it seems they help the planet. I’m just afraid they wan’t work in our house as the two meters are at opposite ends of the house and I don’t know if the stipulated 10 metres means a straight line or round a bend.

They are about 10 metres apart if you ignore the wall but if we measure round the corner into the kitchen it is more than 10 metres. I just hope they bring an old version of the electricity meter with them. As it is they said it would take 3-4 hours with the electric and gas off for at least 45 minutes. I am not looking forward to the disruption at all.

The gas meter was difficult to read as we were doing our own readings but if what I heard about the effect having them could have is true I anticipate problems, but then I am still nervous about having an internet hub in the house so we still use the phone line. Will we ever join the 21st century?

Back in the Swing

At last society is gradually getting back to normal. It feels a bit unfair when the rest of the world is still suffering so much but the need to meet up with folk is very strong and just one social occasion can lift the spirits for a week.

After seeing family on Sunday I then had the good fortune to be allowed to have a stall at the Summer Fayre arranged by Buddy’s in aid of Mencap. Such a lovely group of volunteers who had obviously worked hard to put on the event at short notice.

I sold eight books and won a couple of prizes on the tombola, as well as having a delicious bacon roll from the cafe when hubby came to meet me and help pack up.

The Worthing Town Crier attended , as did a lively singer and everyone agreed that it was wonderful just to meet again. We had outside stalls and very few people wore masks until they ventured indoors to the shop or cafe. This is the gradual way to get back to normal safely. I don’t know how much money they made but when we came away the raffle was in full swing and all involved looked content.

Anniversary treat

Fifty five years wed and we at last ventured out to a restaurant for a meal. We made it lunch instead of dinner and chose somewhere we had never been before.

We used to go to a Ghurka restaurant but it burned down. We often eat Chinese for birthdays and anniversaries but decided to try Greek instead. The place I found was large and almost empty and we realised why after a short while when the nearby roadworks started up! That must have been why they had their music turned up so loud.

Still, another customer told us the food was good as we walked in – so we stayed. We ordered a mysterious collection of chickpeas, humous, rice, salad and fries and it really was delicious. We had ginger beer with it – which came from Northumberland and got up our noses. It made for a fun time.

Then we got stopped in the street and given a token for M and S so we got 20% off some undies for hubby, and he let me choose a new mug in Clintons as he had dropped the one I use for my morning cup of tea. So we ended up with a present each!

We had sandwiches and cake in the evening as he had made a cake and I had iced it. Considering the year we have just had we were very lucky but also exhausted and slept better that night than we have for ages.

I have decided the “Penny Tales” are probably the last books I will self publish as I never sell all the copies I order and I don’t want to do Print-on-Demand. I’ll still write – but short stories and poems. When the Christmas fairs return I’ll try to sell some of the books I have left.

Hopefully I can include a picture of our meal.

September start-up.

At a meeting this morning it was decided it was time to become sociable again. Being part of a Friendship Group that hasn’t met for months I was doubtful about inviting everyone back but a test event led to the decision that we were all longing to get together again so dates have been arranged. Of course some people were more nervous than others and we have to abide by the Government’s edicts but opening up in September looked like a possibility.

Somehow we all seem to have aged more in the intervening months than one would expect. Does anyone else feel like that? Maybe getting together again will re-energise us. I hope so. We won’t be able to sleep all afternoon if we have to go out to a tea party or a talk! I’ll try to find a picture that fits the post.

Simple Pleasures

Isn’t it odd how something we thought so normal should seem special after the last year?

Yesterday, after my dental checkup, hubbby took me to a fish and chip restaurant near the pier for lunch. It was so nice to eat out for a change and the food was delicious. Then we walked along the prom and sat on a bench looking at the sea.

After being cooped up and having to wear masks in shops it was really relaxing and enjoyable. I took a picture. It was unremarkable and I just tried to spot any other gulls than herring gulls. We did no shopping. We just went home on the bus – but it felt like a holiday!