Recording a magazine

Those of you who follow my blog know I am one of the readers for the Sussex Coast Talking News. Each year we are asked to produce a 35minute magazine with items of interest to the listeners, historical, travel, personal or local.  This December I am planning an interview with someone who will talk on ” Singing for Health,” as this is something I take part in and believe it has undiscovered benefits.

I also have a festive short story to read,based on the activities of a group of elderly ladies who decide to put on a show. It’s too long for our charity event but I might put it into an anthology at a later date. The gig was advertised in the local paper today and may be in again next week but as it comes out on a Thursday and the gig is on a Friday it may get missed. I’ll try to find a picture of a similar event to liven up this post.Woodies Xmas party 2017



‘New’ website

What a great response to my poem. Thanks, folks. Also, now I have updated my website, I have more people looking at it. I do need to email some of my readers to tell them about it but , most of all, I hope it will bring in more invitations to speak as I don’t have any for 2018 and I know most groups organise their speakers a year in advance.

The poetry book is under discussion but until I am sure of the layout I can’t ask Joan for more cartoons. I wish I had kept a list of everyone who bought “Honey and Humbug” but I didn’t. That’s a lesson, folks, keep a list of all your readers. It seems cheeky but it helps when you write the next book!

Hubby has made a database so I can track all the stories I send out for competitions. That will be my next task, when this hot weather breaks. At present I don’t feel like doing anything!

Poetry anthology

Being an editor/publisher as well as a novelist means I get the opportunity to select and revise as well as create. At the moment I am choosing poems for the second anthology by four local writers and they have come up with some very good work that is more serious than the rest of the verses I had selected.

I think, maybe , that this book will turn out very different from ‘Honey and Humbug’ our first anthology, which made people chuckle and is now out of print as all 100 copies were snapped up in a few months. I did not ISBN it as I was warned that not many people bought poetry books and, actually, a lot of them were given away as presents. It did prove that our efforts were appreciated and hence the new book.I do sometimes include a poem or two in my talks to the WI so my copy is very precious.

I am now researching local printers to find the most reasonable way of producing the anthology as I do not want to use Print on Demand.


It seems I am getting known at last. I have had two more bookings for a talk in 2017 and will need to remember more about my life before writing as listeners seem to prefer hearing about all the places we have lived in and the jobs I have done. I have recently met some people who are now retired and who have never lived anywhere other than their home village or town.

When we were about to retire I thought about what we would like- nearby shops, the sea, a railway station, theatre or cinema and some countryside. But I suspect we need different things at different stages of our lives. I was in London in my youth, which was great for entertainment, I was in the country at college, and on the coast when we got married. We were in the suburbs with our children and then the Green Belt which was almost perfect.

Now we are by the sea again and all the boxes are ticked. I don’t think we’ll move again.

Writing Group

Worthy Words had a great meeting in Worthing Library yesterday where we all had a chance to read what we had been writing.

Wendy gave us ‘homework’ for the summer and we congratulated a member on her prizewinning efforts with poetry. It is good that we have a mix of writers from those who are writing autobiographies to novelists, short story writers and some who have a go at everything.

I’ll miss Sea Scribes this week as I am giving a talk at a WI group. Happily, sales of “A Lesson for the Teacher” are going well. The trick is to carry a copy wherever you go!

Writing again

Hi there, readers. Just a whisper that I am beginning a seventh book although whether I self publish or get help will be decided when it is finished.

There are so many options now that will avoid all the problems of marketing that I am having at present that it is probably worth investigating Feedaread and Creataspace and other packages.

It depends whether I can easily give up control. If I can find someone who will let me choose my own cover I might go with them. It won’t be until next spring, anyway.

Until then I shall be content to distribute ” A Lesson for the Teacher” to all who request it and take it along to WI meetings with the other five novels. Fifty have gone already. It’s not many, I know, but having it as an ebook might reduce the numbers wanting the paperback.I suppose it is only a month but it is a perfect beach read.I’m waiting for bookshops to ask for more copies ( really?)




Wow! That was quick. Goodreads, I love you. The offer of a copy of “A Lesson for the Teacher” has resulted in so many replies there will be some people who are disappointed. I hope by then Amazon have got it further up the list so people can find it as there is no way it is unavailable.

In fact, as it was published today I shall be taking copies to the WI meeting where I am speaking tomorrow night and I shall also have copies with me at the folk club, the Willows at Arundel,tonight. Could this be the book that puts me on the literary map? I wonder.