Booster jab

Today we had anpther jab for Covid. We spend more time at the doctor’s than anywhere else at present.

I get so breathless going shopping I decided to do a photo calendar for everyone in the family this year and choosing thirteen photos was quite a task.

I don’t expect they will all be happy with my selection but I took them off my phone and some people pop up more than others, namely our granddaughter. Her mother doesn’t like me to put photos of her on line so I won’t. There is so much talk about what happens on social media and with scams. It’s enough to make one want to tuck one’s head inside one’s shell and just let the world go by.

I can’t believe how it has taken over people’s lives until they just cannot live without the connection. My mobile phone is for calls and photos and a tiny bit of surfing when I ask Google about stuff – usually medical. I know too much knowledge is dangerous so I have written to the doctor to ask if we are on the correct pill regime.

When you read the instructions in the packets they say don’t take these with these and frighten you with possible side effects. So far we aren’t suffering but time will tell. On Twitter they asked ‘when did you feel old?’ and I replied at 80. I keep getting helped on and off buses. Well, there’s no going back so we just plod on.

Season’s greetings.


Managing wordpress

I do not understand the connection between mobile phones and the computer, especially with relation to Google.

I know the computer is on a wifi network and my phone is on a phone contract with a different provider, but as I use Google on both of them does that mean everything I write on one can be accessed on the other?

I need to know as I am still wanting to purchase a new phone but I don’t want all my emails on Google to come up on it. At present I email on the laptop because I can print on that and I never connect the two.

However I believe that as I send emails to myself from the phone to the computer it is obvious that, even although I use a different name, it is the same person. Am I stupid to want to keep them separate? Is it even possible?

Penny Tales relaunch

Back from holiday and spending all our time searching for a new dog but I must concentrate on relaunching my ‘Penny’ books for Christmas or I’ll be left with another couple of boxes to put in the loft.

I don’t seem able to start writing so have been playing with my phone and new tablet and a robotic hoover that our son has passed on to us. It’s so diffficult to get motivated.

However, I did take a photo of the Penny books, out of their wrapper and was pleased I didn’t have to bring the ones I took away back home with me. Now to design a new poster and look out for selling opportunities like Xmas fairs. I said I would update my phone but need to see the options in action so will pester the shops down town tomorrow to give me a demonstration. Mind you, I still haven’t found out all this one can do. I thought the boys would be pleased I had used Utube but it seems they don’t like JLS quite as much as I do!

Mobile phones

I was urged to get another app for my mobile phone today but I’m not really happy with the one I have. It is an elderly Samsung but it does have a reasonably long battery life. Apparently it is good if a phone lasts for a whole day! My little Nokia used to last a week. I don’t put it on charge overnight but I expect I shall have to if I get a new one. This phone lasts 2-3 days.

My photos come out so blurry I asked my son what was wrong. He said I should clean the lens but I think it is because I jog it when I press to take a photo. It could be both. Anyway, it is difficult to choose from on line information. Do I really need four cameras? Should I change providers now Virgin have disappeared from the High Street? I do like being able to talk to a real person about my phone and when Tesco come back I would rather move to them. Meanwhile I shall carry on until the lockdown ends and it is possible to see what I am buying.

He is full of good advice but expects me to be Whatsapping and watching videos all the time. I will look at the one he suggests but it will need instructions!

Mobile phones

You wouldn’t believe it! I went to a phone shop to ask about changing my phone and provider. I don’t know how it all works so I didn’t know why I was using up all my data but I am on a cheap deal and my network hasn’t a shop in town.

You would think that if I went somewhere else they would be eager for my custom but when the young man saw how ignorant I was he looked at my phone and said ” You don’t need a new phone” He didn’t even try to get me to change my contract. he just put an app on my phone to help me catch my bus. Perhaps I was just going to be more of a bother than it was worth but anywhere else they would have seen how old fashioned I was and sold me a new phone and contract just for the custom.

Apparently all I need to do is pay a bit more each month. Of course when I try to do that nobody answers the phone. I could still end up changing my network just to get some service.


I am so exhausted with trying to understand computers. Why is it that it is assumed that everyone has a mobile phone and knows how to use it? We are not born with the ability to send photos anywhere at the touch of a button. I got almost to the end of a form this morning and then they asked for a selfie. I hadn’t got my phone handy, or the required identification and it was lunchtime so I had to come off the dining table and close down the computer. Now I don’t know if I have to start again. As it was I had to copy and paste a url and I’d never done that before. I think maybe I’ll not bother. If people want to find me it’s not that difficult. There may not be a photo of me on Google but I am listed. All the photos I had were about five years old, anyway. I was blonde but now I’m silver!

redlandscapeportrait.JPG medium


Sorry I haven’t been blogging but I haven’t written anything new until today. Now I have to put a story on computer so I know how many words it is, for a competition.

Meanwhile, I keep missing phone calls. I hear the texts but I don’t hear the sound for calls so I have changed the ring tone. Maybe the old one was too musical. It was certainly nicer than the new one , which is rather plodding but lower, not so tinkly. I’ll keep it for a while but I suppose I should do as the boys do and find a sound from somewhere else and use that, instead of choosing one from the phone.

I took it down town to take pictures of the advertised Octoberfest, only to find it was a ticket only affair and not the food festival that we expected. No bratwursts and we couldn’t hear the band as it was sold out! To top it all the bus didn’t come, and they are only once an hour, so we had to get a different one after a 45 minute wait and get off further away from home. I’ll add a Worthing picture , just for a change.worthing pier

My mobile

I really miss my old phone that only took calls. I have transferred to a smartphone and have it on a contract but I don’t understand about data. I can get a list of all the apps I have used under settings , with the amount of data they have used up but I don’t have any idea how to reduce it and the phone sent a message to say I had gone over my quota.

It seems the apps go on working even when the phone is turned off and I haven’t a clue how to stop it. I’m going to have to go into town and get them to fix it. I only downloaded one app and the graph shot up. I suppose I should uninstall it.

It’s going to take me months to learn how to use this blessed thing.

launch ALFTT

Friendship Centre

Each month Worthing Friendship CentreĀ  members go to a local hostelry, the Sussex Yeoman, for a sociable lunch. It is one of the many activities that our group of mainly pensioners do, along with the monthly speakers and coffee mornings, bowling sessions and trips. Next month we are going to try a morning of board games. All the advice these days is to connect with others to avoid becoming lonely and, with families spread across the globe, it is timely, indeed.

Until I got my smartphone I did not have photos of our activities but, just for once, I did make a record of our last visit. The nice thing about this venue is they have a ‘Golden Years’ menu with smaller portions at a very reasonable cost.friendship lunch 2019

Lazy Sunday

After going out last night to a gig which was rather a disappointment – plenty of good musicians but none of them playing anything we could sing along to- we decided to give the dog a treat and take him on the beach. We usually go to Goring as there is a cafe, an ice cream shop and toilets there ( what more could anyone want?)

We walked over the cobbles to the sand as the tide was well out, but then got stuck on a sand bar as we were throwing a ball for the dog, so we had to jump from rock to rock over the puddles of sea water to get further up the beach.

I tried to take a photo but the light was too bright until I thought of starting with my back to the sun and then turning round and risking it! After taking two pictures of my own face by mistake I changed the setting and took one of the sea. I know you aren’t supposed to snap towards the sun but I wanted to capture the light on the water.

WP goring beach