I have just returned from recording a magazine for the Voice of Progress, a local newspaper for the blind. I was lucky enough to meet a folk singer/song writer who had had a fascinating background and who was willing to share it with our listeners and sing a few songs while he played the guitar.

Littlehampton and Worthing are fortunate in having this facility where free discs are sent to people who have registered with the charity so that they can hear local news and listen to items chosen by the readers, which can include pieces about history, travel nature, music and, in my case, poems and stories. I’ll add a couple of verses from one of the poems I used this morning.

Wonderful Worthing.

Sunny Worthing is the place to stay

A town between the South Downs and the sea

Maybe you’ll never want to go away

So much to entertain you, here, is free.

There’s festivals, parades and fairs and fun

There’s jazz and folk and organ concerts too

There’s parks for younger ones to climb and run

And artists’ open houses – all to view.



The Play’s the Thing!

I gave my pantomime to someone to consider recording and she liked it! Now to cast, direct and produce it. The folk at the Voice of Progress are all used to recording and most have done pantomimes before so it’s just a case of getting us all together at the same time.

I need to find a wicked sounding witch and someone with an unusual voice and comic timing. This must be the most exciting thing I have attempted for some time. It has really cheered me up.

I also need to work out how to do links as I could be changing my website this summer.I’m going to check on Google now and see if I can learn it!

Converting a script

I haven’t been blogging much as I have a script to write for a recording. The essential thing is to get the timing right. I have been given three pages of text but I need to turn that into an interview so that the listeners do not have to listen to a monologue.

Then I have to time it and leave spaces for one or two songs and a few poems. This is the fourth magazine I have produced for the Voice of Progress, a newsletter for the blind and it gets harder each time.

This  is probably the most fulfilling thing I do in my retirement. Writing is fine but readers can get the same pleasure from many other sources. There aren’t as many avenues of entertainment for the less able. I hope they like it when it’s finished.


There was I , trying, unsuccessfully,to get a photo of the magpies pulling twigs off the silver birch tree to make nests ( through the kitchen window) when Hubby brought in the paper.

To my surprise and delight they had printed a letter I sent. Now to sit back and see if there are any repercussions.I was sticking up for Worthing which has been in the press recently due to the average age of the population.What people don’t seem to recognise is that folk here live longer because it is suited to a relaxed and yet sociable lifestyle.

There’s no doubt that one of the advantages is the creative atmosphere. I would never have imagined I could write six novels in ten years until we moved here.

I have also dug out some poems,mostly about birds, colours and getting fit – ready for my next recording for the Voice of Progress.



Where next?

Have you ever written a short story and then wondered what to do with it? I used to send to Scribble and I had a look at AlfieDog but I suppose I ought to try for another competition. The trouble is, I am reluctant to pay for any more entries until I am,at least,shortlisted

I never thought I would lack ideas but it is happening now. If I get a thought it only comes as a poem and this is still not the ideal place to post those. I expect I could change the spacing but I’m a coward and don’t dare try.

The only thing I have written this week is a ‘letter to the editor’ but I do have planning to do for the next recording for the blind. Sorry to miss the London Book Fair but the trains are so unreliable this year I’m giving it a miss.


I should have written ” not TOO well.” ( bit late for proof reading!)Anyway , I feel better today and had a card from hubby that I must share:

‘Having read so much about the ageing effects of chocolate and alcohol Julie immediately decided to give up reading.’That made me laugh – something that is concerning me at the moment. How to make people laugh.I have started putting the panto on computer but it hasn’t any jokes and pantos must have jokes!

I  ignored the usual ones, Cinderella and Aladdin and chose The Wizard of Oz. There’s plenty of opportunity for slapstick but usually the scriptwriters put in topical jokes. I have moved the story to GB and I have one joke about potholed roads ( instead of the yellow brick road) but I need to find some Christmas cracker type jokes to include.

There won’t be the usual man dressed as a pantomime dame, or girl as a principal boy and it will probably have to be performed without a set, or just read. I do record for the blind and they could use it if they had the right voices and if they thought it was good enough or funny enough! More research needed – at least it’s keeping me busy.


Happiness is a book on Nielsen

At last I have managed to get the descriptions of all six books onto nielsen title editor. Being a publisher as well as an author puts extra pressure on and, although I love the marketing side, doing promotion is taking up all my time at present and I don’t feel inclined to write.

However, I have dug out an old story that will be perfect for the magazine I have to record next month. The script is coming together slowly and I have two very willing contributors.

Maybe soon I’ll feel like writing again. Meanwhile, hello and thanks to all new followers.