Homophone trip up.

I really thought I was immune from homophone errors but when you are tired they creep up on you. Not content with printing one in my last book, now I am doing it on line. I wrote ‘comparing’ knowing it felt like the wrong word. I wasn’t going to set two things against each other, I am going to ‘compere’ the gig. I would have written MC but I think that always looks odd written down.

Frankly, I don’t feel like doing either at present and am hoping I can buck up by Wednesday. I have some multi vitamins with iron somewhere. Will they make me feel better? My poor little novel has been temporarily abandoned, but I did buy one last week, just to check on the house style. It will be a new venture, writing for a magazine rather than self publishing. We’ll see in the autumn if I pass muster!bookwormclipart



As soon as I start moaning that nothing is happening it all changes! Today I had an invitation to give a talk and the first proof of our poetry anthology. Plenty to do now!

Last night I went to a meeting of West Sussex Writers. The talk was by Paul Holden of the Worthing Journal and he gave an excellent description of his life as a journalist and how newspapers have declined over the last decade. When he left the local newspaper he started up his own monthly booklet which is full of local history and topical news, especially the political challenges that face our town today with the dearth of investigative journalists. Without people like him the public would not be aware of how their money was being spent and the choices the Council make and we certainly wouldn’t have newly painted bus shelters and attractive flower beds! It takes a great deal of research and a dogged determination to supply the locality with such an informative publication and Worthing is lucky to have someone like him to provide it.

There are other publications that continue to do the job that newspapers used to do but so few of us buy papers now that they will soon die out. Advertisements for houses and cars will not keep them going much longer as folk go on line for their news.

This afternoon I pick up my leaflets advertising talks. I am no longer depressed.

Inspiration ( or lack of it)

I feel I ought to be posting more creatively but seem to be marking time at present. The poetry anthology is with the printer, my new marketing leaflets are ready to be picked up tomorrow, I have entered two competitions and started another story. I don’t think it will be a novel, especially as it is rather controversial but I have wanted to set a tale in the local landmark, an old tower, for some time. It is in a private garden so I don’t have a photograph. I have been asked to do another reading in June and, hopefully my leaflets will bring in more invitations for talks. I didn’t get a new portrait done so the image is about six years old. I tried taking a selfie but it looked like a passport photo so I left the old one. Hubby was very sweet and said ” It’s still YOU”

I used a different image for the Sea scribes trifold which details all our books. That should be ready for our “Food for Thought” afternoon tea at the Ardington Hotel in Worthing on 27th March. I do wear spectacles but I usually take them off for a picture. I didn’t for that one and although it is old it looks more like me. I used to have it on my book marks but put cover images on more recently instead.

If I don’t get any good ideas soon I may even try to find old unfinished works. Not having a book on the go makes me depressed.

Marketing and advertising

I have spent today trying to decide whether business cards, leaflets or bookmarks are the best way to advertise my novels ( apart from on line) I have a new poetry anthology to get out but before that I have meetings where people will not know who I am or what I have written. I have a lovely leaflet which asks if anyone would like a speaker for their group. It is quite out of date as I have written two books since it was printed so I am going to update that. I do like having pictures of the covers on my promotional material. I also have cover pictures on my business cards but I am thinking of stopping that. It seems a bit desperate. One of my readers has left a copy of ” Never Run Away” in New Zealand so I may have some more contacts soon. The more the merrier!

Never Run Away cover

Cause for concern?

Our energy company say our meter is out of date and are coming to fit a new one. We have told them we don’t want a smart meter but they are coming anyway, supposedly to fit ‘like for like.’ They had to cancel the last appointment as it was late in the afternoon and I had waited in for four hours and told them I was about to start dinner.

I have spoken to a number of people about them and get conflicting advice although the general feeling seems to be the longer we resist the better the equipment.

We did have some good news. Someone has at last offered to fix the tiles on our roof. We had two estimates, one over £200 and one under £100 for the same job! One has to be so careful.

I gave a copy of my recent novel to the policeman who spoke to our group about scams as it contains a ‘romance scam’ and hope he finds it amusing.

Our writing group is talking to people at a ” Food for Thought” tea this month so I’m busy preparing that. It’s a new form of promotion but a change from our musical gigs.

More public speaking

At last I have completed my talk on Sussex in Fiction. Of course there are many writers I have not included but I have a good mix of crime writers, historical writers and children’s writers. I nearly forgot Winnie the Pooh!

I only have one booking for this year so far and may have to go back onto twitter to let people know I am available.

Now I can start on the poetry anthology. I have about 15 poems, some of which have been on this blog and a friend has given me about ten more so I have been sorting them into sections. It’s funny how many we have both written about our gardens and nature. We had to buy a new bird feeder this week as the squirrel ( or a fox) had run off with the one that held the fat balls.

As for Google + I hardly ever used it so I won’t really miss it. bookwormclipart


Wouldn’t it be great to know who had caused a spike on one’s website? Hardly anyone ever looks at http://www.juliecround.co.uk and suddenly, this week I had a massive spike. I do wonder what caused it as it wasn’t echoed on wordpress. I wish I could reward everyone with some interesting post but the only thing I am working on is the talk about Sussex Fiction. I think that is finished but I don’t yet have many bookings to try it out.

I must get some more verses completed as I am about to book up for Broadwater’s Big Day Out in July. It was fine last year but if it rains it won’t be so funny as we don’t have a gazebo. I know everyone likes pictures so I’ll add the one of last time – when I was supposed to be a ringmaster ( it was a circus theme) If I don’t get the anthology completed I’ll not have anything new to sell.