Elderberries limerick

At last I’ve discovered the time

To snap what should go with my rhyme

I know it’s too late

And we’ll have to wait

‘Till the bird ventures back, but that’s fine!elderberries


Elderberries poem.

Oh, chubby wood pigeon, you fill me with glee as I watch you, alone, on the big elder tree.

Its berries are ripe and its branches hang down, yet they bend when you balance, you are such a clown!

Your weight is too heavy for each fruiting branch, your wings stretch out wide like an exotic dance,

But you wobble and rock as the twigs they give way and then spring back again as you find you can’t stay.

You land on the lawn with the berries above and pretend you don’t care that the fruit that you love

Is dangling beyond you, so juicy and black. How you wish that to reach them you just had the knack!

So you peck at the seed that is spread on the ground, that’s left when that pesky grey squirrel has found

The bird feeder, and hung upside down with his tail in the air, an expert on balance, with never a care.

But you are my favourite, ‘though some disagree, for your habits and antics are precious to me-

I smile when you splash in the garden bird bath and your sad acrobatics sure give me a laugh!

( I couldn’t get a picture as he flew away)bookwormclipart

Poem by R Arkell

A husband is the sort of man who tries to help you all he can

But, somehow, never quite succeeds in doing what the garden needs.

He likes to lie and smoke his pipe, and wonder if the peas are ripe;

Or else he’ll smell the mignonette before he lights a cigarette.

But ask him if he’ll clear the dump, or carry water from the pump,

And he will find some fine excuse- in fact, he’s not the slightest use.

diesel begs{This does not apply to my husband, thank goodness. He’s just mown the back lawn while I was checking emails!}


Grassula Ovata

money tree

Upon my kitchen window sill the money plant is sat

Its branches pointing to the sky, its leaves so round and fat.

My friend said,’It will make you rich as long as you take care

For it’s a special Money Tree, good fortune it will share.’

I watched the tree grow big and strong, the chubby branches spread-

It wobbled in its little pot. I didn’t want it dead.

And so I chopped some branches off and, hoping they would grow,

Potted them up until I had three plants all in a row.

My baby money plants took root. I saved the mother tree.

Fresh compost saw them flourish well as they brought luck to me.

But now I dare not let it die – the ones I gave away

Are spreading magic all around,’Look after them,’ I say.

And then someone I’d given one came up to me to tell

‘Since you gave me the money tree I’ve won a prize as well!’

So I care for my money plant and when it gets too big

I’ll chop more branches off and find more people I can give

A little bit of hope – but now my money plant’s on show.

Would I grow poorer if it died? I hope I never know.

Lifetime-a poem

How many years does it take to discover the things that make

a life have meaning, and to find what matters, and to leave behind

both memories of something good and people who, forever, would

be thankful that you’ve been around and left , to them , a word, a sound

a note, a gift, a picture or something they hadn’t known before

and shared it with them, for to see a part of life’s infinity?

We struggle, still, to make our mark; to shine a light into the dark

to battle against all that’s wrong, to cheer with word, or smile, or song,

and maybe it takes a whole life to find true peace instead of strife

and not until we lose our fear the purpose of our life comes clear.




It is time, Julie thought, that she told the world that, although she was old,

She’d written a tale that just couldn’t fail-in July it would start to be sold.

A lady went off all alone, for a holiday far from her home,

She met a kind man and told him,’Yes, I can, I’d be happy to give you a loan.

For the castle so grand is not quite what I’d planned¬† for retirement, but really, what fun.

It’s in Italy, too –¬† and I’d be there with you-but my family don’t understand.’


” A Bend in the Lane” is only in paperback, not on line but I can post copies abroad if anyone is interested.