Coconut Ice again

I have now got the cover picture for Coconut Ice and am chasing around trying to advertise the launch.I hope it comes out below.

Also, today, we renewed our passports so whatever happens to Brexit we should be able to go on a cruise or to visit relatives in Italy. Hooray!



Communication – verse

Alone, one night, I had a fright, walking along beside the road

I thought I’d nearly trod upon a┬áturd – but it was just a toad.

A turd with legs? This cannot be, I thought as I went on my way

And smiled to think it was unharmed. ” Goodnight, you toad,” I had to say.

This habit strange, I must admit, began at home where, on the sill

A tiny spider’s made a web and I appreciate its will

So did not clean it right away, in case it captured a stray fly,

Instead I talk to it each day ” Good morning, spider, don’t be shy.”

I put out currants for the birds and whistle to tell them they’re there.

Perhaps it seems a trifle odd but I am old and do not care!



Checking a proof

I’m really into editing at present so when I saw the proof for our new anthology I was quite excited. It is interesting to see how other people approach the design stage. Once the text was corrected we then had a look at the page design. The printer had suggested ivy leaves draped round the side but some of the lines of the verses almost touched them so that was out. Then we looked at the illustrations and wording sizes. The pictures seemed a little too large for the text, although on the front cover it seemed OK.

I chose a blue for the cover as the previous two anthologies have been gold and green and came away hoping to have it out in early April. Now I have to decide how many copies to get printed. As the profits are going to charity I expect to sell at least 100.

Then I’ll think about a launch. There’s a cute little cafe nearby that might be ideal. All in a day’s work!

Plane poem

They’re saying that your time is past

“Wheelbarrow in the sky”

Your image for another age

For you no longer fly.

Instead, your form so delicate,

hangs bright upon our wall

A scene against a sunset

Most beautiful of all.

Those flight machines invented-

Man open to the air

Designed as the first venture

A joy for those who dare

To happily experiment

And briefly show the way

While shape and speed your kind replace

Here memories will stay.

plane poem


Wouldn’t it be great to know who had caused a spike on one’s website? Hardly anyone ever looks at and suddenly, this week I had a massive spike. I do wonder what caused it as it wasn’t echoed on wordpress. I wish I could reward everyone with some interesting post but the only thing I am working on is the talk about Sussex Fiction. I think that is finished but I don’t yet have many bookings to try it out.

I must get some more verses completed as I am about to book up for Broadwater’s Big Day Out in July. It was fine last year but if it rains it won’t be so funny as we don’t have a gazebo. I know everyone likes pictures so I’ll add the one of last time – when I was supposed to be a ringmaster ( it was a circus theme) If I don’t get the anthology completed I’ll not have anything new to sell.



Wondering. (verse)

I wonder at the Northern Lights. I wonder at the stormy sea.

And even more than nature’s sights I wonder if you love me.

I wonder at the day and night, and at the birds all flying free

The bees that sting, the sharks that bite, and wonder if you love me.

For as, together, we delight in all the wonders that we see

I’m daring, now, to hope you might stop wondering and love me!




Writing Magazine came yesterday and I was hoping for a new Year Planner but there wasn’t one for 2019. However, there were a host of competitions and I resolved to enter some, even if they were not free!

I have started with a poetry competition but I had to find one that had not been published so I used one old one and wrote one new one – in completely different styles. I looked at the winning poem from last year and it was freestyle but I usually write in rhyme.

I started tearing up old papers, from as far back as 2015. I’m afraid I am a terrible hoarder. Being on committees meant I had loads of minutes. I don’t know why I kept them. I had to pull out the stories I had written and the reviews I had had and shred the rest.

I have left Twitter. If I can’t use the time saved writing I’ll have to use it trying out recipes from my new book, or tearing up paper! It’s better than tearing my hair out trying to think up a new novel plot. If I can convince myself that poetry is the way to go I might cheer up. What we all need is recognition. Hey ho!youth-active-jump-happy-40815.jpeg