Fat, fluffy pigeon

Cool, clean and proud

Sat in the bird -bath

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More Moselle


While we were in Cochem some folk took a trip to Beilstein as it was said to be beautiful. By then we had seen so many lovely villages we stayed in Cochem and were glad to do so as it was a great mix of tourist shops and historical buildings.

We also went to Piesporter and were treated to a wine tasting and brought back a few bottles. We ended up on the Rhine, which is nothing like as picturesque as the Moselle, but Cologne, although busy, was where we finally had our bratwursts. Couldn’t visit Germany without those!


The Moselle

Along the Moselle

A silver snake slipping between green hills

Red and white houses looking out over the water.

A flock of birds skim across the silent river

And time slows as we float past vine-covered slopes.

Regiments of ripening grapes line the terraces

And in every village a lego-like church spire

Points skywards – while we glide below a bridge

Linking each bank with structured elegance

Connecting in a swifter, busier way.




One short story and one poem written this week. That’s enough in this heat. I eventually managed to get the photo of the convululus from my phone to the laptop, via my email.

I don’t know if that is the only way to do it, but it worked. Sorry they aren’t in the same post. I have also been writing book reviews for Amazon and Goodreads.I may not be writing much but I am reading.