Coconut Ice

With a bit of luck I can get a picture of the poster for Coconut Ice on here. I haven’t got the booklet yet but I’ve seen the proof and am just waiting for the cover to be finished.

We are giving the profits to the Salvation Army and I’ve ordered 200 copies to start with. A friend said ‘You can’t sell poetry,’ but I hope to prove him wrong.

Coco launch poster


Smart dog

So many pictures of Diesel as a woolly dog and at last I have taken one of him when he has just had a haircut. He’s 14 years old and a bit wobbly on his legs now. It’s so sad because we have to walk very slowly when we take him out or he can’t keep up. He used to bound along ahead of us until this year. There’s no point taking a ball to the park. He tries to chase it but gives up. He still enjoys sniffing and sniffing and sniffing!

Tom Uttley in the Daily Mail had a gripe about rescue centres today and we know how he feels. There were so many ” You can’t have that dog as it must be walked on a lead” and  “That dog can jump a six foot fence,” that we came away without one and ended up adopting Diesel from a lady who was moving into a flat that didn’t allow dogs. All our previous dogs , except the first one, have been from rescue centres so perhaps they have got stricter over the years. Our first dog gave itself up by walking into a police station and refusing to leave. He was a collie cross. The next two were unidentified mongrels and then we got our beautiful collie/lab cross who was just perfect ( except on long journeys) Finally came Diesel, our first terrier -lots of personality in a small package. We have had him for ten years and watching him age makes us feel old, too!smart diesel

Understanding a camera

I haven’t used my real camera for some time and now every time I try to look at the picture I have taken it asks me to fix the date. However, when I put it in and try to save it it goes onto a photo and then asks me again. Eventually I found it on the computer under 2008 which was when I bought it! It has gone back to default! No wonder I use my phone.

Anyway, I took it out with me when I went down to the beach and captured an image which I liked so here it is ( I hope)IMG_0424

Inspiration ( or lack of it)

I feel I ought to be posting more creatively but seem to be marking time at present. The poetry anthology is with the printer, my new marketing leaflets are ready to be picked up tomorrow, I have entered two competitions and started another story. I don’t think it will be a novel, especially as it is rather controversial but I have wanted to set a tale in the local landmark, an old tower, for some time. It is in a private garden so I don’t have a photograph. I have been asked to do another reading in June and, hopefully my leaflets will bring in more invitations for talks. I didn’t get a new portrait done so the image is about six years old. I tried taking a selfie but it looked like a passport photo so I left the old one. Hubby was very sweet and said ” It’s still YOU”

I used a different image for the Sea scribes trifold which details all our books. That should be ready for our “Food for Thought” afternoon tea at the Ardington Hotel in Worthing on 27th March. I do wear spectacles but I usually take them off for a picture. I didn’t for that one and although it is old it looks more like me. I used to have it on my book marks but put cover images on more recently instead.

If I don’t get any good ideas soon I may even try to find old unfinished works. Not having a book on the go makes me depressed.

Christmas lights

I remembered to take my camera phone down town when I went Christmas shopping yesterday and took a picture of the centre of Worthing. I didn’t find any Christmas jumpers that I liked. They all had sequins on, which I am trying not to buy, just as I have stopped buying Christmas cards with glitter. All these things that ruin the planet and it is only this year we have been told it is a problem!

Then I walked all over town looking for a specific toy and it was only in the last half hour that I remembered the Guildbourne Centre and, of course, they had loads to choose from! What a pity this place is underused.

There were adverts for the pantomime everywhere. Maybe we could start promoting ourselves as a year-round holiday destination, not just a sea-side day trip place. Here’s hoping we keep the department stores. Happy Christmas, folks!worthing xmas 2018




Charity Event

Well, we had our charity gig last night and about 30 people turned out to hear the Sea Scribes read their stories and poems and the folk singers do their bit. We had a lovely mix of entertainment and a good raffle but I don’t have the official photos yet.

We made £200 for the local hospice, St Barnabas House and people seemed to like the mix. We had books for sale and sold a few anthologies but it isn’t easy to find an event where the public flock to buy your wares.

As this was also the week when I recorded my short story I was exhausted by the end. One event a week is enough for me! I’ll add the picture of a local folk duo who always put on a good show. Jo and Graham.Tunesand tales folk