Posting a book as a serial

I am unsure whether to start posting my next story here on wordpress or on my website.

I believe there are other places I could send it but I would like to reward those followers I have already. I’ll just experiment and see if it will connect or if I have to type it out again.The Perfect House



After a very successful meeting when I sold lots of all my books I decided to try something different.

Our son’s on line magazine. ScooterlabUK has T shirts for sale with a great logo.

I decided to have a Tshirt made with the OB logo on the front and an image of my latest book on the back. Now I have to be brave enough to wear it!IMG_0332

Counting sales

Nearly the end of 2016 and I was wondering about ‘success’ again. How many self published copies constitute success? My first book sold over 200 copies but none of the others have matched that, although I have increased my use of social media. Now I am selling one a week and have 50 copies left of ‘A Lesson for the Teacher’ I guess they will all be gone in a year. The advice is to promote back copies and as I don’t use ‘Print on Demand’ that seems a great idea. There aren’t many of the others left in the loft and, honestly, I shall be sorry to see them go but each book usually finds more than one reader so it is time to let them fly!

I have been trying to take photos with my phone so the next blog may be more Christmassy. Best Wishes to all, Julie.

Will it help sales?

Very exciting times with today the last day of a free promotion of “A Lesson for the Teacher” on kindle -something that I didn’t know was possible until last week. I had a lot of queries from fellow writers who did not think any work should be given away free but advice on twitter was that it helped to promote the book and led to sales. I wonder.

I wasn’t sure about twitter but as I did not want to spend time on facebook I gave it a try and find tweeting short sentences quite fun, especially when I get a reply.There’s plenty of advice for writers, too. It just takes time to find what is useful.

Now to try to get photos from my phone to here. This is the season for learning more about the computer!

Kindle offer

Only two more days to read the free copy of “A Lesson for the Teacher” on kindle. I do hope some of those people who have downloaded it give me a review. It might seem worlds away from countries other than the UK and I have been told it is ‘retro’ not historical but it was fun to write and as it is the last novel I would like to think, just as enjoyable as the other five.

In the middle of writing stories and poems for competitions. The Sea Scribes are a great help with constructive comments and support. Book sale on Saturday. Still busy! and

Free books

I believe amazon have put my 1960s novel “A Lesson for the Teacher” (kindle version) as a free download for five days.

It’s just a pity so few people in the UK read my blog but, hopefully those of you who do can find a copy and let me know what you think about it. It is very British and probably not quite what people might expect but I’ll say no more. Happy reading.

To those in the US, we are keeping our fingers crossed. Julie.

Horrible discovery

So ebooks are the best way for indies to get published are they? Not in my case.

I wrote ” A Lesson for the Teacher” with ebook production in mind and put it on kindle.

NOBODY has downloaded it. It looks better as a paperback and sales are quite steady but I thought a little 1960s romance might tickle the fancy of some readers. I guess it is appealing to the wrong age group, but love is love, whatever age you are! Maybe it is the word ‘teacher’ that puts people off. I did think the cover would dispel any notion that it was stuffy or educational. Reviews have dried up and my hope is that some folk may consider it as a Christmas present. Meanwhile both websites are getting looked at and so I think I’ll keep them both going for a while.